Monday 25 March 2024

Health update and postponed plans

Well things are going at a snails pace it's been 11 weeks with no weight bearing now and still another 4 before I go back to the hospital to see if I can weight bear at all 

This  is all to make sure I don't do any damage to the fantastic work the surgeons have done saving my knee and preparing it for a replacement the technical term for my knee reconstruction is

 Right knee tibial plateau fracture and right distal radius fracture also with a right wrist fracture ,thankfully my wrist has healed well.

I could do with changing the title of my blog as its not a very frugal time for us at the moment with having to have home delivery's and paying someone to do the garden for us but it is what it is at the moment.

My plan this year was to start a buisness selling second hand and vintage jewellery but it's having to be put off for a few months at least so I thought I would share with you a few  of the beautiful peices I have sourced to sell.

I can't find out who made the last statement necklace any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry about not being able to reply to your comments it will only let me comment anonymously on my phone and I still haven't worked out why but I do read all your comments so thankyou for doing so.


Friday 5 January 2024

Good intentions and passing on Christmas this year

 Well after promising myself I would get back to blogging life has got in the way the last two months have been a nightmare 

firstly my hubby had a fall and gashed his head it was another episode of his balance causing the fall he was recovering  from the fall then had another fall wich he broke his hip and was in hospital for two weeks he had carers coming in four times a day he got really worked up about this as he is a proud and stubborn man but with the help of a rotunda and one floor living we muddled through without them in the end but it didn't help that I became ill with a development in my ongoing health issues so that's why we passed on Christmas 

I didn't bake anything as I was so tired initially up and down the hospital then everything else that followed, we did have a Christmas dinner though then as if that was not enough I did this

The consultant said that it looks like I have been in a car crash and doesn't think it will go back to normal even with a further op so they are waiting for the swelling to go down and for it to 

My leg is not that big its all the swelling xx

Saturday 25 November 2023

Bargains without jumble sales

 we don't get many jumble sales now and the ones we do get are usually in the mornings and that's a problem as hubby's balance is not good then 

but I still love vintage so turned to ebay recently as you can get some bargains at the moment, not very good to sell though 

I wanted some usable kitchen pans to add a bit of colour in the kitchen and these were in amazing condition they  look better on the shelves than my old metal pans

Another bargain although not vintage this joules duvet cover because we upgraded from a king size quilt to a super king size  the covers of this size are really expensive especially anything with a name I managed to get this one for £20 it's not new but it's immaculate.

I found some more vintage  jewellery too. 

Reverse carved 1980s next brooch and clip earrings 

An interesting piece of silver 

Enamel art deco swallow brooch.

Not sure if this is indian 

This is huge it's only glass but  very pretty. 

Glass cameo on really long chain.


Monday 6 November 2023

kitchen update & jewellery questions

Its took some time and money to get the kitchen how i like it as it
has to be practical now due to health issues.
 The housing asscoiation put in a new kitchen and we had the layout changed so we could get a small table and chairs in
I choose the cream with wood style work tops the nearest we  could get to the country style that i love but  it  came with steel handles that  were too modern for the style I wanted so we had them  changed to the copper ones 
I would have loved a large range cooker but they are so expensive and my kitchen is just not big eneough so was happy with my belling cooker which fits in well.
My fridge freezer stopped working after 10 years so I was really pleased when I found the retro one for a fraction of the price of most retro fridges and its got a much bigger fridge too.
The tiles were plain cream so we made them more interesting with blue and white tile stickers.

I still found a place for my cake stands 

I found two lovely costume jewellery necklaces both have identification tags on but for the life of me i cant find any information about them and  was just wondering if they were designer or just cheap costume , if anyone knows i would be very grateful of information regarding them.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

I still bake when i can

 I really dont know where I would be without my mixer as I would not be able to bake without it as I don't have the strength to mix or knead especially this week as I had a tumble with my foot drop and badly sprained my wrist and arm so today I made theese iced buns I wouldn't win any prizes for decoration but they taste amazing and really economical too they work out at less than 10p each 

My store cupboard is really important to me it enables me to make something when I can't get out for one reason or another 

Pasta bake toad in the hole gamon steaks, ham for sandwiches large pigs in blankets 
I had some wrinkly tomatoes and a packet of sausages  to use up.sausage rolls sponge pudding and bakewell tart style cake  and Belgium buns theese were all last months bakes.

Two more jumble sale finds all for £1.00 each.


I will replace the lamps in the bedroom with theese and sell the ones I have so win win 


Sunday 22 October 2023

Bedroom makeover

 I don't know if it was just not blogging for some time but I have sorted the comments out now now just need to find out how to see the other bloggers in my side bar on my phone ☺

This post is for anyone who didn't see the bedroom makeover on instragram 

The wallpaper was found online for £5 a roll and the curtains were £8 from argos clearance near us they were the ones with the holes on top wich I don't like so I cut that off and re stiched them I have another pair waiting for the front bedroom when I get around to it the only thing that was new was the small green wardrobe I would love a vintage wardrobe but because of the bend in the stairs we had to have a flat pack xx

Friday 20 October 2023


 Thankyou for all your comments unfortunately for some reason I can't reply to them but I will sort it out in the coming week hopefully 

Leaving you with a couple more bargains from the past few months, firstly my dressing table I purchased of Facebook marketplace ,eversince the 70s when theese were first made I wanted one like this and as the other one has been moved into the main bedroom I needed one in the other bedroom to use in there it was £50 included delivery and its very well made I love it. The candelabra and jewellery box where charity shop finds the box was £4 and the candelabra was £2.50 
The tea set and dishes were £1.00 each from my first jumblesale in ages.
Please carry on commenting as I will reply as soon as I have sorted out the problem.

Marlene if you are out there please say hello I was shocked when you just disappeared off instragram just wondering if you are OK xx

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Hello is there anyone there

 Just seeing if there is anyone out there that used to follow my blog can you say hello if there is please lots have happened since my last post a few years ago I started instragram but since it is more about reels than regular posts now and I don't like it so much so here are a few things I have been up too 

Finally after two attempts of growing my colour out now have complete natural hair 

We have a grandughter who is now 2 1/2  she is a beautiful cheeky intelligent little bundle of fun 

I still find bargains 

These jugs were on a 50p table in our local charity shop its usually full of rubbish but I was happy to grab theese 

So will have another go at blogging see how it goes xx

Sunday 26 January 2020

Frugal january

I have been using everything we have this month and still have lots more food in the freezer i am going to see just how long i can make it last , not because we have too but because there are quite a few things i want to get done this year , I want to makeover the front garden, New kitchen at a bargain price and a new cooker. so any money saved will go towards all this.

Yesterday i picked up three pastry flan cases from the co op 10p each , They were a month out of date but i figured they are only flour , fat and sugar so guessed they would be ok ,I made custard with old fashioned custard powder , I just made it a bit thicker than normal , then topped it off with tinned peaches , I don't normally buy convenience foods  unless they save me money. It tastes lovely too.

 But i wouldn't be without my store cupboards , we are not within walking distance of shops and that together with health issues sometimes prevent us going out .

This is just one cupboard.

This is what i made from my cupboards this month.

I made all this from store cupboard last year too  

  Some more bargains this week , The chocolate was out of date too but i used that same decision to buy it as the pastry cases that sugar is a preservative 

 The Art Deco Mirror was £2.00 at a jumble sale last week. 

The sign was £2.00 at a local bric a brac market its not original but i don't mind i love it  and its fits well with my other signs in the kitchen.

So this got me in the mood for rearranging the shelves in the living room 

Then i have been overwintering my begonias with this frame i knocked together out of scrap wood.