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Friday, 23 October 2015

Frugal Bedroom

This post is the result of a comment from about our wardrobe in the background of my last post, Some people might have seen this before  but we have updated the bedroom with some wallpaper so i thought i might do a breakdown of the cost to prove you dont need to spend a fourtune by using what you already have or buy from car boot and jumble sales. 
you dont have to go without to have a nice home , I love all the pale colours of painted shabby chic furniture and the the very pretty pink , whites and pastel colour interioours but Trends Date so quick so i prefer to create an indavidual to me look that hopefully wont date , To be honest if it does i don't care f it does  anyway as i have never been a trend follower 

Sorry about the blurry photos the light in our bedroom this time of year is either to dark or to light.

The Bedroom.

The Wardrobes are our daughters wardrobes that dave made years ago, we bought with us from our old house.
 Originally they were stained pine but i wanted something different 

The red paint was reduced at Aldi a couple of years ago to 99p.

 I always buy a stock of paint if i see it reduced dramatically anywhere as it always comes in.

We just bought one roll of wallpaper to paper the doors and give  them a unique look.

I love bold florals and this paper on the walls  was only £7.99 from the range.

Our friend mel gave us the bed and Dave made the frame for the Embroidery and the pair  chest of drawers years ago too so we didnt buy new just used what we have .

The curtain rail is not high enough it needs to be moved.
feather eiderdown bought from a cornwall charity shop for £5.00 about 5 years ago.

 Mirror Jumble sale £2.00.
Suitcases the black one was my first ever jumble sale purchase over 20 years ago  20p , The green ones 50p each jumble sale.

Dressing Table freecycle, Painted with match pots ,Jug and bowl car boot £5.00 , brush set £4.00 car boot , tray £1.00 car boot, Frames and pictures on the wall £1-5, 
My friend mel gave me the mirror wich i love .
Stool charity shop £5.00 recovered with a fabric remnant. 

Crochet mats 20p each jumble sale.

The lamp i have had about 10 years there are bits missing of it but i still love it.
 Shade 20p Jumble sale. 

Old bears 20p each Jumble sales .
I made the cushion out of fabric scraps.
The chair also came from a jumble for £1.00.

Set of jugs £5.00 charity shop.

Art deco vase £1.00 car boot.

Both the jug and the vintage soaps jumble sale £1.00 each.

Vintage sheets . pillowcases all from jumble sales boiled at 90 degrees .Nothing cost more than £1.00

Laura Ashley quilt a present from our daughter a couple of christmases ago

This frame on this  mirror was broken so i glued some plastic roses off an old bracelet on to the frame and sprayed it gold  , It got broke in transit from our old house in the move it was originally my mother in Laws. 




  1. Not following trends means a home you love! I like being in homes that reflect the people that live there-not show rooms. What a retreat at the end of day.

  2. Thank you for the mention. I do so love the wardrobe you have certainly done a great job on it. Your vintage bedlinen is a real delight and at bargain prices, stunning. A beautiful bedroom.

    1. Its a pleasure ,Glad you like the wardrobe and the bedlinen xxx

  3. Me and the lady in front of me in the jumble queue were discussing the same subject. Buying what you can afford second hand means you can create a unique home that reflects your personality and if it doesn't look right you haven't paid a fortune.
    Your bedroom looks warm, cosy and inviting! xxx

  4. Thanks vix , I love it and i think that's the most important thing , If you love it yourself xxx

  5. Hi Shabby love the new wallpaper certainly ties in everything together nicely. I prefer where I can to relove something and giving it a home. There is something satisfying in using something that has not cost the earth. Although I must say your prices are far cheaper than around here. I have managed to find some lovely pieces over the years and really I am itching to rehome some more items I just do not have the space at the moment. I have collected old cotton bedlinen ever since my aunt gave me a hand worked pulled thread cotton eiderdown (summer one) many years ago. In fact I am even now stockpiling cotton coloured sheets not for the beds but to use as backing for some quilts I have planned (amongst all the crochet blankets I currently have on the go). I like individuality and I certainly think your room is very charming. You do not have to have loads of money to create an individual home just a good eye and you certainly have that.

    Take care - lovely to have you back.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)


  6. Hello Tricia , I dont think you can beat old linen , with a boil wash its as good as new , I wish i could crochet .although i am taking up knitting again , Its early stages yet , we will se how it goes , Glad you like the bedroom xxx

  7. Stop in from Vixen. I went to two of our local thrift stores and picked up a few items. This time it was all crafts items
    But I never heard of Jumble sale.
    If you find the time stop on by for some coffee

    1. Glad you popped by , Jumble sales are getting fewer though now, but they can be manic with lots of elbows in your face still the prices make it worth it , Will pop by when i have 5 xxx

  8. Just beautiful...I loved every picture ....I always love looking at bedrooms filled with vintage goodies xxx

    1. Glad you like it meg ,I get so much pleasure from sourcing things this way , I dont like normal shopping anymore xxx

  9. It looks lovely and cosy and very homely. A brilliant round up of your bargain buys. It needn't cost a lot to make a house a home as you have proved so wonderfully here,

    I always feel so sorry for folk that see an image in a magazine that they like and then rush out and chuck money at things to get it for themselves, you have just proved that a little bit of time and not much cash can give you a room to be proud of.

  10. Thanks sue , I dont get a thrill anymore by seeing home stuff in high st stores simply because of the cost and the fact that you can go in to a few homes and see the same things , This is one way of getting a really individual look xxx

  11. Most of my belongings are from charity shops and given to me. Looking at your bedroom it just goes to show what a beautiful environment you can create using items bought at charity stores and jumble sakes.

    1. Thank You Leisha , I much prefer to buy second hand than new , Even if i could afford to buy all new i would still buy from jumble sales and car boots as you create a very individual look xxx

  12. Saw you post on Frugal Queen's blog and came over for a gander. Looks beautiful!


thank you for your message , Shabby