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Friday, 11 March 2016

Busy , Busy ,Busy

I am really busy at the moment with a couple of projects on the house that are ongoing,
Since recovering the sofa i have decided that i want colour and getting the look right is proving a problem with little money and the fact that we need to sort out comfortable seating 

The other problem i have is the sofa we bought about a year and a half ago is is to low and with my aliments its difficult to get out of so i am selling it but as i got it for such  a bargain in the first place  i should get most if not all of our money back .

Dave's chair is a rise and recline chair that he needs, not wants ,but it was only a cheap one and the seat pad has lost its support so we need to replace that too , That will be a challenge finding one that is value for money.

As we have a small living room and the fact that we have a limited budget i need to sell the sofa first so its on Ebay at the moment and i have 5 watchers , hopefully i will get what i want for it , But i will re list it until it sells.

One thing i can show you is the TV cabinet , First it looked like this 

 Then we did it like this but to many flowers did not look right with the sofa.

So now it looks like this. The sun has over exposed the pictures , It looks much better in than in the pictures.

Here are some of my latest finds.

The pictures were £1.60 for all of them.

Two pretty Tea sets 

Ans some other bargains this week 

From the co op , hot cross buns and chicken thighs , 40p and £1.25.

Poundland plants can be bargains if you are prepared to wait 

Well the suns shinning so i am in housework mode for once, lol