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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cheese please

I love cheese but it has to be extra mature cheddar not just any mature  cheese , some of it just has a more mature taste than others but no flavour , It's hard to find one that tastes good but is not expensive , I purchased some from Asda when i did the online shop and i didnt like that one, I also had some Edam,  I remember that had more taste too, In the end  i had  lots of open undesirable cheese and i don't like waste , So i bought some of the cheese that i do like  Morrisons extra mature and grated it all together to use in cooking.

Just one of the meals i remembered to photograph , Wholemeal pasta bake.

At the moment i am keeping busy at home we are not going out much , My husband had another episode on saturday like i said before its always in the morning , He has his scan this week so i am hoping its not long before we get the results.

So another thing i have managed to do is get the house dressed for christmas , like every year no new decorations here.I also made some more mince pies , They don't last long in our house.  

I sorted out this christmas tin that i had bought from a boot sale while on holiday.

Not being able to do the market i am having to sell some of my stock , So have been sorting out some large lots to sell on Ebay.

I also forgot i had these velvet red curtains that i might use in the bedroom if they don't sell  for what i want for them , I will just introduce some more red in there.   


Sunday, 25 November 2018

Back to some sort of normality

We have the appointment for the scan its two weeks yesterday unusual to be on a saturday better for the traffic and parking as its 4.10 p.
Anyway we are trying to get some normality back in the meantime , we wait until after lunch to go out now and this week i went to the first  jumble sale in ages and and also fetched the stock i had bought from auction before all the health issues started  so here are a few of my latest finds.

The pillowcases , The blue and white ones were new vintage in the box for 30p , The linen frilled ones were in a job lot of linen bought from auction , I finally got some big enough for Ikea pillows as they are so long. The only problem is we have had a problem with them since , See my complaints section further down.

This Antique Mirror was £1.00

This is a beautiful Antique linen pillowcase with clover leaf embroidery and open work detail , Its on Ebay now finishes soon with only one bid of 99p , Have a look at shabbychicvintagecottage 

I have had these ages but have just decided to sell them , There a lot of mother of pearl. 

This box is shabby and the ballerina is broke but i love it. 

I have done quite a bit of baking while we have been immobilie , I had two of these 6p loaves in the freezer , I use one to make Old fashioned Bread pudding.

 Then i made belgium buns , They looked much better after i had iced them but then i forgot to take the photo. I find it really hard to roll them as tight as required.

Then theses two beauties were in my latest auction finds.

 And i also get some free stuff , This hat was given to me to sell on the stall but i loved it so much i decided to keep it needless to say though the stall has to be put on hold for the time being.


Now the complaints , The Asda one , They gave me a £10 online shop voucher and free delivery for the next four deliveries as they say they are not responsible for codes not working on the discount sites.

We don't buy many new items but we need a new mattress and as quality mattresses are very expensive we purchased a mattress topper using another online code for freemans , It was brilliant at less than £70 it's transformed our bed.Then i had some thermal vets for my husband 
 he  always wears that keep him warm with his health  issues  they were  great too, warmer than his previous ones that he had had for years
Anyway i noticed a blue stain on my lovely white pillowcases and pure linen Antique sheet That had also gone through to the mattress topper, Its not slight either  , I was gutted , I love sparkling white linen on my bed and these were   certainly not,My husband has a daily shower but the dye from the vests had got into his skin and transferred onto my bedding , Freemans asked for me to return the items for testing , I only sent one i need proof that the problem had occurred  , So i will let you know what happens.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Round and Round we go

We went to  the stroke clinic yesterday after being told at A&E that is was a TIA , now the consultant says the episodes that he had were not strokes because the slurring of his speech and problem with the use of his leg were the only symptoms and if it was a TIA he would have not recovered so quickly so what's causing it , Possibilities are the rare  migraines that were mentioned at the other hospital , Overactivity of the brain and it could also be linked  to his epilepsy , This has been controlled by drugs for well over 20 years even though its grand mall , The consultant is sending him for a brain mri so we should have some answers ,He has told that he can now drive , The strange thing was all the episodes started in the morning about 10.30 so we are not travelling until the afternoon , So we are really happy it's not a TIA but still don't have any concrete answers.

