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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Back to Basics

Lots of things have changed since the last time i blogged , 
The biggest one is giving up my market stall ,  It Didn't last that long really, I gave it a good  try though,
 I  am ok just sitting selling on the stall but its got too  much the lifting up and down the stairs of the stock , Getting it ready , sourcing it etc , Even today i have got so tired and worn out just going  to two shops in town.

 The market where i stand is not very busy either , you get the same people week in week out and other locations are not an option for various reasons ,

 I will miss the banter of the other stall holders but wont miss the cold weather, I get severe muscle cramps in various parts of my body that have got much worse his last two months , They immobilise me for a few minuets and i am frightened that i will have one when i am there and get completely stuck as i am on my own.
The next neurologist appointment has been bought forward because of the cramps and falling over , Its may the 5th so not to long to wait. 
  Anyway i wont bore you any more with health issues just tell you if i have any definite news.

Instead of showing  stock i have bought  to sell i will be going back to basics  shearing  my personnel jumble sale finds and my frugal tips as i will have more time to blog .

I also  now need to be as frugal as i possibly can be after my income drop and spending some money on the house  

Even when i spend money on new items i source the best possible value for money , The patchwork sofa i covered started to sag as it was secondhand fabric wich wasn't upholstery fabric.
So i bought this pair of wing chairs of Ebay.  

They were made to measure and cost just £199 each. 

But the room now needs a lick of paint and a few new touches , I will post about it when its completed.

 These are two of my very favourite finds this week the vintage curtain was 30p and the Normill  framed print £1.50.

Apparently my blog disappeared for about five days according to my friend Mel , Has anybody had any similar problems.