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Thursday, 17 December 2015

OMG , £,1400 on Christmas food

Eat well for less , £1,400 on a christmas shop , Overtime to pay for it Ridiculous.

 If i spend £100 for a Christmas shop i have overspent , You just dont need to do it , Some of today's Christmas buys.

4 Cadbury's chocolate bars from home bargains £1.00

This roll on Icing is on offer at Morrison's for £2.00 for 1KG.

Some cutters and colouring and you have a present for your best friend.


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Where do you get your inspiration from

This is not a Christmassy post (dont know if that's how its spelt lol) just one for the new year as although i love christmas i always have a plan for the new year

 Firstly i am going to try and deal in Jewellery if its possible i dont know yet if it will be but first experiments have worked out well .

It wasn't near christmas when i sold it so at least i know its not seasonal  , Just costume and low value jewellery.

 The reason being its smaller to handle and my stockroom is constantly  getting messy.

 The stock i have been selling has taken up so much space but gradually i have sold stock and not replaced it so now we have a room that will be a spare bedroom.

My  my built in cupboards will house the smaller selection of stock i will turn over before i buy more.

So this is the before picture 

 Some things that i will be using 

The mannequin bought from a car boot for £5.00

Vintage suitcases £18.00 for the two at an auction.

And a pretty basket on legs came with a job lot of linen i bought.

And there are lots of decorative items in this cupboard. 

The aim is to complete the room with as little money as possible and as i want to include a day bed this is going to be a difficult challenge.

Back to the question, Do you create your own style like me or what do you use for inspiration.

I have been trying to explain to my hubby  the look i am trying to achieve and had to buy a book to explain it as i want a cottagey look but made with things we already have so it doesn't cost a lot .

 Did you see the Tv Series Money for nothing , presented by Sarah More well i wasn't a fan of all the modern metal stuff , Its just not my style but the patchwork fabric sofa and some of the more cottagey pieces were amazing,  I am planning to revamp my two seater sofa in a patchwork style when i have collected enough fabric.
 Mind you she sold the unusual pieces for good money.

She is working on a new series at the moment , She sources free items from council tips to revamp.

So i bought her book of Amazon.

Now he understands.

Today has been dark and dismal so comfort food has been on the menu for tea, Sponge puddings, Baked in the oven not steamed.
This was all made out of my store cupboard ingredients , Very frugal and filling , The spare will be frozen for next time we want a pudding and i dont want to cook.