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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Feeecycle Freebie

Have any of you had experience with the free sites , Over the years i have been lucky enough to have some great things , Velvet curtains,  Dressing table, plants for the garden and today we went to fetch some more Herbs, Oregano and chives , For some reason i didn't  bring herbs from our old home and have struggled to grow them from seed  so when somebody offered some on Sunday i was so pleased when she accepted me to be the lucky recipient , i have now planted them in an old suitcase hoping they will flourish to make a small herb garden. 

The garden is much  like how we moved in , A Few attempts at levelling Telitubieland by myself and others have just grown over with sod again as i can only do it in sections so i am going to have to pay somebody to do the lot in one go as i physically cannot do it and am wasting so much  growing time.

I have been extra frugal through the winter to be able to do this at the moment i am waiting for somebody to get back to me with a quote and i am getting impatient. I will post photos of before and after soon.

I have been busy , This week i emptied a collection of frames so i can sell them on ebay.

Having health issues that make it difficult to chop small things i bought this for quite a while from homebargains its price was well under a pound but we have had to stop buying it as the lid is impossible to get off for us.

I started to buy this (sorry i mistakenly took the photograph of the ginger instead of the two garlic) But this is the difference in size from Morrison's to Sainsbury's  , Morrisons being the largest but i really needed some for the evening meal so i had to buy it but never again.


Next Monday i have to go and have the procedure for the polyps then on the Wednesday i have to go to the consultant about the polyps in  my stomach so i might have some answers.