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Monday, 9 July 2018

My friend mel's garden

My friend mel has been through some serious health issues this last few months but i am glad to say she is on the mend , She has such a beautiful garden i wanted to share with you the joy i have every time i visit , Its stunning. 

The Folly. Mels husband is a builder so he built this all out of things he has lying around.

I love these steps with the geraniums in pots  

And the summer house is to die for .

Shady corner. 

The monkey tree is years old.

I love it xxxx

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Some Beautiful finds & Instagram

I have finally started an Instagram account and i love it , Its quick and i can post on there without writing  much as you can probably tell i am more about the photos , I love photographing my vintage finds ,  If you follow my blog you might see more updates on there so please follow me on instagram,  Can you comment to say you have been directed from my blog please so in know where you have come from ,Thanks  , I can also follow you too , I am linking Etsy to there too if it works out as Ebay will not let people link there listings to any outside source anymore . 

Here are some of my latest finds.

Beautiful Beaded Handbags 

Stunning Chinese piano shawl. 

Antique Morning beadwork and lace.

Do you remember the Grannie Purses. 


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Fantastic time in yorkshire

We had a fantastic week in yorkshire , The caravan was Beautiful ,Extremely clean ,So well equipped and such a great position on the site we had no caravans to the right of us the ones at the back were elevated and quite a bit back from our van so there was only one van directly to the left of us and that was unoccupied for the week , It was sheer Bliss , This was the view from out van , Uninterrupted sea views

I spent a lot of the time on the decking soaking up the views 

Here is the link

We visited the usual seaside towns of scarborough and bridlington wich to be honest i was disappointed with the cleanliness of the towns from previous visits , I am not sure if its to do with council cuts but they were not as clean as our last visits , On the other hand Filey just up the road was just as clean and pretty as before , We also visited Beverley , Pickering and Malton , My type of places, beautiful towns , One other let down was strawberry fields boot sale , I honestly don't know  if i was getting mixed up with another boot sale in the Area but the one i remember was huge and this one wasn't, If you live in yorkshire and know of any huge boot sales please message me to let me know , But i still as you all know me managed to get some great vintage finds , But wherever we visited  during the day it was great to retreat to our beautiful home for the week. , It was usually mid afternoon so we had plenty of time left in the day to enjoy the stunning views .

The vintage finds from yorkshire

Beautiful Duck Egg Blue Durham Quilt 

Laura Ashley vintage wallpaper

Gorgeous Biba Dress

Pukka Luggage suitcase  

The garden containers are looking good this year  

I am starting to use mirrors in the garden i have a few more to find places in the garden to located them.