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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Most of everything i do is very frugal but there are some things that i need help with and this is one of them , My CPAP machine has a water compartment in it that i have to fill with boiled cooled water but it has to be sterilised , I have found the cheapest steriliser at poundland  but i wondered if any of you know of a cheaper alternative , It is hard plastic so cannot be immersed in hot water , I have already been told off for needing a new part of my mask in the last month twice as its flimsy plastic and had developed a hole, plus its and almost 2 hour round journey to fetch any parts so i will need to be careful but any ideas would be appreciated.

This weeks food bargains are from sainsubury's 

The mincemeat was 45p and the lemon rind amazing 7p. The mincemeat will be saved until next Christmas.    

The lemon rind i used some of it with lemon juice and rind i had in the freezer to make a lemon drizzle cake.

I only get reduced items if i am there and they are available , I don't make a special journey , In one of our local papers it says people have been fighting , Have you seen any of this behaviour. The comments button on all blogs at the moment is taking a long while to go through but it does go through so please don't let it put you off   


Saturday, 13 January 2018

The first jumble sale of the New Year

Some people get excited about going shopping for clothes and household items Others get excited about going to the cinema or days out , 
I get really get  Excited about  Jumble Sales and car boots , Especially in the new year as there have been none since the beginning of December.  

Today's Jumble sale is  usually only good for clothes as they have a Dealer in before the jumble starts.  But was lucky enough to get this tapestry vanity case complete with keys  and original label for £1.00 and an oil on board signed painting for 50p 

Some brand new books for 50p each to sell. 

Today's frugal  bake is minced beef and onion pie I like to share my bakes if i remember.

 In the beginning of my blog i used to do this all the while , 
One of the blog posts i did was a step by step blog on how to make good pastry as this is my speciality  ,
 Its  good to share as it triggers thoughts in other bloggers out there and influences there blog posts.  So today's bake uses my pastry skill.
The minced beef i used was from three packs i bought reduced to £1.89 each pack

I dry fried it initially with onions,separated it into three portions each pack so i had nine portions in the freezer and used the scraps of pastry out of the freezer that was saved until there is enough to make something,I class this as free pastry as its already been costed in the original bake,so the pie cost £1.00 and there are four portion's at 25p each plus the cost of the veg and gravy.

I rolled it out using wholemeal flour to add extra crunch.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Day in my frugal life

I tend to take the way i live for granted and forget to share it, So this is a typical frugal day for me ,
 I usually wake up around 8 am but depending on the problems with my sleep pattern due to my apnea it can be as late as 9 it depends how many times i wake up in the night , Even wearing a cpap machine does not stop all the non breathing episodes and some days i wake up extremely tired but i am describing a good day.

On Thursday i made a Swiss roll , One of the reasons i decided to do this is because  of the price of butter  It's  alarming, 
So at the moment  i am seeking more recipes that don't include it at all , I really don't like baking with margarine ,
The fat less bakes are   More healthier too.

Sorry i forgot to take the photo before it was almost eaten.


The trimmings and one thin slice i kept back  formed the base of the trifle i made for Sunday tea.

I re use the plastic zipper bags washing them in the fresh washing up water before i do the dishes and leave them to try on the draining board over a glass.

Two of the local library's have closed down so i had to go to the next town to get some books.

I had a large piece of beef in the freezer that we hadn't used over Christmas

 So i slow cooked it and sliced it thinly and there was enough for four meals for the two of us , Eight  individual portions and a couple of sandwiches , we had some for Sunday dinner and i made some Yorkshire puddings  which the spare also went in the freezer. 

A tip to get your puddings to rise well is use skimmed milk as its lighter and heat your pans on the top of the stove until the oil is sizzling before transferring to the oven to cook.

I also made some scones for Tea

As i was in a baking mood i made three scone based pizza's with wholemeal flour for the freezer.

Using the tomato sauce that i always have in the freezer made out of over ripe tomatoes that i never throw away, Add Onion, tomato puree and mixed herbs , It also can be used for pasta dishes.

Then i recovered the ottoman to match the new bedroom with some fabric i managed to get for 20p from a jumble sale. 

