Friday 5 January 2024

Good intentions and passing on Christmas this year

 Well after promising myself I would get back to blogging life has got in the way the last two months have been a nightmare 

firstly my hubby had a fall and gashed his head it was another episode of his balance causing the fall he was recovering  from the fall then had another fall wich he broke his hip and was in hospital for two weeks he had carers coming in four times a day he got really worked up about this as he is a proud and stubborn man but with the help of a rotunda and one floor living we muddled through without them in the end but it didn't help that I became ill with a development in my ongoing health issues so that's why we passed on Christmas 

I didn't bake anything as I was so tired initially up and down the hospital then everything else that followed, we did have a Christmas dinner though then as if that was not enough I did this

The consultant said that it looks like I have been in a car crash and doesn't think it will go back to normal even with a further op so they are waiting for the swelling to go down and for it to 

My leg is not that big its all the swelling xx


  1. Oh Eileen. I am so sorry. Here is hoping that things sort themselves out a bit for you both soon. Hugs Tricia xxx

  2. Oh Good Heavens!
    That must have hurt. I hope that you are getting all of the help you need.
    Very best wishes for your recovery.

  3. I was only thinking of you this morning, Eileen. I'm so sorry about both Dave's and your accidents, you poor things. Sending you both healing wishes. xxx

  4. Oh goodness! What a truly horrible time you have both been having. Please accept my best wishes for a good recovery. I know it is still early days for you, but my neighbour had a very bad broken leg and crushed ankle last year after an industrial accident (his consultant also told him that he had only ever seen similar severe injuries due to car crashes) and the physio following his ops literally got him back up and on his feet and walking independently again. It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy, but he recovered much better than anticipated. Determination is one thing they can't give a prescription for!

  5. Oh Eileen, what a rough time for both of you. Sending all good wishes x


thank you for your message , Shabby