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Friday, 11 December 2015


This is how i feel at the moment and i love the song HAPPY pharrell williams , I cant stop my foot head and anything that moves without pain moving to this tune.

For the last few weeks i have been under a cloud
Going to the doctors and the Gyni at the hospital  within a week to check out things that should not be happening to a 55 year old 

But everything is fine and like the song says i feel HAPPY.
But its amazing how health issues affect your mood , There are still health issues that are being investigated like the problems with Angina type pain and severe palpitations but both these can be treated with medication so i am not worried about  them so much  and my mood has lifted  so much  that i am now in the mood for my frugal Christmas and will share as much as i can with you  

Firstly we put up the Christmas tree we have had for years bough from a charity shop for  £5.00 , The decorations were also bought from a charity shop for £5.00 the lot  , The Mantle decoration was bought in a sale 10 years ago and the candle sticks were picked up at car boots over the years for 50p or £1.00 The fir cones picked up in a local park years ago too. The Christmas teddy bear was  a present from our daughter and comes out every christmas , The lanterns Ikea.   

So Christmas Decorations This year were  Zero.