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Monday, 5 September 2016

Jumble season has begun

Jumble sales are few and far between in the summer months but within September they come much more regular sometimes three in one weekend , We dont do car boot sales now as they are usually on very uneven fields around here and Dave cant walk round them , so stock has been dwindling and now i have chance to stock up.   

This weeks finds are.

I used to sell this in the chemist that i worked at in the 1970s.

I love this funky saucepan.

The colour of this Johnson brothers part set is gorgeous.

A pair of matching lamp shades, Wishing i could keep these, The small wood lamp was from a Jumble sale last month. 

The food we have eaten this week include home made steak pie, Shepherds pie and bread pudding
wich was made out of the frozen stale bread i stash in the freezer until i have enough to make one ,
 This weeks spend is £10 , This was for 3 lots of frozen fish from Iceland . So two weeks in and and the spend is just under £100 we have only just touched the food so i am hoping to stretch it even further than a month. 

I forgot the photograph this up cycled linen box for the before picture that Dave made years ago.
It was stained an orange pine colour , The fabric is some i bought from a charity shop years ago , I have already used it on a stool and a chair in the bedroom