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Monday, 16 May 2016

Hello again

Well i have had quite a few issues to deal with , Hence no blogging or reading any blogs come to mention it , Health issues rearing there ugly head again a bit of a worry with a blood test and when i have things on my mind i go to pot ,
 Cant get organised , Cant concentrate , I wish i was one of those people who could function normally with issues but i cant and have now stopped even trying , 
So what have i managed to do , I have found some fantastic finds and  The dressing table for the spare  room has ended up in our bedroom as i love it more than the one i painted green , 
I bought my new sofa and we have had a new rise and recline chair for Dave after having cheap ones for the last two years we now have one that fits him properly and has a five year  guarantee , I will be posting the living room re vamp soon,