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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

I had some left overs and unused food

I am always  trying to live within a really tight budget its coming in at around £25/£35 per week for the two of us this includes toiletries and cleaning products it was always Aldi but we have re discovered Tesco ( I will blog about this another day ).
Some  of the ways i keep our food bill so low is baking our own bread.
  Cooking from scratch  and using very little convenience food i would never buy a jar of sauce for a casserole or spaghetti /chilli etc.
 But i dont make my own pickles and jam as i find it expensive to do so , Its all about swings and roundabouts to us , One of the main things i do is a big shop once a month and make it last as long as possible , I also use up leftovers and try and use what we have instead of buying special ingredients 

So today these needed using up , The tin of pineapple was opened for pizza  topping , The berry's were left over from a pie i made , The chocolate was a trail taste wich Dave didn't like and the marmalade has been in the cupboard for 12 months and never opened .

So i made these , The chocolate was melted and mixed in with a basic chocolate cake mix with coco to make  some really moist chocolate muffins . 

The pineapples were mixed with the berries to make two sponge puddings for the freezer.

Then i made a marmalade cake , It was made with brown  sugar as i had run out of white that's why its so dark.

I picked up three vintage pudding basins at a jumble sale for 50p and used them for the puddings. 

So that's some of the ways i keep within our very small food budget.

When we knew we were moving house last time i started to save things i really like for the move , This is the start with these pretty little brackets .