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Sunday, 10 June 2018

40 years wedding Anniversary

I am posting this Today  as i can't work blog posts on my phone , On sunday June the 17th we have been married 40 years , We have been together 44 years all together , We got married quite young, people were saying it wont work , They are too young but we proved them wrong , Don't get me wrong we have had our ups and downs like a lot of couples but we battled through them and we are like an old pair of socks very comfortable with each other and are still in love after all this time  , Even though it's a special occasion we still won't be doing cards and presents or parties either for that matter  , We are however going to our most favorite part of the country , North Yorkshire , In a caravan with fantastic sea views only one side of us is another van , There is an outside area attached to french doors so we can sit and enjoy the view , Weather permitting plus hopefully i will be visiting Strawberry fields boot sale too which was fantastic last time we went.  


Saturday, 9 June 2018

Déjà vu and Jumble Sale finds

I wish i could find dresses i like in my size at jumble sales but they are few and far between everything seems to be in a size 14 , Last year i bought this dress and it was very expensive for me at £45.00 , But i could justify the fact that as i am very , very slowly losing weight ( due to my thyroid and beta blockers ) The style of the dress would shrink with me due to the elasticated part and being denim it would last for years , So i was chuffed when i saw  this pink one in the same style that would still shrink with me , It was however a lot cheaper at £19.95 

The original Denim one.

The new pink one .

Two items of clothing i managed to get for myself for 30p each at the latest Jumble sale. 

Three lanterns for £3.00.

This Feather Eiderdown was £2.00 , I managed to get it in the washer and when the weather was nice last week it was pegged out for four days to dry.   


Does anyone know whats happening to the comments ,I have answered them and published them but half of them have disappeared , Plus i have no email notification of the comments now either .

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The reason for the absence

Hello i am sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last couple of months but i have being doing something that has had a really positive impact on  my health and well being and i really can't believe it, but i had to concentrate on it and only it until i have conquered it , It's something i have dabbled in on and off for years ,Yoga , Adapted Yoga , 
I started off  with just 10 mins a day now i do 50 mins 6  days a week , Whatever my condition, Fibromyalgia  as diagnosed or anything they have yet to diagnose Yoga has helped elevate two of my most problematic symptoms that have controlled my life recently,  One  is the stiffness that has made it  almost impossible to do things like cut my toenails , wash my feet and anything like gardening that i had to get down on the floor to do , The other problem was the muscle spasms so severe that they were so painful and paralyzed me from time to time , It all came to ahead when my stiffness got so bad that i was having problems with my toilet needs , The neurologist prescribed some scary drugs , That had instructions, Don't  drink , Don't drive and Don't stop taking unless you tell your doctor so i researched alternatives to my two main symptoms and Yoga came up again and again, So i gradually increased the time i did it for , I have to adapt a few of the poses like the dancers pose i cannot get my foot in my hand so i just grab my leggings and it works well for me , Some of the movements i will never be able to do properly but i am happy with what i can do and for the first time in years i can do my gardening without it affecting me and the other things listed above, This  is something that i will never give up now , Its made such a fantastic difference with the added bonus of losing inches, So now i am in control and will be back to regular blogging , See you soon xxxx   

Friday, 25 May 2018

Vintage Bathroom revamp

Long time no blog but I Thought you might like to see the bathroom makeover that was yet again done on a very tight budget using things that we already have with a few new items too , The paint was a left over from another project , The shower curtains were a bargain from dunelm but they influenced the colour scheme.
It's hard to get everything in the picture in such a small room though.

 The mirror was a freecycle item it now fits in better with this colour scheme. 

My husband made this shelf 10 years ago  and its had so many makeovers , The paper was left over from the front bedroom and the paint we have had years. 

This cupboard is also something we have had for years painted with the same paint , The transfers were some i had left over from upcycling boxes.   

The swallows were a new buy of Ebay.

The shower curtain that influenced the colour scheme but if i find one with birds cheap enough i would replace it, This was £1.50 in dunelm sale and as we need two it only cost £3.00.

We needed a new toilet roll holder and hand towel rail these were off Amazon and i hope they don't go rusty like the chrome ones we used to have , These are cast Iron and were only £35.00 for the pair.

This Was an old lamp base that we use for the spare toilet rolls.

The patchwork tiles are just stick on and only cost £35.00 

The towel rail was from a jumble sale for £2.00 when we first moved here 5 years ago it has been stained dark instead of painted.

Back soon with some more vintage finds and makeovers. 


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Few hours pottering

 This week i was reminded about plants in my garden reading other bogs like , The scent of Roses (sorry the link did not work ) about herbs and about the Tulips , They both reminded me off things in my garden , The Tulips came all the way from Amsterdam a present from our daughter last year , They are only just starting to flower , They are  open tulips  


The Herb planter is coming on  this year , I am going to plant some salad leaves around the edge as apparently salad is going to increase in price this year due to a bad winter  which i really can't understand as its grown in the summer. 

The shrubs i planted to give us some privacy are growing quite tall now , some  of them have a long way to go though.

They will be much better when they are all in bloom. 

Love this bridal bouquet thingy ( notice i am not an expert gardener lol ). 

This was a reduced plant three years ago and its spreading to much now so i am passing some onto my neighbour. 

I am not sure if it would do this good or not to prune it , What do you think. 


OMG Just found out i have now 100 followers , Not much to some bloggers but its a milestone for me , Thank You for following, Eileen xxx  

Monday, 23 April 2018


As you know my regular readers I have not been blogging for a while , I needed a break , I  even forgot where the new post button was as its been so long  , Things have been just the same here, health wise investigations go on , I will be seeing a chest specialist to find out why i have a raised diaphragm and possibly a  CT scan but i won't bore you anymore , I just wanted to show you some of my beautiful finds from the past few weeks.  

Two gorgeous mirrors 

 The ottoman has its original paint and fabric , The top was covered in a layer of plastic so it has protected the fabric.

This crinoline lady tablecloth is from New Zealand and has its original label.  

You can probably see a glimpse of the bedroom makeover in the mirrors but as yet i have still not found any curtains that go or fabric to make them with , But i will and as soon as i have i will do the reveal. 

Back soon xxxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Catching up

I have been busy trying to source new stock at affordable prices for my business and i think i have now found the sources i can use regularly, So fingers crossed the next financial year will be better. Here are some of the jewellery  pieces. 

The pea pod brooch is trifari 

The cross and chain has a mark of either ZZ or NN , Does anyone know who the maker is please.

I have also discovered shpock and sold a couple of my old mirrors towards the cost of our holiday.

I am also selling some of the bits from our old house , Hopefully when the holiday comes along i will have covered the cost of the holiday.

On the frugal side , I buy sainsbury's T shirts and have never had a problem with them they are only £4.00 but the red one stained my  new white bra. I complained to sainsburys and they offered me the cost of the T Shirt but i wasn't happy with that so it was escalated to there specialist complaints department ,I had to send photos for proof , In the end i was refunded £30 to my nectar card ,So it pays to stand your ground.