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Monday, 8 May 2017

No news is good news i suppose

The visit went ok with the neurologist , He is still on the hunt for my old Mri's , He did absolutely loads of blood tests and in the meantime given me an open appointment in case i get any weird neurological symptoms so like the title says  No news is good news , I just need to put up with things in the meantime (story of my life health wise).

Anyway the garden is coming along fine , Its taking a bit of time as our nephew keeps getting called into work weekends but the extremely lumpy lawn has been totally dug up , I advertised it on free cycle explaining that its been dug up and its in different shapes and depths and would take a lot of patience and hard work to lay it but two people came and took about half of it , The rest will go into raised beds then topped with top soil to save on the cost of a skip.

Last year we had hardly any blossom on the apple trees we bought with us from our old house .hence no apples ,look at them now.

We had an ugly planter on the outside of the house by the front door so we had it removed and planted up some ceramic pots i have had for years, they were bought from a charity shop about 12 years ago , A local Wilkinson was closing down and donated lots of stock to the charity shop.

Bargain buys have been few and far between at the moment but here is a few.

Jacobean embroidered tray was 30p , Its needs a clean but its beautiful. 

Huge Enamel Casserole 50p.

1960s hyacinth  bowls 50p the lot 

My first weigh in at weight watchers was a 3 pound loss not bad with an under active thyroid .