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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bargains and free stuff

There were no jumble  but i still have found some bargains with other things this week

Easter Eggs.

In the town where we used to live there is a warehouse that sells out of date or near by date food.
Its mainly things like crisps sweets etc , I dont buy the cakes as i make them but you can find some real bargains sometimes,
 like these Thornton's Easter eggs that retail at around £15 but only cost me £2.50 each.

Then on the way back i popped into Morrison's and picked up some bargain meat wich will feed us for lots of meals i just need to make a meal plan to see how much i can stretch it.

Then i bought this dressing table of ebay for £25.00. 
It needs some TLC and a paint , The handles are not complete so am not sure what to do with them yet .
I might look on ebay  see if i can get a replacement  for the top two draw handles.

    And last but not least , I managed to finally get something i wanted of free cycle.
 A  Lovely  lady named Carrie was advertising a small pair of vintage Velvet curtains, so when she said i could have them i was very pleased and very grateful to her.
 Even more so when i got there she gave me a  mirror and a trunk too ,The  trunk has  gone to far for doing up so i am going to use it to make a herb bed in the garden.
  I took her some cakes as a thank you and she said my Victoria sandwich cake was the best she had ever tasted and has said she has another small lamp table that i can have .
 Chuffed to say the least.



  1. Some lovely things there Shabby. I would quite eagerly use Freecycle round here but I do not have anyway of getting stuff back. OH doesn't see things the same way I do. I see potential in all sorts of things. So have to deal with what I can do. I buy velvet curtains when I see them in the Charity shops or the car boots. I love going to those as well but OH not so keen. I then re-purpose the fabric in either recovering furniture or in making cushion covers or cushion cover backs. I noticed when I was in Wilkinsons the other day that they are starting to do the feather blanks for cushions amongst other things. You can also get them from Dunhelm or John Lewis. Shabbie you have some lovely finds there. I like the dressing table. I think you and Scarlet really ought to join forces as you both have some lovely ideas. What are your plans for it. It will look lovely I am sure. I am collecting vintage green glass at the moment. I have a very large pine dining table that seats 8 and being as I cannot always find what I am looking for new I collect bits and make a set either matching or two or three different styles mixed together. I love cake stands and fruit bowls vintage pieces as they really do make the dinner or tea table stand out. Some nice finds with the meat there as well. Some nice substantial meals there. I have some minced pork that I bought from the Polish shop £3.49 a kg. I intend to make some small pork pies and pop them unfrozen in the freezer for OHs pack ups. They have chicken livers every so often so when I see them next I will buy some in for making some pate. It freezes quite well.

    Look forward to your update with the dressing table.

    Take care.



    1. I thought of Scarlet as well and think these two are the dynamic duo of repurposing. Everything so unique and of such great craftsmanship, so much to my taste!

  2. Love Thortons, those eggs look scrummy, well done on the meat bargains, I never buy meat full price anymore apart from the lamb for Easter but it was on offer. I love freecycle, I have had quite a few things from there now. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Some great bargains with the meat, a great variety. Love the dressing table and look forward to see what you do with it.

  4. Commented earlier but was thinking crystal knobs mught look goid on top drawer allowing reuse of the ones not missing. It sounds like you made a new friend-someone who will keep you in mind the next time she has treasure knowing things will be used well.

  5. How generous of Carrie, it sounds like you've found a friend as well as some free stuff!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dressing table. I've got a similar one I bought years ago which wasn't in great condition so I used that Scumble Glaze and quite liked the result. Ebay is great for drawer handles, you'll find some in no time. xxx

  6. Yes ! Hooray for Morrisons ! : )


thank you for your message , Shabby