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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Using convenience to make a stir fry

We love a stir fry but trying to make it economical without waste has been a steep learning curve .

Initially we bought fresh ingredients .
 Using half a bag of beansprouts  

 Peppers that we dont like unless cooked  that went to waste
 ( and i really dont like waste)  we only use ginger in a stir fry , so that was another waste
So eventually i came up with a stir fry that we dont waste a thing.

I use Farm Foods Frozen Stir Fry vegetables.
Ginger from the dried herbs range ( whatever range i bought in the last twelve months )
Garlic that comes in a jar from home bargains. Soya sauce that we both dont like so i have to cook two separate dishes but the soya sauce in the picture is too salty  , i will use less until its gone.

Fresh onions, Fresh chicken , pork or turkey  whatever i can get reduced.

Sorry about the picture its the steam off the food.

This week's bargains 3 cans of strawberries  at  B & M for 99p , I use these as a store cupboard standby in the winter months , Not as nice as fresh but great in a pudding 

This is one of Dave's favorite puddings.

Next week's vintage buys include lost of vintage linen including Victorian nightdresses.  



  1. You can freeze root ginger and then grate as much as you need from frozen, including the skin.

    1. Hello Attila , Thanks for reminding me , I did know you can freeze ginger i have done it lots of times in the past but its one of those things that i literally forgot about , I blame it on an getting older xxx

  2. Can't wait for next week!!!! xxxxxx

  3. Looks like a great stir fry and what a bargain price for the stir fry veg. I got some of the strawberries they are great in a trifle. Take care.

    1. It was thanks , Out of that packet of stir fry veg we get three stir frys to , So its cheaper than fresh xxx

  4. Hi Shabby

    I keep stem ginger in syrup or crystallised ginger and use both sorts in stir fries as well as some of the syrup as well as in baking. I very rarely buy fresh ginger. I usually do a stir fry once a week utilising, noodles, rice, any suitable left over veggies it doesn't matter what goes in, egg fried rice. It very much is a bung it in recipe - I usually do with chicken portions chopped into cubes but vary it from time to time. Its a good way of using up leftovers which otherwise get chucked but I also keep peppers, leeks and pea in the freezer so a little of those go in as well. With some of the syrup and the stock that cooks out of the veggies you get a bit of a sauce anyway but you can always add a jar of sweet and sour sauce mix - I always add tinned pineapple as well. Hope you are keeping well.




thank you for your message , Shabby