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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Catching up with bargains and vintage finds

I have been absent from blogging g for a while as I have been busy with my business , Brexit has been good for me with lots of overseas sales , The problem is i am running out of stock quicker so i am having to spend more on it but it will pay back in the end ,

This week i have been lucky enough to drop on some yellow sticker meat in Morrison it was midday and it was all half price so out of this lot is our  christmas turkey , Its all breast meat and there is only the two of us so it will do us fine ,
I have fell out with Tesco as they have started to creep the prices up again and i wont be conned so its back to buying from Aldi and lidl and Morrison for any yellow sticker stuff.

With what we have in the freezer and this lot of meat we should not have to but much food up until Christmas then we have £80 worth of vouchers to come from Tesco as we have bought some life  Insurance something we have been putting off  for a while due to affordability, So this will pay for the rest of our christmas Food & Drink 

The market where i run my stall on a friday morning sometimes has one off sellers and this week there was a stall selling kitchen ware.

 I have been wanting to buy  some new baking tins for some time  as mine are loosing the coating and everything sticks to them but the better quality ones are  expensive So i was thrilled when i found these , 
They are very good quality and very heavy so initially they must have cost a lot of money but they were £1.00 each
 He had lots of good stuff ,
 Just hope he comes again next week as i only found out he was there when a friend told me and that was later in the day when he had sold most of his stock

It all looked like it was from a quality store , I might make some mince pies the weekend. 

Update , They are really good they slip out of the tins and distribute heat very well so i am wondering if they are ex lakeland .

I  found this  out when i  used what i had instead of buying some mincemeat and made some jam tarts.


And there is always some vintage finds.

Health wise this week is the camera procedure but i am also having a severe flare up at the moment pain and stiffness in both arms and hips and chronic muscle spasms that make me stick in one position and it was embarrassing the other day when i was in the post office lol ,
 But i am still trying to carry on.
 Now i am going to get the ingredients for my Christmas cakes  after googling the cheapest prices  , 
Sadly this year i have one less to make as my Aunt Freda passed away just after Christmas last year.