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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Some new auction finds

Berlin work  rather worn in places on the net part, Still beautiful though.

Welsh Embroidery.

A sampler from the 1800's

This pair are one's  that i dont want to let go.

A signed miniature with piano key frame.

 This next lot are Art Nouveau silver.

Being  frugal it was grieving me that in the  last lot of Teapots I bought   were four black Victorian Teapots damaged  , I knew when i bought the lot but off set the cost with the perfect ones  it was still bugging me that i would have to discard them .
So  i am going to have a go at repairing them with some epoxy putty i bought on line and some black paint but was wondering if you have any tips on what i could use for the glaze , The only thing i can think of is  clear nail polish.



  1. Gosh I can't choose which is my fave I love them all but the pieces you are keeping are fabulous..LOVE them

    1. Thanks meg , I wish i could keep the roses embroidery's but i cant as business is slow , so they are on Ebay now xxx

  2. I love the piano key one, and I esp. love the jewelry!
    You might consider a clear acrylic spray sealer, you will need an enamel spray depending on the type of paint you use. Modge pogde type glue would seal it, but heat does affect it, so I's be leery of that.

    1. Thanks annie , I will have to take a trip to hobbycraft and see if they have something that you mentioned xxx

  3. I like your blog very much!

    I really like the art nouveau lady brooch - where can I buy it or have you put it on e bay, too?

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you Veronica , Yes it was on Ebay but it sold today , Sorry , Its my Business i am a sole trader , All it does is pays the bills , I will have to set up a link xxx

  5. The Berlin work tapestry is gorgeous, I think the worn look of it makes it even more lovely. xxx

  6. Love, love, love the jewelry. I'd try glossy finish Mod Podge and say they're for decorative purposes only. Trish in NJ

  7. Thanks for the tip , At the moment they are looking really good , The final stage ,i just hope the finishing off works out so well , I will google mod podge now xxx


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