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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Customising budget flat pack furniture.

If you remember , I am doing up the spare room and we needed a wardrobe.
In the past Dave has built everything we needed furniture wise buying the wood from B&Q  
 Now health issues wont allow.
 So we had a Dilemma, how do we  purchase a wardrobe that didn't cost a lot but had some style , I would have loved a vintage bedroom suite but as we have no way of getting it here or even getting it up the stairs because there is a tight bend to conquer.

After looking at various on line pages of big stores including Ikea i was surprised to find this wardrobe at B & Q for the Amazing price of £95.00 , Its very big and really good quality for the price paid and most importantly it was flat packed and delivered free so we are really chuffed.

Most people would just leave it like it is but as you know i always like to create my own style so i gave it a makeover with the wallpaper that i got from a jumble sale for £1.50 , When i find some bargain knobs i will change them too , This is the start of the bedroom revamp.