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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Bedroom is now finished , Thrifted , Re used , Recycled , Jumble sale and boot sale finds

Its took a long time coming as i have had to do it bit by bit , Time  and health allowing and 
waiting for help with certain things but here it is , 
This is the room i will be taking photos in for my business.

To start of we mixed two lots of the reduced paint we  have bought over the years to make this candy pink colour for the walls.

And painted the cupboard doors in another paint bargain wich we got from Aldi years ago ( I always buy reduced paint when i see it and it always comes in )

All the handles came from a jumble sale , They cost just £1.50 , They can work out very expensive bought from Diy shops.

The curtain pole and curtains were  was £1.00  each from a jumble sale , The curtains are quality lined and weighted curtains.

The wallpaper was £1.50 for two rolls from a jumble sale.

The dressing table if you remember was like this it was in the main bedroom 


My nail polish stand was a chipped cake stand that i got from a jumble sale for £1.00 but now sprayed with paint you cant see the chip.

And the candelabra had the same treatment too

The day bed was £69 from B & m 

The bedspread is Laura Ashley from a jumble sale for £1.00 there was a deep frill that was faded so i just removed it.

All the cushions on the bed were a pound or less from Jumble sales.

The vintage teddy's  i have had for years.
The mirror Below was £5.00 from a charity shop.

The Tv table is from feeecyle , Thanks very much Carrie, If you remember the velvet curtains and mirror that i posted about the same lady gave me this , I dont really like putting a TV in the room but as its where i do my yoga Dvd , Its a must.

I've got somewhere to display my linen now while waiting to sell it.
The standard lamp was free from my sister  in law , Its still waiting for an up cycle.

This bench is just in there waiting to be sold.

Some of the  things i already have , Bought for bargain prices of course.

And the best thing of all my birthday present from my friend mel

The only thing left to do is hang some pictures on the wall behind the bed but i couldn't wait to show you , What do you think.