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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bargains and free stuff

There were no jumble  but i still have found some bargains with other things this week

Easter Eggs.

In the town where we used to live there is a warehouse that sells out of date or near by date food.
Its mainly things like crisps sweets etc , I dont buy the cakes as i make them but you can find some real bargains sometimes,
 like these Thornton's Easter eggs that retail at around £15 but only cost me £2.50 each.

Then on the way back i popped into Morrison's and picked up some bargain meat wich will feed us for lots of meals i just need to make a meal plan to see how much i can stretch it.

Then i bought this dressing table of ebay for £25.00. 
It needs some TLC and a paint , The handles are not complete so am not sure what to do with them yet .
I might look on ebay  see if i can get a replacement  for the top two draw handles.

    And last but not least , I managed to finally get something i wanted of free cycle.
 A  Lovely  lady named Carrie was advertising a small pair of vintage Velvet curtains, so when she said i could have them i was very pleased and very grateful to her.
 Even more so when i got there she gave me a  mirror and a trunk too ,The  trunk has  gone to far for doing up so i am going to use it to make a herb bed in the garden.
  I took her some cakes as a thank you and she said my Victoria sandwich cake was the best she had ever tasted and has said she has another small lamp table that i can have .
 Chuffed to say the least.