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Thursday, 17 November 2016

It been a while

Its been a while since my last blog but i am so busy mainly buying and  preparing the stock for my business but its been worth it,  I have picked up some great finds,But i am still being as frugal as ever ,yesterday i made these boxes for trinkets to sell on my stall,

 Most of the  boxes were given to me by my friend Mel and  a few were included in job lots i have purchased from auction   , They were from gifts they had received as a family but all of them had the names of the maker of the gift embossed on the front of the box. , so i was thinking how i could get rid of the names.

Earlier this year on the market i saw some transfer sheets , Very big in the eighties but not many people want them now , Included in the 15 sheets i bought for £5.00 were the robin ones ( i have plans for the birds one i picked up too ) , So this is what i did with them 

I am chuffed with the result .

I also made my first mince pies of the year yesterday.

My Beautiful vintage finds.

Stunning Marcella bedspread .

Pretty portrait brooch.

Crinoline lady is always popular.

 Irish Linen sheets and pillowcases , Never used.

Double Damask Irish Linen table cloth with orignal labels 

A sweet little Antique Purse. 

Vintage  glass and enamel necklace.

A beaded roses vintage handbag. 

On the health front i have had the test , It wasn't very nice but you just have to get on with it if you want to be diagnosed , I have polyps they say they look fine but have done a biopsy to be on the safe side as the pattern was unusual , But i need to say our local hospital has had so much bad press lately but the staff were fantastic and the procedure was made much easier by there care and professionalism,