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Friday, 21 November 2014

what happened last Weekend And a bargain update.

 Last Saturday was our daughters 30th birthday so she decided to look in to some where to visit that we have never been before.
As we don't go out much and don't spend much time with our daughter as she is very busy with a heavy work load. we were really looking forward to it.
We cant handle the walking   with pains in our hips knees etc (I could go on but i dont want to bore you with our health issues ).
 So we looked for somewhere that had seating dotted around and researched Bath we found it had lots of benches around the City that enabled us to walk a bit , sit a bit etc, 
That's how we did it and when she and hubby visited the baths ( £13.50 per person) , we declined and sat about, People watching , There were some interesting characters , Some good buskers amongst them.  Then we had lunch,  we hardly ever eat out , The last time was on on holiday in September , Then i cant remember the time before that as We find it all over priced and to be honest most of the time not as good as home cooking, But We treated our daughter or her birthday , we chose a place called, The slug and lettuce ( I know dont say it ) Me and Dave had cottage pie , our daughter and hubby  had  some home made burger thing served on a chopping board , what's the matter with plates lol.
My pet hate is when they serve the shepherds pie or lasagne  in one of those  shallow ceramic dishes that the food never cools down and guess what , Yes it was served in one of those dishes ,Burnt my tongue.
  As it was a treat we bought her a cocktail, They were buy one get one free, I had the other one  , So,  No Tramadol and wow did i regret  drinking it.
 I was in so much pain at the end of our visit,
 Anyway,the bill was £50.75 , Was it value for money , No in my frugal mind , we have better meals at home, But to have a happy day with our daughter  , its been worth it .
 On  the other hand Bath , or Barrth ,  The way they say it there ,( in the black country we say it the way its spelt) is very expensive , I would not enter any normal retail shops  .the prices on the windows put me off.
 And the charity shops OMG, £20 fo a pair of normal shoes,
 not for me thank you , I did find an embroidered bird wall hanging for £10.00 and i can see a profit in that (hopefully ). Was it worth it , Well me and Dave were flagged out on the sofa all evening , feeling Humble in our home ,  warm and sort of comfortable ,( If you Ignore the pain)
The question is , Do i want a life like those people in Bath shopping to the extreme, Not on your Nellie.  I have missed two great jumble sales today ,  I asked myself would i like to be so materialistic as a lot of people are shopping and doing lunch all the time and the answer is a definite NO.
As for bath it is very pretty Architecturally but i wish they would clean that lovely cream coloured stone that the buildings are made of , Everything looked scruffy , maybe they do it at the beginning of  the tourist season, but you would think that all the money they generate from tourists they would do it more often.

I have has some great bargains this month.

A fabulous original painting.

This is the embroidery i bought from bath.

An xxxl ladies cardigan for 50p.

Another 50p bargin , this sandwich set.

A vintage max factor set.

All the broaches below were £5.00 for the lot.

The best bargain we have had ever must be our new sofa , we needed a three seater instead of a two and one off  our old sofas , the springs had gone, I  wanted something that would wipe clean as i am very clumsy and spill things on a regular basis , We saw this sofa in our local Argos clearance, the original catalogue price was £599.00, they had it on for £219.00 , then i saw on that particular day there was a further 20% off , Even the staff didnt know , So of course i had to tell them , we now have a great sofa for less than £200 , this is just the start of  the living room.

The cabinet that mel gave us now has a new home on the landing as a linen cupboard , just starting to fill it up , in the bottom will be tins of beans bags of flour etc bought when cheap.

I have also had some more free stuff of mel , to sell , lol , that Rhymes.

This is huge , its murano glass , not my style but its a nice piece


Then these fantastic retro earnings from one of her daughters , they are massive.

Some more free stuff , I found my old boots card , I rarely use boots now but i had enough points to have these free.

The shampoo is lovely.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

goodbye to the inherited fire place

Over the last couple of years we have been slowly building a home with character out of a box of a house doing it on a penny pinching budget , using what we have , using car boot /jumble sale finds , people would say its not frugal to get rid of a functioning fireplace , better than some people have (thank you buttercup) but the fireplace is not us so we sold it on ebay and got a good price for it , this together with a minuscule budget will enable us to transform the living room with help, to feel comfortable and cosy with a little more style , so bye bye, to the fireplace and look forward to the living room transformation.

Some of my latest bargains.

All these vintage Christmas decorations for £10.00 

Two marks and Spencer cardigans for £1.00.


