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Sunday, 10 July 2016

This is what i have been up too

Getting the whole work life balance right  if very difficult if you have health issues and finding the right balance of work i can do is a nightmare , 
I sell on Ebay but its not enough to make a decent living.
 I can't hold down a proper job because of pain and the extreme physical tiredness that overwhelms me from time to time ,
plus i need to be there for Dave as i do worry about him.

So i sold  some of my household stuff i had left after moving from a bigger house three years ago a few times on a local market, It funded projects in the house but have
 now decided to take on a regular stall buying stock to sell  Second hand stock,
 one morning a week.

I have gone down the vintage fair route  but because we live in a less affluent area its hard to  get good prices for good quality vintage pieces , Its ideal to buy though.

So hence doing both , Its took a lot of organising and now i am in a routine , As long as i take rest days between i should ok 

I could do with you help in identifying the lace and embroidery on this stunning Antique bedspread.

Some more Vintage linen finds.

And some Antique boxes.

The best finds all for less than a pound.

My frugal find this week the co-op are reducing a lot of lines.

Did you know that you can blast these in the microwave with some bicarbonate of soda   covering  with water for 10 mins then leave to stand for 45 mins before transferring to your casserole if you forget to soak them overnight.   

Please message me if you can identify the lace and embroidery i would be very grateful.