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Monday, 20 March 2017

Good News

I had my appointment today , In the phone call from Dr Peppers secretary a fortnight ago she said he thinks i have polyps , 
So today they were happy to confirm that with the camera so there and then he lazered them and he said  they were not cancerous , 
Phew Relief,
I was feeling sorry for myself as i fell over and sprained my ankle  on Saturday wich was swollen like a big balloon , I was loading the car at the auction i could not stand on it immediately   and was in pain for two days plus my knees and thigh 
This  morning when i got  up my foot still hurts but nothing like it was ,so after today's news i am on the up , 
Just need to go and see the consultant about the polyps in my stomach Wednesday. Now.

After resting all day Saturday and most of Sunday i did manage to get around to photographing some of my vintage finds from the auction.

I have closed my shop down on Ebay as its really slow at the moment and you have to pay shop fees even if you dont sell  anything  , I am still selling on there but no shop.

 I think this bedspread is Berlin Work. 

Unused Antique Linen pillowcases.

This Crinoline lady is  is actually a bag. 

Loving the frames not the men lol.  

This is the most gorgeous Lemon colour , But its hard to capture. 

And stunning yellow stain 


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Feeecycle Freebie

Have any of you had experience with the free sites , Over the years i have been lucky enough to have some great things , Velvet curtains,  Dressing table, plants for the garden and today we went to fetch some more Herbs, Oregano and chives , For some reason i didn't  bring herbs from our old home and have struggled to grow them from seed  so when somebody offered some on Sunday i was so pleased when she accepted me to be the lucky recipient , i have now planted them in an old suitcase hoping they will flourish to make a small herb garden. 

The garden is much  like how we moved in , A Few attempts at levelling Telitubieland by myself and others have just grown over with sod again as i can only do it in sections so i am going to have to pay somebody to do the lot in one go as i physically cannot do it and am wasting so much  growing time.

I have been extra frugal through the winter to be able to do this at the moment i am waiting for somebody to get back to me with a quote and i am getting impatient. I will post photos of before and after soon.

I have been busy , This week i emptied a collection of frames so i can sell them on ebay.

Having health issues that make it difficult to chop small things i bought this for quite a while from homebargains its price was well under a pound but we have had to stop buying it as the lid is impossible to get off for us.

I started to buy this (sorry i mistakenly took the photograph of the ginger instead of the two garlic) But this is the difference in size from Morrison's to Sainsbury's  , Morrisons being the largest but i really needed some for the evening meal so i had to buy it but never again.


Next Monday i have to go and have the procedure for the polyps then on the Wednesday i have to go to the consultant about the polyps in  my stomach so i might have some answers.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Frugal weekend

Saturday bought two jumble sales , One in the morning and one in the afternoon but not much time in between so we took  sandwich of leftover chicken and stuffing 

The jumbles were really good for clothes for my stall and we had a good drying day yesterday so it was all washed and pegged outside to dry .

I picked up this shampoo and conditioner for 50p , Its huge ,twice or maybe three times what i usually buy from poundland but then again  in poundland's things are shrinking all the time.

 All i needed shopping wise was fresh veg and found these two in morrisons for much less than the usual prices.  The cauliflower was 54p , The cabbage was even less.

Then i did some frugal baking.

I have  favorite recipe that i use over and over again  its a one stage sponge mix this is what i made with it this weekend   

I use the same mix for anything that requires a sponge base , Last week i made madeleines ( I forgot to photograph them )
The week before chocolate chip muffins.  

I have  used it for christmas fancises 

Then of course the classic sandwich cakes. 

You just adjust the milk to compensate for dry ingredients like coco or coconut.

8 oz SR Flour.
6oz butter ( soften on defrost in the microwave until it resembles soft margarine).
6 oz of sugar.
3 eggs.
1 &1/2 teaspoons of baking powder 
vanilla essence.  
3 tablespoons of milk unless adding more dry ingredients for variation.
Place everything in a mixer and mix until light and fluffy , Taking care  not to overbeat , You can do it by hand too but its easier for me doing it this way
I like this better than a classic victoria mix , Its lighter and more versatile 
 Bake on gas no 4 until golden brown , Sorry i dont time my cakes i have an ability to smell a cooked bake.

I also picked up some beautiful embroidery  at the jumble sale.


Friday, 3 March 2017

Some developments on the health front

I had a letter from the neurologist who had viewed my old Mri's from 2014 and earlier it was a long detailed letter but to cut a long story short he said that the changes shown in them (the white matter bright spots ) he at the moment is putting it down to  aging , but is still wanting to observe the situation and will see me again in 6 months his NHS clinic ,
 I am happy with this at the moment as my symptoms have not changed but i have other issues health wise that i need to deal with,

 I had a telephone call from Dr peppers secretary ( The gynecologist  ) yesterday  saying as not to worry but they think i might have a polyps and in two weeks i need to go to the clinic for some procedure ,
 I was told to take some pain killers before i go and i wonder if some people are prone to them as i have them in my stomach too & have finally had an appointment to see the gastrologist after ringing up yet again ,
 The secretary said the consultant was not happy with how the ENT had done the referral bit  but that's not my fault , Glad i am seeing another consultant as she sounds like a right Madam , So the saga goes on , Lets show some pretties now as i am fed up of talking about my health and dont want to bore you.        

Some serious money spent in auctions over the winter , Glad the jumble sale season is  starting to pick up.

Helena Rubinstein Original gift set , Its so pretty. 

This startton set has never been used.

I have three of these bubble glass jars , If anyone can advise me on how to take true size like photos please let me know as these are very heavy and quite big but the only look tiny in the photographs.

Job lots of jewellery on ebay for the bargain price of £24.99 a lot. 

Then some more special pieces. 

Amber glass necklace.

Danish pewter designer necklace 

Beautiful pilgrim necklace. 

Some gorgeous frames & pictures.