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Thursday, 28 April 2016

A nice morning for a change

Its been freezing for the last few days i have been wearing a really thick jumper that i bought from a charity market stall for 50p All hand knit.
 Its new, somebody knits them for the charity stall on the market , I have mixed feelings about the issue as somebody took the time and care to knit the jumper for the charity then they sell it for 50p .
But i am happy with my bargain and if i didn't buy it then somebody else would.
So its also come in handy for working in the garden wich i did this morning First of all i finished of the potatoes i have planted in bags behind the shed , I have spaced it out doing two every time i went in the garden as digging does not do me  any good at all .
The sod that was dug up by Craig the year before last was staked  up by the wall and  the worms have done there work an its made beautiful compost .
The potatoes are roosters £2.70 from Wilkinson , I have had great success before growing potatoes this way plus i dont have to find them in the ground.   

Then i drilled some holes in these planters and planted some bulbs too late really but i hope they will take.

This is what i did the last time we had some nice weather , Remember me saying that i had a trunk of Carrie,Well i have plated a herb garden , The seeds are germinating lovley now, Glad i covered it with plastic with this cold weather these last few days  
The few pots at the front are for me to replenish our daughters herb bed.

The garden is waking up , This climber loves it here , It has flourished since we bought it from our old house.

The budlia  i cut back about a month ago.

These plants i bought of ebay to create a back drop for my garden because of the lack of a high fence that would create structure. 
 Then there was the reduced plants that are coming along nicely too.

My David Austin Rose was amongst the reduce plants below.

Then there is the Apple Trees that we bought with up , i  would say another year or two and they will be fully grown.

Then lastly the plants i grew from seed.

Now the Huge  task of weeding begins . 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Kitchen RE vamp & good health news

This re vamp was initially about just painting the kitchen as the duck egg blue was fading and where the knots were on the tongue and grove its was turning an orange colour.
 In the process i was trying to make the kitchen a more practical space to work in because of it being small.
I needed more cupboard space so that everything doesn't have to be piled on top of each other , I would love space for some free standing painted furniture especially a 1950s larder cupboard but its just not possible with  the limited space
The solution was to spend some money ( I know, me ,lol) 
Usually i wait until i can find what i am after at a jumble sale or car boot but after trying for months to find storage jars with no success i bought these.

By doing this i freed up space in two cupboards.

I bought some new fabric from ikea to make a new cafe  curtain and some shelf trim.
Total re vamp including paint less than £100.

What do you think , Its a bit darker than the duck egg blue but i love it.

Its not this dark, For some reason i cant get the light right on this one.

The good news health wise is that finally i have been successfully treated for one of my health issues ,
 If you dont know already i have sleep Apnoea and have been telling  doctors that its not just that that wakes me up constantly during the night ,
 They even said because the mask treatment reduced my apnoea  and had been reduced from stopping breathing from 39 times per hour to eight it was treated , 
They use overnight sleep studies wich you wear a monitor at home.
 The problem with this is it takes an average reading wich is not entirely accurate.
There are two types of sleep apnoea central and obstructive , I have both the central is caused by an underlying condition which is the one that has been successfully treated as it was problems with my heart that was causing it.
 The medication has almost stopped this part on the apnoea meaning i am sleeping really well  and waking up earlier feeling refreshed.
 The obstructive sleep apnoea can be weight related ( not always) so i am dealing with that at the moment , It would be nice to eliminate it completely, 

Some of my latest vintage finds.