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Saturday, 9 January 2016

post christmas catch up

Happy New Year to all my followers and blogging friends.
 Its been a while since my last post lots of things going on and i am looking forward to the new year for various  different reasons  but to start with here are a few of treasured finds over the last few months.

Very Downton Abbey.

Beautiful Tea pots sets. 

And of course the biscuits. 

I bought a lot of vintage jewellery at auction.

Does anyone know if these beads are Murano , They are glass.

And this stone looks interesting.

On the frugal front.
 Christmas i had a disaster with the second batch of christmas cakes  I used a food colouring that i used on the blue and white Christmas cake for my freind
 I wanted to make a pillar box red cake with bottle green trees for a traditional look. Not a salmon pink base with florescent green trees lol. I can laugh about it now.

This is what happend with the colours , It caused a great laugh amongst my family and friends , It also gave my great Aunt a laugh  when i presented her with a little one wich i always make her every year , This memory will be so special as she passed away just after christmas she was 84 .

 I was furious with Morrison though and let them know so i was really pleased when i received these vouchers.

So i stocked up with frozen veg that was on offer and some store cupboard ingredients