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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Felling a bit low

Hello , Health issues are prominent again in my life at the moment , So many things going on, A scan tomorow , 
A hospital referral gone astray , I had a camera down in november wich found polyps and a biopsy was done , So , I  i have been waiting for a follow up appointment but the appointment never materialised so i rang them today and i should have been passed onto another department but i have .
been lost in transferring me from one department to another ,
 The really helpful person in appointments will be sorting it out for me , 
Next week i will be paying for a private consultation against all my beliefs , It will be costing me £240 , Money i can hardly afford but have no choice, 
My symptoms have intensified , My coordination is all over the place , My handwriting is disgusting the kitchen floor  when i have been cooking is covered with food debris , I drop things every few minutes I have severe muscle cramps that disable me from moving , 
This is just a few of the weird things that are going on , I don't want to list any more as i fear i will look like a hypochondriac, The doctors keep blaming fibromyalgia but things dont add up ,
 If i need any more tests they will be done on the NHS , The neurologist i am going to see is based at the queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham so after the initial appointment  if i need any more tests it will be done there. 
 My market  stall has been put putt on hold at the moment , Ebay is keeping me sane and the finds are too , so her are afew.