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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Going round in circles

Well the ultrasound has come back clear , The Doctors words , Nothing sinister is causing the raised diaphragm which is fantastic news  but she wants    me to see the neurologist again as it can be caused by neurological conditions , So i have an appointment in march as the neurologist is on holiday for the next three weeks.

Fairground ride comes to mind .

Anyway getting on with things as you do, 
 This is the most gorgeous original  1960's gold thread crimplene  fabric  , That for some really frustrating reason wont photograph its true colour. Its gold. 

Some fabulous 1940s family photos  

1936 cast flying Ducks 

 I forgot about these lurking in my cupboards


Monday, 22 January 2018

Other health issues

OH Not again , I had to have a chest Xray for a persistent cough and throat clearing and the doctor rang earlier saying that they want to do a further scan as one side of my diaphragm is higher than the other , I don't know what this means and i am not going to google it but i was feeling really happy with the no MS Diagnosis, Oh well its a waiting time again.

 So i am going to concentrate on buying stuff from jumble sales Auctions etc to take my mind of it in the meantime , These are this weeks finds.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Most of everything i do is very frugal but there are some things that i need help with and this is one of them , My CPAP machine has a water compartment in it that i have to fill with boiled cooled water but it has to be sterilised , I have found the cheapest steriliser at poundland  but i wondered if any of you know of a cheaper alternative , It is hard plastic so cannot be immersed in hot water , I have already been told off for needing a new part of my mask in the last month twice as its flimsy plastic and had developed a hole, plus its and almost 2 hour round journey to fetch any parts so i will need to be careful but any ideas would be appreciated.

This weeks food bargains are from sainsubury's 

The mincemeat was 45p and the lemon rind amazing 7p. The mincemeat will be saved until next Christmas.    

The lemon rind i used some of it with lemon juice and rind i had in the freezer to make a lemon drizzle cake.

I only get reduced items if i am there and they are available , I don't make a special journey , In one of our local papers it says people have been fighting , Have you seen any of this behaviour. The comments button on all blogs at the moment is taking a long while to go through but it does go through so please don't let it put you off   


Saturday, 13 January 2018

The first jumble sale of the New Year

Some people get excited about going shopping for clothes and household items Others get excited about going to the cinema or days out , 
I get really get  Excited about  Jumble Sales and car boots , Especially in the new year as there have been none since the beginning of December.  

Today's Jumble sale is  usually only good for clothes as they have a Dealer in before the jumble starts.  But was lucky enough to get this tapestry vanity case complete with keys  and original label for £1.00 and an oil on board signed painting for 50p 

Some brand new books for 50p each to sell. 

Today's frugal  bake is minced beef and onion pie I like to share my bakes if i remember.

 In the beginning of my blog i used to do this all the while , 
One of the blog posts i did was a step by step blog on how to make good pastry as this is my speciality  ,
 Its  good to share as it triggers thoughts in other bloggers out there and influences there blog posts.  So today's bake uses my pastry skill.
The minced beef i used was from three packs i bought reduced to £1.89 each pack

I dry fried it initially with onions,separated it into three portions each pack so i had nine portions in the freezer and used the scraps of pastry out of the freezer that was saved until there is enough to make something,I class this as free pastry as its already been costed in the original bake,so the pie cost £1.00 and there are four portion's at 25p each plus the cost of the veg and gravy.

I rolled it out using wholemeal flour to add extra crunch.