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Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Jumbles have begun and suitcase makeover

Last year i bought from auction a job lot of suitcases planning on upcycling and over the christmas holiday i did this one , It needs a little bit of tidying up and some extra lace trim on the sides , First of all i sprayed it cream as it was rather dirty , Then after rummaging in my fabric stash i found that i only  had white lace so i dyed it with  cold tea and this is the before and after photos.

The first Jumble sale of the yaer was yesterday , Not very good at all
 but that one never is really, i have had the odd few things I only really go to that one if there is nothing else on but i did pick up a few clothes for my stall  when i start back in february and this vernon ward framed print.

I had better luck at the auction , Last year i picked up two of these paintings although they were smaller than this one and i did really well with it Drooling over it again and want to keep it but i can't.

Food wise i have only spent £9.00 since christmas just on fresh stuff , Even though i am changing my diet i am still enjoying the evening meal i desire  such as beef stew with suet free Dumplings.