Friday, 1 March 2019

Thank you

Thank you everyone ,Its so touching your well wishes and concern , we have so many questions to ask the stroke nurse , Its only after you have got over the shock do you think about these things , There were about 6 tiny specks we could see she said there were multiple ones, If the episodes he has weekly mean he is having a stroke every time its happening he has had a lot more since the MRI as its averaging 2/3 times a week, he had one on the way to the hospital, we had to get him in there in a wheelchair , Hopefully the nurse will answer any concerns.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

its lots of mini strokes

Hello thank you all for your concern, After initially been told its a rare form of migraine with my husband, then the stroke doctor said there was no stroke on the MRI, so today the neurologist might I add was in her early sixties and had a wealth of  experience behind her showed us the pinpoints in the brain where the strokes were indicated, Now we just need to look into how to manage them I have just blogged this post to let you know what has happened xxx

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Saying Goodbye

Hello and goodbye, 

I have been less and less frequent in blogging over the past two years and find it difficult to find what to write about but since i have been on Instagram i much prefer the quick style of that to blogging , My life dictates the time i have to do things now and i much prefer pictures to writing , Our health issues are ongoing ,My husband had his emergency appointment with the nurolagist come through for April but has since  twice weekly had more of the worrying episodes and the doctor has managed to bring his appointment forward to two weeks time , I have just had a heart monitor for a month which produced some weird  traces waiting to hear off that and i have also had a nerve conduction study , so our life is set around hospital appointments , We hardly go out at the moment so i don't have treasures to share much at the moment either , I would like to thank all my followers for your continued support and kindness over the years and if you want to follow  me on Instagram look for vintageandfrugalhome , Thank you so much xxxx 
I'me off to do some baking , I cant decide what to bake though. 
Eileen xxx

Friday, 1 February 2019

Hello again

Things are ongoing with the health issues that's all i am going to say so  i wont bore you , I want to get back to posting what this blog is all about , Thanks for all your concerns though.

So what have i been up too , Well with the Christmas period and the weather the way it is at the moment , there have not been many opportunities to buy fresh stock so i looked back at what i have bought in previous years and even i must say i have had some beautiful vintage pieces , Here are just a few.


I will be shearing all my new vintage buys with you through  the year if you ever see anything you like you can message me on IG or Vintagefrugalhome or Shabby chic vintage on Facebook with  good discounts for my followers on here ,just mention my blog.

I have updated the spare room which was like this i loved the wallpaper but you could see the paste marks on such a dark paper.

 Its now the spare bedroom and looks like this. Most of the items in this room are from boot sales, Jumble sales or charity shops ,The  wallpaper was from B & Q , lots of the items i have had for years and always believe in using what you have up- cycling it in a different way , The only new thing in this room is the bed and mattress which is from B & M. 

I have also been  baking , I found a new to me Old fashioned fruit cake recipe in a vintage homepride cookery book but being a frugal cook i used lidl's flour, It filled two tins and keeps for a long time if you can resist it.