Monday, 27 October 2014

Frugal hall makeover

This is the only picture i took of the hall when we moved in , A really bland and characterless space, this is the under stairs area and window by the front door , We use the space now for the freezer to free up the space in the kitchen but as the freezer stuck out a little bit we could not have a door fitted and would not have paid the price either so I made some curtains .

The fabric , curtain header, and dye for the linings which i made out of old white sheets bought from jumble sales for 50p a time , Total cost was less than £25.00  I made two full door length curtains and a medium curtain for the landing window and a small one at the bottom of the stairs.

I just need some rope tie backs now , i am waiting to see them at a jumble sale for pennies.

Two cans of deep red paint and changing the door handles made a big difference , Boot sale purchases of course , the handles cost us no more than £2.00 a pair.

Then a bit of decorating with what we already had ,picked up from charity shops and boot sales over the years.

I love jug and bowls this one was only £5.00 from a boot sale, only this year. Dave made me this Cupboard 10 years ago.

This collection of  pictures all from  boot sales cost £5.00 in total.

The mirrors were no more than £5.00 each , I just need some better hooks , Any ideas where to get some from.

And i knew this mirror i  upcycled would look great on the red 

All that needs to be done now is the tidying up of the edges of the painted walls and skirting boards , we are just waiting until our daughter has time to do it for us . 
The only trouble with taking photos in a dark hall with a flash makes the red pinky but its a true pillar box red.

You see you dont need new every time just a change of paint and repositioning items can create a whole new look without spending a fortune , this cost us less than £100, We do need a new carpet but are on the look out for a bargain .


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Some B& M bargains and a little titivating in the garden.

We went to B & M yesterday for some draught excluder's for the bottom of the doors , much cheaper than anywhere else at £2.49 each , so i had a look around , I dont succumb to impulse buys but i can spot a bargain a mile off . We had only just got out of the car and my nose started to twitch , these were outside the door .

wow 99p

I gave them a haircut , seems lethal i know but they will be beautiful next yaer just you wait and see. 

While I was in the garden I rescued ( hopefully ) the begonias.

Dug them out of the hanging baskets and cut them right back , Re potted them into individual pots, gave them a feed and bought them inside for the winter , I can remember growing begonias as house plants in the 70s so hopefully they will do well 

I have re potted my peace lilly house plant too


Cut the ivy back and left it in the hanging baskets usually i replace the begonias with winter pansy's but this year as the garden is still under construction I'm not going to bother and save my money until  its finished

Then i bought some tinned mandarins from b & m too , 5 tins for £1,00 so i bought ten , you might now.

As fresh fruit is so expensive and truth being its not so fresh as its been stored for months before we buy it ,  I also got so fed up with buying apples that go soft ( I love a crisp apples ). I  have started to buy some more tinned fruit and wait until next year to hopefully have some apples of my tree.    

Morrisons Savers range have the best tasting for the price.

The pineapples are 25p each and the peaches are, ohh i forgot lol , well they are cheaper than anywhere else , i just drain the syrup from them

I have visited four jumble sales this weekend sourcing stock  and have found some beauties, I will update sometime next week. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The bathroom is finally finished

Things take a lot longer to do nowadays as we have to  rely on other people to help us when they have the time , but its finally finished.

Changing the bathroom suite or layout of the bathroom is not an option at the moment and wont be for a couple of years so we had to work with what we had. 

We used three colours to get the look on the painted wood , two were from Aldi reduced to 99p a can.

The roses pictures were from a boot sale two for £3.00 , i have some similar in my bedroom.

Ikea pine storage unit from my stock room surplus to requirements  cut down to fit behind the door jug and bowl £5.00 from a boot sale , baskets from car boot sales for £1.00 each sprayed with 99p spray paint.

Gingham shower curtains from dunellm in the sale £1.99 each.

Pine towel rail 50p from a jumble sale.

Dave made me this painted shelf unit about 5 years ago , lined with a sample of Laura Ashley wallpaper, plus boot sale finds nothing was more than £2.00, notice the Aldi night cream £1.99 and Lidl perfume £3.99. 

The bathroom cabinet was £2.00 from a boot sale, sorry about the image it couldn't be no less faltering lol.  

A quirky toilet roll holder from a boot sale for £5.00

Everything else in this room is what we already have, picked up for less than £5.00 over the years including this set of jugs. 

I topped the curtains i made earlier this year out of antique linen with some pretty fabric.

we used the original wallpaper and painted it a duck egg blue. 

Sorry wish i could take a picture of it all together but its a small room and i had to get in the bath to take some pictures, the only thing left to do is put the beading around the flooring we have to wait for our son in law to come and help, with that but i couldn't wait any longer to post about it

The before pictures.

The whole thing cost less than £100

What do you think .