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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

We will Eat Well for less & rediscovering Tesco

Does anyone else get really frustrated with the women on the Eat Well For Less Program , I feed ourselves for a month on just over  what they spend in a week and that's after Greg has saved them money.
 Do you think its  idleness or more deep rooted.

This is what my cupboards look like at the end of the month waiting for the monthly shop to fill them up  

The store cupboard 

And shelves. 

I could make some meals out of what we have left but there are a lot of things we are out of so i need to do the shop.

For two months now instead of Aldi  we have been using Tesco as you  just cant get everything from Aldi , Plus we are fed up of not being able to park and look properly as the stores are so small so they get really congested  

I am really impressed how Tesco have dropped there prices to be more competitive and the meat range is really good quality also, very cheap .
 The only thing i am not impressed with is the wine range, But you get points on your shop too.

So today i did our monthly shop , It cost us £.72.77.

And the Checkout spit out a coupon for £7.00 of £50 so our next shop will be even cheaper .

I dont menu plan any more as we change our mind so much but i will blog about what we have had for meals week by week , The photographed food will last us a month with just a few fresh bits when we need them , Cooking from scratch , Baking our own bread and treats .

The only things i now buy outside of Tesco are toilet rolls, butter  sugar & frozen fish  from Farmfoods   & Tomatoes from B  & M  four cans for  £1.00

And the wine is on special at Sainsbury's if you buy 6 bottles there is 25 % off , They have two really nice bottles for £3.75 ( I only like a quality wine too ) Ones a Shiraz the other is a Chardonnay.

It  works out at £2.81 per bottle with the discount. 
Wish i had the will power to resist it so that i could stock up for christmas , Ohh no now i've gone and  said the C word lol



Monday, 22 August 2016

A fantastic jumble sale this week

In the summer months Jumble sales are few and far between , so when  one was advertised double the distance i am prepared to travel  i thought is it worth the travel distance and the only way i could find out is to try it so i did , Well judge for yourself , some great finds here.

This tea set is all hand painted , Its called Bingo by Coalport.

Two pay phones in the original boxes , Priced at £94.99 

I also picked up an Art Deco Bedspread that's beautiful  , I will post about this at a later date. 

Then there was just one local one this week , This was just as good

Then i forgot to show you this , It was amongst the auction buys , Its Beautiful a muslin /cheesecloth type of fabric with lost of oriental style embroidery , It needs some repair but its still a rare piece  

Things seem to be looking up financially at the moment diversifying with the market , Ebay  and Facebook sales .
 At the moment all my profit is being spent back into stock wich hopefully will reap the benefits in the long run so i am still being as frugal as ever.
 Tomorrow i will be doing my monthly shop and will post about it in my next blog post showing you along the way how i make it stretch.