One another note please be aware there is a telephone scam going about , This morning i had a telephone scam that was supposed to be from BT , we are with virgin thats why i knew it was a scam , It was telling us that out internet was going to be permanently disconnected and to press something to continue , which is when i put the phone down , A few minutes later another call came saying out of area so its coming from a call centre out of the uk  this one asked us to listen to an sms text which i didn't  , then it rang again  which i then ignored.


Saturday, 17 November 2018


Thanks for all your concern , i will update next week , He is fine at the moment but that is what happened after the last one nearly two weeks ago , At the moment  it's frustrating as he cannot drive and i don't drive ,  We have just took delivery of a home delivery from Asda wich i found a code for £20 of your first order which i won't be using again as the code was not applied   , Will blog next week.  


Thursday, 15 November 2018

It was a TIA

Just an update , my husband had the same symptoms again and it turns out it was a TIA on both occasions ,Different hospital this time , He has to see the stroke doctor on tuesday. 


Sunday, 11 November 2018

A bit of a fright

On visiting my friend mel last monday my husband got out of the car and was having trouble walking with weakness in his leg Initially i thought it was his back as with all his other health issues he has damaged discs too but when he was sitting down and talking he was slurring his words really bad , Having had two strokes already i didn't hesitate to ring 999 , He was blue lighted to hospital and attended to  straight away , They were waiting for him when we arrived , The doctors were marvelous at the hospital, They gave him a Ct scan and all the other tests associated with testing for a stroke but it turned out he had not had   a stroke but had a Rare form of migraine which mimics the signs of a stroke even though he had not got a headache ,  After getting so upset i was so relieved, He does suffer with migraines but this was something new. 

One a lighter note here are some of my vintage finds.

This is a bargain if you don't already know about it a large bag of garlic that you can just drop into your cooking frozen , Its either 99p or a £1.00 from Iceland.


Saturday, 3 November 2018

A long post.

Sometimes i get a bit teary  about having to give up our own  house  so as it was happening a lot just lately  i decided to look back at some of my old photos of the house which gave me mixed feelings ,
 If you are new to my blog , We were once a couple of good earners and were in good health but my husband damaged his back and could not do his current job while he was recovering he had a stroke which left him with tremors He also developed rheumatoid and osteoarthritis arthritis in every joint there was no chance of him ever going back to work
We Had paid into a mortgage protection scheme which paid the mortgage for twelve months then after that we could not pay the mortgage on my wage alone so we reluctantly did mortgage rescue and rented the house back , In the meantime i developed health issues and had to give up my job i was  earning a lot less as self employed and for various reasons we had to move to a smaller house.

Renting does not give you the freedom that owning your house does but there are the financial plus points that you don't have to worry about like the maintenance and affordable rent
 The main plus side the area is nicer also the house is quieter, no noise from neighbours so this is what i found out from looking back 
I really miss is my old kitchen , My husband built it to my design and specification before he had his health issues and i really loved it .

I miss the french doors onto the garden too and the outside appearance  of the house , Local authority houses are not very pretty but that's all ,
The  rest of the house we live in now is much better .

This is what we have done to this kitchen with the help of friends and family 


 It looks pretty but behind the paint the cupboards  are really battred when we moved in we asked for a new kitchen but they said it was quite new but unfortunately the people before us had neglected it so it looked a lot older that it is , The only option is now that we can have a kitchen done at our own expense but will have to pay a company that the housing association can approve to do the work and this will cost us thousands of pounds that we have not got , One possible hope is we had a visit from a surveyor who agreed with us on the condition so we might get one yet. 

Here some other photos of our old house followed by photos of the new house.

Here are some of the photos of this house now and a few years  ago as we have been here for 6 years now.