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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A good start to the jumble season

We only had one jumble this weekend but it usually isn't a very good one but this one was , So i bought.


All they need is the lids re staining.

This fabulous flower jug that was once probably part of a jug and bowl set but i love it as it is.
I think this is a keeper for 50p.

Last week i sold off the bits and bobs of summer clothing i have left to cash for clothes ,
 I don't have the space to store it but i am planning on having a shed built next year,
 In the meantime,  I was in cash for clothes shop and the woman who was serving was doing a lot of moaning about how she was unhappy in her job and was going to leave so i was watching the  stuff  the man in front of me was cashing in , I can only say i wished i had seen him before he went in the shop as there was some good stuff in what he had and a  lot of it had new labels on , 
I asked him if i could have a pair of trousers for £1.00 he was pleased as the money was going to charity, They had still got the labels on, they were Eastex and were originally £69.99.

Then he bought out this vintage designer coat and a brand new hand knitted vintage cardigan. so i had them for £1.00 each too.

I was feeling a bit embarrassed and chuffed at the same time.


Monday, 27 August 2018

Home made Sunday and a busy week

What i love about when the weather changing  is casseroles and home baking.

So yesterday we had chicken thigh casserole  for dinner (Lunch if you are not from the black country)

Then fruit flan of tea 

Wednesday we paid a visit to Bridgenorth , I say a visit as it wasn't a day out because we were only there two hours as Dave cant walk far without  worsening pain even taking too sitting a lot along the way but it was precious time we got to spend with  our daughter so it was worth it for that reason alone. 

Bridgenorth is in Shropshire , The severn Valley railway runs through it and there is  high town and low town, You can walk from one town to the other up the cobblestone streets looking at all the pretty little houses , We know because we did this when we were younger but its to steep for us now so we took the cable car ,
The River severn runs through the low town , We were really disappointed that the Award winning fish and chip shop has changed hands and they are not as nice at all. 

These photos were of low town, High town is pretty too with a weekly market and lots of shops quite a few independent ones bur there were too many people being the holidays they kept getting in the way of my shots so i gave up.

I have lots of costume jewellery left over from buying lots at auction so i have been splitting it up to sell on ebay in Job lots 

Every now and then i sort out my stock for the market and the stock that has been around for a while i sell it in a job lot too freeing money up to buy more stock.


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

British Gas

As you probably know British Gas have put there prices up yet again and up until now being a customer of theirs i have never looked into changing supplier but this week i looked into it and was surprised at how much we could save but disappointed that all the deals  were only for people who pay by direct debit , We always  pay quarterly and will never pay by direct debit as to me paying this way it would take years to gain any savings as you always overpay compared to your usage and your money is not your own , If anyone knows of a company that i can transfer to that i can save money with paying the way i want to pay please let me know, In the meantime we are trying new ways to save money on our fuel bills. 

I am getting in the mood for the bakeoff , Today i baked old fashioned butterfly cakes ,Some were for a present which saved me about £10 

Some of my vintage finds this past month.

 Quirky Lowry style hand painted earnings

Antique christening gown.

This came in a lot of linen , Its made of a wool type of fabric , Anyone know anything about it , Whats it for , When it was made please 

I've been messing about in he bedroom again with some vintage brooches. 

Right , Its three o'clock in the morning again , I'me going back to bed to try and go back to sleep.


Friday, 10 August 2018

Finally I have decided

 Today i have decided , No more hair colours , No more expensive Hair treatments when i just cant reach the back , No more frizzy hair from sun bleached hair no matter how much i condition it ,
 So i am going to Rock the grey, I am not going to do the  typical grey 58 plus hairstyle though of short grey hair , I am going to still have longer locks , Not so long that it looks dated just long enough to wear it up when i want and down when i want ,
 Watch this space.
Rocking no makeup look for the photo but That's something i will never give up my makeup.  


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

"Brilliant " You Tube

I don't use the dryer unless its absolutely necessary but having washed our winter quilt while the weather has been fine after a day it was still damp, 
As its, a feather one I needed to finish drying it as the next day was heavy rain and I know from experience if you leave feather items to dry slowly they can develop a smell and it's not very nice,
 Unfortunately, the dryer stopped working completely, I was worried that when the winter comes we would need a new one but after watching some YouTube videos we found out what was causing the problem, It was two tiny little parts  that cots 14p each, With the help of our son in law (we both have issues with fine movements), It was repaired and is now in full working order.
The point is how many people would have just gone out and bought a new dryer.

The garden is not looking too bad despite the weather 

I still need some plants for my hanging baskets that Mel gave me but I am waiting for Morrison to get fresh stock. We don't have a hosepipe ban yet but instead of water every day I am spacing it out over a few days.

I planted these today, The bees were Buzzing around when I was planting them, They were paid for out of the  money I had saved from my Birthday money  from  my friend Mel and our daughter has bought me a wisteria and a white Buddleia that I am still contemplating where to plant them, The rest of my plants were from jumble sales/car boots  or reduced  from 
B & Q over the last five years since we moved in.


Sunday, 29 July 2018

Belt tightening

Although we don't spend much on holiday the petrol and extra living expenses have resulted in going back to basics food wise again
Do you think the summer months are more expensive?
 We don't always want the more frugal warming meals that I like to cook in the winter and as Salads to my husband mean, more pork pie and Scotch eggs than anything you grow in a garden that can be expensive too.
 Also, our little kitchen gets so hot I must admit to buying a few convenience meals too which is very unlike me, I really must try to get back on track, So its back to meal planning and use what we have
 Hubby's Arthritis is really bad at the moment so that also has an effect on what I cook, Today was jacket potatoes but he likes them done in the oven so they have a crispy skin and his thumbs are so swollen and painful it hurt him to cut them up and pride will not allow him to let me do it for him , 
He has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in every joint and in his back he has both ostio and rheumatoid, so extreme kinds of weather affect him drastically. 

I still find a few pennies for a Jumble Sale though, The Mirror frame was 20p and the cushion 50p, The pine free standing shelf was 50p, Anything else I buy will come out of stock money for the business to sell.

I finally got round to  sorting the buttons out I bought in two lots from an auction to sell, There are some really interesting ones here. 


Monday, 9 July 2018

My friend mel's garden

My friend mel has been through some serious health issues this last few months but i am glad to say she is on the mend , She has such a beautiful garden i wanted to share with you the joy i have every time i visit , Its stunning. 

The Folly. Mels husband is a builder so he built this all out of things he has lying around.

I love these steps with the geraniums in pots  

And the summer house is to die for .

Shady corner. 

The monkey tree is years old.

I love it xxxx