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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Merry christmas to all my blogging friends

I have mad a mental note to blog more in the new year  as this month my health issues have flared up and i have only done what really needed to be done
 I finally got the Christmas cakes Iced , The same design as last year but all white with a touch of silver , Its a very easy design to do as i am no cake decorator but even if i say so myself they always taste good .

One is ours and the other two are presents. 

 The Last  few years i had bought cake boards , Mincemeat , christmas cards etc in the sales, But last year all i managed to get was cranberry sauce when the co- op discontinued some lines.
So i will be defiantly on the look out for christmas bargains this year as it saves a lot of money.

But the ever used Christmas decorations have been used again.   

If you buy Quality items they will last you years , I dont mean spending a fortune, The tree came from a charity shop for £5.00 , The baubles too , They cost around £10 bought in separate lots   the star was from poundland , 

The fireplace garland is about 10 years old now we bought it from boundary mills in the sale , I took a present back that i had no receipt for so i had this in exchange , 
The other decorations on the mantle shelf  were from jumble sales and the teddy bear was a christmas present from our daughter about six years ago and the reindeer was instead of my bunch of christmas flowers from her  this year.  

Ebay has been left alone very much this month with the occasional listing but i have still bought some nice stock which i will share with you in the new  year , Here are just a few you might not have seen.

Wish i had a little girl to wear this , I think she a bit to big at 32.

Antique fire Accessory's  

This is huge and i love it , It might be a Christmas present to myself yet. 

 Also i am on a serious health kick now after seeing this photo our nik took of me when i went shopping in merry hill with her , No makeup as i was unwell too ,
 This will be my before picture , I have also let my hair grow as its cheaper that a short cut but it doesn't  do my any favors neither do the reindeer's     lol xxx 

A very Merry Christmas to Everyone who reads my blog .