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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Name Change and clear up of my blog

I have been away from blogging for a while undecided weather to continue or not but i have decided that i wish to carry on sharing my frugal tips and vintage finds.

 To be honest i was a bit spooked when a researcher from the BBC one show contacted me and said he loved my blog and was after three bloggers to appear on the one show giving tips , 
The thing is there were some things on my blog that i really did not want to be more public than there were already and deleted my blog while i had a think.
 So i am back with a new name and have deleted all my blog posts except the one about my old kitchen which i am still gutted to have left as its  the only photos i have of it.
  I am planning to take new photos of  my home as it is now
To start off here are some photos of my vintage finds over the last few months.

Four Oil on Board Paintings from the 1960s 

A set of roses jugs

Silver Cameo  

Patchwork Quilt.

Art Deco Tea Pot.

And i painted these frames.

The best Bargain of all , 5 boxes of vintage hankies for £1.00