So as you have now probably gathered the new bedroom is now blue and white    


Friday, 5 January 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody who reads my blog , I am really looking forward to the new year , We have been married 40 years in june , We are not party lovers so i have booked us a caravan in yorkshire which is our favorite place in the uk , 
we travel on the saturday as its our Anniversary on the sunday , Normally we have a tight budget for our holidays but for this special occasion I ave upped the budget by £100 I wanted to  find a cottage but we have a long list of wants or needs and no cottage came up to the list in any way or form and was too expensive if it did coming out at  around £1,000   As we as still paying down debts  i would rather use the money to pay off some more ,
 The caravan has everything we want with uninterrupted sea views , The one thing i always look for in a van is one with lots of space around it as one year we went to cornwall and a party of women turned up   in the van next to us ,They were really loud and because of that we ended our holiday early ,
 The one we  have booked has no vans at the back as they are on the next ledge up and nothing at the one side so hopefully we will have a nice quiet relaxing holiday ,

So back to frugality in preparation as always , The freezer  is full to bursting and i have enough meals to last all of january and february so over the weekend i am going to take stock and meal plan to see how far i can stretch my freezer stuff 
The only groceries i have bought since december are Eggs , Coffee  & milk plus some reduced potatoes from the co op
Yesterday i made a swiss roll as we had just finished off the christmas cake and mince pies  so it will be back to baking this week ,
 I am going to try and blog about my frugal meals and bakes ,
Its gone really cold and wet here today and Once again i did not do the market plus ebay is dire so i will need to be as frugal as i possibly can.

The Bedroom makeover has almost been completed , I am just waiting to sort out some curtains one way or another so as soon as i can i will do the reveal.


Friday, 22 December 2017

The Best Christmas present

My Results are in , I don't have Ms , Quite a few white spots on the Brain that the Neurologist is putting down to ageing , I still have the problems but  i will discuss  them with  my doctor on wednesday , 
It's probably the fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis that is causing lots of my problems although none of these explain why i keep tripping up  but i am so happy that i don't have such a deliberating disease, 
So i am soooo looking forward to the new year , I have so many plans ,
We have been married for 40 years in June so  i am hoping to have a penny pinching  holiday to celebrate  , 
I would love a garden party but Dave is not so keen , 
The business in the new year will either  be flourishing or ending completely , Not being able to drive is holding me back as , Dave is not well enough to cope with traffic to take me where i need to be to get stock and  in other situations i am paying more than i need to for it so am loosing out , 
But on the other hand i am so looking forward to getting into my new garden that was created last  year , 
Is there anyone out there that is looking forward to the new year rather than Christmas. 

I have included some of my favorite pictures from my blog from the last couple of years. 

Mom and Dad , Brother and sister.

Merry Christmas and A Happy new Year from Eileen xxx

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Muscle foods

For a long time now i have wanted to try muscle foods ,Hopefully reducing  my food bill even more, So when they had the black friday deal i took advantage and sent for the new customer pack , 

Initially it looked brilliant  and very good value for money , I seperated it into individual meal portions and was looking forward to creating delicious meals with the meat , There were a couple of things i knew we wouldn't eat like turkey thigh meatballs but on the whole like  i said it looked great ,
 The first thing we tried was the hache steaks they were as tough and rubbery as old boots , The steak was in chunks not sliced and was also very tough , The chicken  after initially roasting it in foil it didnt have much taste so i had to add herbs and butter to give it some taste ,The bacon was slimey,The chicken burgers tough,
The rest of the meat we had tried has been of similar quality and i am not very happy at all spending £79.00 and then every meal time worrying what its going to taste like , I have now had to turn the steak into casseroles or pies cooking it for very long periods in the slow cooker , 
So i complained , The customer service was very good but they wanted to replace the items i was not happy with but i don't want any more of their meat , The only thing that looked Ok was the Artisan Turkey so i opted for one of those feeling satisfied with the offer , 
Well that was until this weekend being snowed in and running out of bread flour (very unusual for me ) we had the protein loaf that came with the meat and almost straight away as soon as i opened the packet i could tell it was not fresh , It was the smell of a loaf you have had for a few days , Initially when i put it in the freezer i thought it was the texture of the bread but it wasn't it was stale , 

There was also a Beef pizza which came out of the packet soggy , I thought it would firm up after cooking it but it was still soggy and went in the bin so we ended up with egg chips and beans ,The problem is  in the end it has cost me more money because of having to come up with replacement meals , I have emailed the customer service and they offered to send replacements of these items but i declined , I am waiting to hear from them yet again , I know these products are sold because of their lack of fat but  i buy lean meat from the supermarket and don't have a problem with that and  am an excellent cook (even though i say it myself) so its not that either. Sometimes i wish i could become a vegetarian.  

Christmas decorations are up now , I have not bought one new decoration at all this year. 

Sorry about the lack of blog posts i am feeling a bit anxious as i am still waiting for the results of my scan wich they said would take two weeks now they are saying it could take six , It's been four now , I dont mind waiting it's just that they should not have told me two initially so i wouldnt get so wound up.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

I love buying Jewellery

Jewellery does not take up much space and i get to own it for a few weeks , I love silver more than gold , I sold all my own gold over the last few years and it funded a couple of caravan holidays so i was happy with my return here are my latest finds  

Then this beauty , The chain is gold but i am researching the mark on the pendent at the moment as i do not recognise it.