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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Just a quick one

Hello , This post is just to tell you about the co op meal deal offer  , If you did not already know about it , The Christmas meal deal on the frozen section that was £10 has now been reduced to £5.00 we have three stores within 5 mins of our house (well four actually ) we had to drive past two to a hospital appointment but the third one had them , They had run out of some of the items and there are two substitutes in here , Don't be afraid to ask as it was still showing £10 on the cabinet and at first the manager said we dont have it all so i asked if there wre substitutes and she was very happy to do it for me.  

I prefer fresh but at these prices i choose not to be fussy , There two meal deals in this photograph all this cost £10 , Now i definitely don't have any room in the freezer and have enough food to lat at least two months.