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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Some of my Auction finds

A Minton jug and Bowl 

I bought a job lot of miniature perfumes and this was two of the other items that were in there. 

 A beautiful cottage garden Foley tea set.

 Some perfect Embroidery's were included in a job lot of pictures 

A pair of Beautiful pastel signed water colours.

These small embroidery's would look great grouped together in a bedroom.

Another lot included some Gorgeous Antique style Frames.

This one we decided to keep as Dave liked it so much , It looks good on the red wall in the hall but the picture was hard to take because of the glass.

Today i am having a rest day , I love doing the market and will continue to do so as long as i can , But sometimes it makes me so tired , Health wise i am now waiting for some results for a barium throat X ray , The consultants secretary has been on holiday and she comes back next week so hopefully i will hear the results then xxxx