Monday 25 March 2024

Health update and postponed plans

Well things are going at a snails pace it's been 11 weeks with no weight bearing now and still another 4 before I go back to the hospital to see if I can weight bear at all 

This  is all to make sure I don't do any damage to the fantastic work the surgeons have done saving my knee and preparing it for a replacement the technical term for my knee reconstruction is

 Right knee tibial plateau fracture and right distal radius fracture also with a right wrist fracture ,thankfully my wrist has healed well.

I could do with changing the title of my blog as its not a very frugal time for us at the moment with having to have home delivery's and paying someone to do the garden for us but it is what it is at the moment.

My plan this year was to start a buisness selling second hand and vintage jewellery but it's having to be put off for a few months at least so I thought I would share with you a few  of the beautiful peices I have sourced to sell.

I can't find out who made the last statement necklace any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry about not being able to reply to your comments it will only let me comment anonymously on my phone and I still haven't worked out why but I do read all your comments so thankyou for doing so.



  1. You're such a brave lady, I'm so glad that the hospital arte looking after you and keeping everything crossed that you'll be firing on all cylinders again before the end of the year.
    I can't help you with the necklace but hopefully someone might recognise the logo! xxx

  2. It must be very frustrating for you in so many ways, but it is good to hear that your wrist has healed well. That bodes well for your leg. "Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey," as the old saying goes!


thank you for your message , Shabby