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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Forward planning

Do you forward plan to save you money or do you wait until the last minute hoping  to grab a bargain.
I dont just mean for christmas , I mean in in everyday life.
It can  be hard if you have not got much disposable income but with forward planning i  stretch  our money just a little bit further.

Here are just three examples.

I colour my hair with a little help as i dont like wasting money at the hairdressers, especially when i have not been not  100% happy in the past.

 All i do is have a dry cut twice a year wich costs around £12.00.
  I have tried cheap hair colours before but have been disappointed at the grey coverage , I will never be truly frugal with my hair and let it go grey as it makes me look older than i am.

Anyway we went to B & M last week and i always pop in to Bargain Buys wich is on the same car park and they had nutrisee hair colours £1.49 , Normally they have the odd shades.
 Never the shade i require ,wich is a beige blonde but on this  occasion they did so i thought i would give it a try.
 It was the foam one that they introduced quite recently.
 Retailing in the stores some time back for between five and six pound , I think they have discontinued it because of the foam aspect so i was i little wary, but to be honest i prefer the method there is less spills ,its more controllable and great grey coverage as i have two stubborn areas around my temples and the coverage in that are is very good ,

So today forward planning i bought six this should last me a year with a saving of at least £21.00.

Last christmas i purchased a christmas wreath from Morrison's as i dont have holy or ivy plant to make my own any more .
It was cheaper than buying a nice Faux one, It was £6.00.

 So i did an experiment and hung it on the back of the door in the shed to see if it would dry out and its not to bad.
 What do you think , I will add some more ribbons from my stash.

The other thing i did was make a batch of pizza dough.

 I already have the tomato topping in portions in the freezer wich is made out of tomatoes going wrinkly( i never waste a tomato)
So with  cheese and some tinned pineapple from Morrison's (28p) that i always have in my store cupboard , I made enough for eight one person size pizzas using the dough hook on my mixer.

 we had two for saturdays tea and froze the rest of the  uncooked dough in portions.


  1. Great find with the hair dye.
    The wreath has dried beautifully, bet it would look gorgeous with some berries threaded through it. xxx

  2. I might try the berries a bit nearer christmas , That's if there are any left after the birds have left them alone lol xxx

  3. You found my shade and brand. I guess the airfare to the UK would cancel out the savings though!

  4. I love it when I get a bargain, that was a good score with the hair dye.

    1. I am constantly on the look out to beat prices i already pay xxx


thank you for your message , Shabby