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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I have finally done it

Well that was easy , I have put a facebook link at the top of my blogger page  , I always put technical jobs off because i think they are going to be more difficult than expected ,
 My plan for the future is to try and build a customer base through social media , I love the market and the people  i meet but its not going to be forever as it takes me days to recover at the moment all the money i take there is going back into stock.
  Its just needs must at the moment 
 Anyway , Can i ask all my blogger fiends who are on Facebook to like my page i have just started it will be updated as often as i get new items for sale wich will be weekly ,The  more likes you get the more views you get then hopefully more sales , Can you leave me a message to say you seen this ask on my blog please so i know if its working , Thanks very much , There are some of my latest finds on there , Eileen xxxx

I am off to do some baking now. 


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Better late than never

We finished the living room completely a few months ago apart from the wall gallery that i really want but have decided for various reasons not to go ahead , The main one is we want to move to a bungalow  and have started the processes of doing that  , so here are the pictures of my completed living room complete with more comfortable ( not so low sofa) and rise and recline chair. 

All done on an extremely tight budget , Buying from jumble sales using what we have and thrifted new purchases. 

Here are some of my latest bargains.

The bedroom pictures will be here soon.