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Monday, 20 June 2016

Frugal things i did today.

I take being frugal for granted and thought about what i do on a daily basis to be as frugal as i possibly  can.

This was just this mornings frugality.

I bought a large tin of roe last week that cost about £2.20, I cut it into portions two for Dave and one for me , It made 12 portions , Thats four meals to serve with chips or potatoes and mushy peas. So i fetched  this out of the freezer today.

My gardening gloves have  got extremely grubby with the on going gardening job  so i washed them instead of buying some more even though they are waterproof.

I bought butter from farmfoods  for 59p each.

I bought night cream from Aldi £1.69 , I can see a difference when i stop using it for any reason.

I bought some reduced toothpaste from wilkinson just 68p and 75p , The sensitive is a really good  buy as Dave has to use this.

All the shops i visited were in the same town too so there was no driving about to save money.

And i complained to Procter & Gamble about not being happy about not being able to get the last bit of fairy out of the bottle as you cant get the top off the bottle.
 So they are sending me a voucher.

I have had to have my repeat blood tests done today , The nurse told me that my  ESR was 93 and the normal levels were supposed to be around 20 so i am a bit worried , Should know this week if its got any higher and what the plan will be if any.