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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Budget holiday time

Being on a really tight budget we dont have foreign holidays , Its not just about money either we love England and there are still lots of places we haven't visited and prefer to be closer to home with our health problems just in case we need to cut a holiday short for any reason.

 We try to get a bargain holiday and use the private static caravan sites to book a late deal most of the time , You get a better equipped van than you do when you book through a main site.

So this year we are going back to the place where we honeymooned over 38 years ago , Dawlish Warren ,
 We like somewhere where we can drive to different places daily and it looks like there are a few places in that location ,

I always combine the holiday with places to go to that i can get stock for my  business from too.
 So if any of my readers know the area and can tell me of locations  that have good charity shops or car boot sales there please let me know.  

We always take our own food and i try to Squeeze out the meals from our meagre food bill so the food we take with us does not cost any more than what we would normally spend in a week , So i am now starting to fill a draw in the freezer with 5 meals we usually have fish and chips on the day we get there and eat out just once.

This weeks meals from  our meagre food shop were.


Gammon and oven chips. I  Already have the oven chips its one of the items i buy from lidl they taste very good   at 50p a bag they are a bargain too.


Home made Chilli with rice & Garlic bread 
 Sticky chicken thighs , these are too homemade  jacket potato coleslaw and salad

I would love to find a way to make coleslaw that tastes like shop bought as i have made it in the past but prefer shop bought its one of the very few things that i cant get right. 


Pork chop Dinner.


Burgers and Salad (The burgers and baps were  Already in the Freezer)  , This is a quick meal as i do the market on a friday and when i am back home i am no good for nothing  lol.   

Saturday , Home made Pizza .

I use  A few tinned pineapples  on my pizza and Dave has pepperoni , The rest of the pineapples will be used on Sunday with old fashioned jelly an blancmange ( had to get the packet to spell this lol ) and Belgium buns.  

I made a large batch of pizza dough some wholemeal base for me and some plain white for Dave as he doesn't like anything healthy lol , Although he does eat in moderation.


 Pork loin dinner.  

Lunches consisted of mainly sandwiches, Cheese , bacon, beans on toast , Home made soup.

Breakfasts were either stores own weetabix ( Already in the store cupboard) , shredded wheat or wholemeal toast. 

Treats this week all home made include a batch of home made Chelsea buns ( Forgot to photograph them ) , Half have been frozen so they keep longer. 

 We do eat different meals to each other but whenever this happens the extra cooked is always frozen for a future meal so nothing goes to waste. 

Some more vintage finds.
This beautiful geometric Art Deco table cloth.

I wish i had the patience to embroider these imaculate framed pictures.

And these i really dont mind if they dont sell as they look so good in my hallway. 

Then i bought this for £2.00 ,  It needs rewiring but as it happens  my son in law  is an electrician.