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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I am working on a plan

This week has been an experience and a half , For about 12 months now i have been at a dilemma.
 Am i fit enough to branch out with my self employment.
 Can i get enough  stock to supply 

What cemented the decision was an experience i had this week  , waiting for a vacant market stall after the regulars set up their stalls.
 the vacant ones are let to people like me who are waiting for an available stall on a casual basis 

 So for some reason it's very busy,
 A new fruit and veg man has 5 stalls , the rest of the long termers .let me know this is what we need here.

 The market has been flagging for years now.

 This man with his five stalls selling fruit and veg that i would not touch with a barge pole.
Near to the turn.
But apparently that's what people want and it's working .

 It's bringing people to the market.

Anyway what happened tuesday was i was allocated a stall. 

I said there is nowhere to hang my clothes.
 So he takes me to another stall.
 The stall holder next to it has spread his stuff out over the stall and the market manager asks him  to remove it. 

He did but then  put up a tarpaline so i couldn't hang my stock on the bars.

  The stall next door said , I've been here 30 years you are not hanging stuff on the the rail between us , 

This market has been trying to let the stalls for years, now i understand why.

The third attempt at getting another stall had the same reply from another trader, we have been here for years you can't hang stuff on this middle rail ,

 So i was finally allocated a stall  with no  hanging space and i was really upset . Thinking i am going to be in so much pain tonight dragging my trolley full of stuff around but 
i persevered and hung all my clothes from every available space.

 I did not do to bad and i have been thinking ,
Although the stall has no hanging space i can draw off my experience of turning 5 charity shops around in to profit in my past and think what i could do to achieve the same result.
My customer service skills are second to none , That's one thing i can draw on
 A Quality product even though it's second hand ,
 No stained  pulled garments.

 I have lots of ideas that need to be pulled out from the depth of my mind. 

The thing is the stall that i was allocated was very filled in compared to other stalls a back board to protect the wind from blowing through the railings.
 Some perspex in between the two stalls to prevent wind blowing through , I could add some thermal  curtains to the top half to make sure i was warm as i possible could be.

So what do i do do i try it and see if i can make a better living. The decision will lie in if i can get the stall on a regular basis and how much time will i be allowed off if i am not well 

 Decisions , Decisions, Decisions . I will keep you informed of what i decide. 

Just a couple of vintage finds this week .



  1. So sad to read you were is so hard to know what the future holds for health and it must be a hard decision xxx

  2. It is difficult to make some decisions and stepping into the unknown is hard. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. Xxx

  3. Wishing you all the very very best sweetie :) x

  4. Any chance you have a friend/relative for backup? It sounds like you could do very well if you had regular space. Sounds like we in America call"good old boys club." The other stalls pushing their years ahead of yours as if more important. Good luck with your decision.

    1. I have thought of that , I might be able to come up with somebody , Like the good old boys club name though xxx

  5. It is hard to know what to do isn't it,good luck with it all x

  6. What a nightmare. I'm not surprised you were reduced to tears with horrible selfish traders like that. I can understand the fruit & veg man having loads of space as he does bring the trade in (and, if you use his produce for juicing, soups and curries it's perfectly okay) but the attitude of the others is atrocious.
    Have you looked at the availability on Walsall market for a Wednesday or Great Bridge's indoor market on a Friday? We used to do well when we rented space in a collector's centre and paid a percentage of the takings when the fair season was slow but I don't know anywhere local.
    Love the finds especially the tea cosy and the pinny. xxx

    1. There is a shop in bilston that is renting out cabinets in a pretty new Antiques shop past the beacon centre for the blind , They were advertising for renters might check it out xxx

  7. What a horrible experience for you, I hope you find a solution and don't let this put you off. Love the pinny by the way and my beautiful gloves which I've been meaning to message you about! xx

  8. Thanks tracey . I am really glad you are happy with the gloves i was going to ask you xxx


thank you for your message , Shabby