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Monday, 20 March 2017

Good News

I had my appointment today , In the phone call from Dr Peppers secretary a fortnight ago she said he thinks i have polyps , 
So today they were happy to confirm that with the camera so there and then he lazered them and he said  they were not cancerous , 
Phew Relief,
I was feeling sorry for myself as i fell over and sprained my ankle  on Saturday wich was swollen like a big balloon , I was loading the car at the auction i could not stand on it immediately   and was in pain for two days plus my knees and thigh 
This  morning when i got  up my foot still hurts but nothing like it was ,so after today's news i am on the up , 
Just need to go and see the consultant about the polyps in my stomach Wednesday. Now.

After resting all day Saturday and most of Sunday i did manage to get around to photographing some of my vintage finds from the auction.

I have closed my shop down on Ebay as its really slow at the moment and you have to pay shop fees even if you dont sell  anything  , I am still selling on there but no shop.

 I think this bedspread is Berlin Work. 

Unused Antique Linen pillowcases.

This Crinoline lady is  is actually a bag. 

Loving the frames not the men lol.  

This is the most gorgeous Lemon colour , But its hard to capture. 

And stunning yellow stain