Sunday 26 January 2020

Frugal january

I have been using everything we have this month and still have lots more food in the freezer i am going to see just how long i can make it last , not because we have too but because there are quite a few things i want to get done this year , I want to makeover the front garden, New kitchen at a bargain price and a new cooker. so any money saved will go towards all this.

Yesterday i picked up three pastry flan cases from the co op 10p each , They were a month out of date but i figured they are only flour , fat and sugar so guessed they would be ok ,I made custard with old fashioned custard powder , I just made it a bit thicker than normal , then topped it off with tinned peaches , I don't normally buy convenience foods  unless they save me money. It tastes lovely too.

 But i wouldn't be without my store cupboards , we are not within walking distance of shops and that together with health issues sometimes prevent us going out .

This is just one cupboard.

This is what i made from my cupboards this month.

I made all this from store cupboard last year too  

  Some more bargains this week , The chocolate was out of date too but i used that same decision to buy it as the pastry cases that sugar is a preservative 

 The Art Deco Mirror was £2.00 at a jumble sale last week. 

The sign was £2.00 at a local bric a brac market its not original but i don't mind i love it  and its fits well with my other signs in the kitchen.

So this got me in the mood for rearranging the shelves in the living room 

Then i have been overwintering my begonias with this frame i knocked together out of scrap wood.



  1. Hi Eileen it's surprising what you can rustle up from the cupboards, I am going to have a few months now where I stop buying and start using what I have, I will look forward to reading about your frugal months ahead and what you

  2. Good to see you're blogging again - I enjoy seeing your bargain buys - the mirror and sign are great finds. Your baking looks incredible and very edible too! Hope you have a better year ahead, Vicki

  3. I too am a great fan of the store cupboard and often make meals from it. You made some tasty looking food, the peach/custard flan looked delicious and such a great idea to use tinned peaches. Love the new sign for the kitchen another great bargain.

  4. I love your vintage styled kitchen shelves. Some very frugal measures being taken in your household. Well done.

  5. I am so glad that you are back. I don't follow any blogs, just drop in as the mood takes me and I have missed your posts. I hope you have a better year. X


thank you for your message , Shabby