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Friday, 18 March 2016

Morrison's veg

If you didnt know already Morrison's have there veg on offer for 28p at the moment , There is Broccoli , Carrots, onions, potatoes, Cabbage & Swede , I bought two packs of onions as i use a lot , I was lucky enough to see some plants being reduced too , One of them was only 15p too , Plus a pack of reduced pork chops.

I popped into the co op and saw these too , I usually bake my own pizzas  but these are Ideal for a quick stand by I will just add some more toppings.

 I have been titivating  in the bedroom again , This mannequin was going to be used in the bedroom we are doing up but it fits the space besides the wardrobe perfectly.

Some of last weeks jumble sale bargains.

This is a designer coat not sure what the original price would be but one sold on Ebay for £60 , Mine was 50p.

T shirt  20p , It still had the labels on it.

It doesn't look to bad either.

Beautiful unused fabric for 50p , Anybody know what  the first one is called. 



This is a mirror , Its so sweet.