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Friday, 5 February 2016

Let the projects begin

There are a lot of projects that i have been putting on the back burner for one thing or another and have now decided for various reasons to start the long list of things i want to do.  Starting with the sofa below , It fits into the room OK but after seeing the Money for Nothing program with Sarah Moore i was inspired by the patchwork sofa she did and have decided to have a go.

I love the shape of this sofa 

A doubled up duvet cover is the start bought for £1.00.
Thanks to my friend mel for Ironing out all the tiny creases with her super iron.

So far so good. 

I will keep you posted.


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Some new auction finds

Berlin work  rather worn in places on the net part, Still beautiful though.

Welsh Embroidery.

A sampler from the 1800's

This pair are one's  that i dont want to let go.

A signed miniature with piano key frame.

 This next lot are Art Nouveau silver.

Being  frugal it was grieving me that in the  last lot of Teapots I bought   were four black Victorian Teapots damaged  , I knew when i bought the lot but off set the cost with the perfect ones  it was still bugging me that i would have to discard them .
So  i am going to have a go at repairing them with some epoxy putty i bought on line and some black paint but was wondering if you have any tips on what i could use for the glaze , The only thing i can think of is  clear nail polish.