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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I'me keeping these & health update

I buy job lots at auction for my business ,There is always something that i dont want to part with  but needs must.

But i am keeping these 

I love all the pretty floral china but to use every day its not practical because of  the guiding  you can't put it in the microwave  and i also defrost a lot of meals i have made  and soften butter so i need microwavable dinner set ,

 The whole mixed lot only cost £28 with lots of other things to sell  so i  can justify keeping this.
This Dinner set is ideal as there is no guiding and it's dishwasher proof and no matter how frugal i am i dont wash up at the sink as i break too much.

 I replaced the mirror i had in the bedroom with this gorgeous painted mirror ( Don't  worry i will sell the other mirror).

I love the glass cake stands and sold mine when i needed the money
but have regretted it since,
 so i was happy to find this one in the same lot.

Since moving house four years ago we have not touched the downstairs loo but i have been painting it over the last few weeks bit by bit and  over the wash basin was some plain white tiles,
I love the vintage patchwork tiles but can't afford them.

The other day i was in B & Q and they had this opened roll of wallpaper wich i cut the tile shapes out and glued them to the tiles and finished them off with some yatt varnish from poundland.   

I have the scan results , 
I have a kidney stone and They are not sure if the ovarian cyst i have has got any bigger ,
 When i was in my twenties i had one that eventually weighed  as much as a baby so i had to have major surgery  , I am just hoping it is not getting bigger its 6.5cm now but am not sure what it measured a few months ago when they discovered it 
 , I have had to the change the appointment for the neurologist wich will be next thursday now.   

Some more of my vintage finds.