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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Using convenience to make a stir fry

We love a stir fry but trying to make it economical without waste has been a steep learning curve .

Initially we bought fresh ingredients .
 Using half a bag of beansprouts  

 Peppers that we dont like unless cooked  that went to waste
 ( and i really dont like waste)  we only use ginger in a stir fry , so that was another waste
So eventually i came up with a stir fry that we dont waste a thing.

I use Farm Foods Frozen Stir Fry vegetables.
Ginger from the dried herbs range ( whatever range i bought in the last twelve months )
Garlic that comes in a jar from home bargains. Soya sauce that we both dont like so i have to cook two separate dishes but the soya sauce in the picture is too salty  , i will use less until its gone.

Fresh onions, Fresh chicken , pork or turkey  whatever i can get reduced.

Sorry about the picture its the steam off the food.

This week's bargains 3 cans of strawberries  at  B & M for 99p , I use these as a store cupboard standby in the winter months , Not as nice as fresh but great in a pudding 

This is one of Dave's favorite puddings.

Next week's vintage buys include lost of vintage linen including Victorian nightdresses.  


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bye Bye to my last brand

Shopping at Aldi  , I dont buy brands most of the time 
But there are a few that i have have never found an Alternative  for until now and one of them is Fairy Liquid.

I have always thought it to be more superior than all the other Brands.
 plus anything from Lidl or Aldi did not match the quality especially for soaking burnt on stuff.

Do you remember the advert about soaking cooking pots in Fairy. 

Well it was really good for that, but now  they have changed it, i am sure they have because it doesn't soak of the burnt on stuff  so well. 

I thought it was me until my sister in law was talking about being converted to Aldi and she said even fairy liquid has changed.

 so this confirmed my thinking.

There are a few things i like from Morrison's but i cannot find an Alternative to Quick jell and Blancmange

 The cherries were the start of my Christmas cake Ingredients they were only £1.00.

Today's bargain from Home Bargains 59p 

Cookery Books , Do you still use them.

Most of the time i use the internet for recipes but still have a few favourite cookbooks  , My Dog Eared Delia Smith ones are my favourite. 

Vintage cook books from jumble sales.

And collected from charity shops the collection below. 


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Free Food

We have two apple trees in the garden and this year we had fruit but it was tiny , I am not sure if its because we cut them down to move them here when we moved a couple of years ago as they are still only about three foot tall, 
Or is there something  i am not doing  that i should be.
Please let me know if you know why so i can put it right for next year.

I did use them up it was very fiddly but i persevered.
They made four apple pies one we had for tea on Sunday.

 This year i   asked the neighbour that backs on to our garden if i could use the apples that are on the  back of her tree 
I can see them from my garden,
 Last year i watched them all rot , lovley cookers it was such a shame 
So i asked and she said with pleasure.

 This is my haul.

Yet to be used , I will make some apple cakes and puddings.

Our daughter had a parcel of  muscle food but she didn't want the diced beef , It was beautiful so tender , I will be having a look at 
there range next time i need meat. 

I did take a photo of the finished stew using all the ingredients in my store cupboard and fridge but i deleted it by mistake. Its very rare we get  free food but it makes a nice change.

A few more vintage finds.

 A hand made vintage blanket and a strange accessory

Some vintage plates made in to cake stands.

A collection of vintage sewing threads.