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Friday, 5 February 2016

Let the projects begin

There are a lot of projects that i have been putting on the back burner for one thing or another and have now decided for various reasons to start the long list of things i want to do.  Starting with the sofa below , It fits into the room OK but after seeing the Money for Nothing program with Sarah Moore i was inspired by the patchwork sofa she did and have decided to have a go.

I love the shape of this sofa 

A doubled up duvet cover is the start bought for £1.00.
Thanks to my friend mel for Ironing out all the tiny creases with her super iron.

So far so good. 

I will keep you posted.



  1. Now you have impressed me, I can't wait to see how you get on.

  2. You are being brave. Love the fabric of the quilt cover will go in lovely with the colours in your front room. My mum when she got rid of her original moquette cottage sweet bought new as a bride after 17 years gave it to my Nan - there was still a lot of wear left in it. Bought linen rose patterned fabric and completely made covers for the two armchairs and the settee. It looked lovely. Look forward to see how this progresses. I too like Sarah Moores ideas and have her books on the bookshelf. It looks lovely and is frugal to do whereas if you buy new they charge you an arm and a leg for the same vision whereas doing it your way has so much more charm. Keep up the good work.



    1. I was thinking of getting two second hand wing chairs to do the same thing but i love the shape of the sofa so fingers crossed xxx

    2. Hi Shabby

      Do you have room for two wing backs as well as I think that would look lovely. Over the years I have collected velvet curtains in different colours - the larger pairs I have left intact but some of the smaller curtains I have used to back needlepoint panels for cushion covers. I have gone for pinks, greens and creams and they all seem to blend in very well. If you do not have room for the wingbacks (which I hope you do) there are a lot of tutorials for making patchwork style pouffes from scratch to create colourful extra seating. My Nan also made me smocked velvet cushions - I have the grid but no instructions on how to use it, but Debbie Shore (from Create and Craft has got to grips with this and has been doing features on what is now known as Canadian Smocking). I intend to do some of these as well to mix and match in with my needlepoint cushions to add a touch more luxury and comfort because they really are comfy. Take care. Pattypan xx

    3. I dont have space for the chairs but the new sofa i bought last year is to low for me and i cannot afford to replace it yet but when i do that might be an option xxx

  3. I've been intending to patchwork a Victorian chaise for at least two years. This might be the encouragement I need! x

  4. OHH i love the sound of that , Always wanted a chaise lounge but never had the space , It will be interesting to see that done , Today i dyed some Antique lace with tea bags and its turned out great xxx


thank you for your message , Shabby