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Friday, 5 February 2016

Let the projects begin

There are a lot of projects that i have been putting on the back burner for one thing or another and have now decided for various reasons to start the long list of things i want to do.  Starting with the sofa below , It fits into the room OK but after seeing the Money for Nothing program with Sarah Moore i was inspired by the patchwork sofa she did and have decided to have a go.

I love the shape of this sofa 

A doubled up duvet cover is the start bought for £1.00.
Thanks to my friend mel for Ironing out all the tiny creases with her super iron.

So far so good. 

I will keep you posted.


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Some new auction finds

Berlin work  rather worn in places on the net part, Still beautiful though.

Welsh Embroidery.

A sampler from the 1800's

This pair are one's  that i dont want to let go.

A signed miniature with piano key frame.

 This next lot are Art Nouveau silver.

Being  frugal it was grieving me that in the  last lot of Teapots I bought   were four black Victorian Teapots damaged  , I knew when i bought the lot but off set the cost with the perfect ones  it was still bugging me that i would have to discard them .
So  i am going to have a go at repairing them with some epoxy putty i bought on line and some black paint but was wondering if you have any tips on what i could use for the glaze , The only thing i can think of is  clear nail polish.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

The first jumble sales of the year

Its been cold today and i decide that i would not queue so early for the jumbles as the cold does not do me any good at all but most people had the same idea as there was only one person in front of me at both of them , Not a huge lot to find but some bits and bobs. 

Bristol Blue glass sundae dishes.

Pretty daisy tablecloth.

 Candy stripe vintage Ironing board cover.

Plastic Kitsch Barometer.

Pretty Tray cloth.

Another two finds not from the jumble sale though. This coat is from the 1950s/60s .

The last two pictures are from my aunts home they look perfect in my bedroom.  

Bambi group.

The glass dolphin candlesticks are cracked but i dont care.

Thanks Auntie Freda .


Saturday, 9 January 2016

post christmas catch up

Happy New Year to all my followers and blogging friends.
 Its been a while since my last post lots of things going on and i am looking forward to the new year for various  different reasons  but to start with here are a few of treasured finds over the last few months.

Very Downton Abbey.

Beautiful Tea pots sets. 

And of course the biscuits. 

I bought a lot of vintage jewellery at auction.

Does anyone know if these beads are Murano , They are glass.

And this stone looks interesting.

On the frugal front.
 Christmas i had a disaster with the second batch of christmas cakes  I used a food colouring that i used on the blue and white Christmas cake for my freind
 I wanted to make a pillar box red cake with bottle green trees for a traditional look. Not a salmon pink base with florescent green trees lol. I can laugh about it now.

This is what happend with the colours , It caused a great laugh amongst my family and friends , It also gave my great Aunt a laugh  when i presented her with a little one wich i always make her every year , This memory will be so special as she passed away just after christmas she was 84 .

 I was furious with Morrison though and let them know so i was really pleased when i received these vouchers.

So i stocked up with frozen veg that was on offer and some store cupboard ingredients