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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I have finally done it

Well that was easy , I have put a facebook link at the top of my blogger page  , I always put technical jobs off because i think they are going to be more difficult than expected ,
 My plan for the future is to try and build a customer base through social media , I love the market and the people  i meet but its not going to be forever as it takes me days to recover at the moment all the money i take there is going back into stock.
  Its just needs must at the moment 
 Anyway , Can i ask all my blogger fiends who are on Facebook to like my page i have just started it will be updated as often as i get new items for sale wich will be weekly ,The  more likes you get the more views you get then hopefully more sales , Can you leave me a message to say you seen this ask on my blog please so i know if its working , Thanks very much , There are some of my latest finds on there , Eileen xxxx

I am off to do some baking now. 


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Better late than never

We finished the living room completely a few months ago apart from the wall gallery that i really want but have decided for various reasons not to go ahead , The main one is we want to move to a bungalow  and have started the processes of doing that  , so here are the pictures of my completed living room complete with more comfortable ( not so low sofa) and rise and recline chair. 

All done on an extremely tight budget , Buying from jumble sales using what we have and thrifted new purchases. 

Here are some of my latest bargains.

The bedroom pictures will be here soon.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

This is what i have been up too

Getting the whole work life balance right  if very difficult if you have health issues and finding the right balance of work i can do is a nightmare , 
I sell on Ebay but its not enough to make a decent living.
 I can't hold down a proper job because of pain and the extreme physical tiredness that overwhelms me from time to time ,
plus i need to be there for Dave as i do worry about him.

So i sold  some of my household stuff i had left after moving from a bigger house three years ago a few times on a local market, It funded projects in the house but have
 now decided to take on a regular stall buying stock to sell  Second hand stock,
 one morning a week.

I have gone down the vintage fair route  but because we live in a less affluent area its hard to  get good prices for good quality vintage pieces , Its ideal to buy though.

So hence doing both , Its took a lot of organising and now i am in a routine , As long as i take rest days between i should ok 

I could do with you help in identifying the lace and embroidery on this stunning Antique bedspread.

Some more Vintage linen finds.

And some Antique boxes.

The best finds all for less than a pound.

My frugal find this week the co-op are reducing a lot of lines.

Did you know that you can blast these in the microwave with some bicarbonate of soda   covering  with water for 10 mins then leave to stand for 45 mins before transferring to your casserole if you forget to soak them overnight.   

Please message me if you can identify the lace and embroidery i would be very grateful.


Monday, 20 June 2016

Frugal things i did today.

I take being frugal for granted and thought about what i do on a daily basis to be as frugal as i possibly  can.

This was just this mornings frugality.

I bought a large tin of roe last week that cost about £2.20, I cut it into portions two for Dave and one for me , It made 12 portions , Thats four meals to serve with chips or potatoes and mushy peas. So i fetched  this out of the freezer today.

My gardening gloves have  got extremely grubby with the on going gardening job  so i washed them instead of buying some more even though they are waterproof.

I bought butter from farmfoods  for 59p each.

I bought night cream from Aldi £1.69 , I can see a difference when i stop using it for any reason.

I bought some reduced toothpaste from wilkinson just 68p and 75p , The sensitive is a really good  buy as Dave has to use this.

All the shops i visited were in the same town too so there was no driving about to save money.

And i complained to Procter & Gamble about not being happy about not being able to get the last bit of fairy out of the bottle as you cant get the top off the bottle.
 So they are sending me a voucher.

I have had to have my repeat blood tests done today , The nurse told me that my  ESR was 93 and the normal levels were supposed to be around 20 so i am a bit worried , Should know this week if its got any higher and what the plan will be if any.


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lots of gardening & Vintage finds

I was getting really fed up with not being able to do my garden myself so i hit upon a plan , I didnt know if it would work but i had nothing to loose, 
We can't afford to have somebody else dig the garden, the quotes coming in to level tellie tubbie  land were £500, money we have haven't  got ,
 My plan was to try and get my back strong so i could do the levelling myself slowly but surely , So,
 Also slowly  but surely i stared to do yoga just starting off at 10 mins a day , Not complicated moves just beginners yoga and now have built  up to 40 mins 5 times a week , 
The effect on my back is fantastic my core muscles are a lot stronger and i plan to continue,
  As now bit by bit i am levelling my garden
Be it on my knees but its happening ,half an hour to an hour a day some days it drains my energy with my other health issues but i rest for a few days then get back to it  .
 I still have to have my repeat bloods done next week
Fingers crossed they will be ok .

This is the reason i have been absent from blogging. 
This part of the Garden I am digging the vegetation up to the wall at the back .
The sod has been stored as future compost at the back of the shed .
Then next will be the lawn so that i can completely level both of the areas together , The area  in the picture below will be a gravel area hopefully with some raised beds so i can start a vegetable garden next year.

My bargain plants are coming along niceley.

The Apple Trees we bought with us should be fully grown in two years now.

And the jasmine is as beautiful as ever.

I am growing some vegetables, Tomatoes ,Beans, Courgettes and Potatoes.

The potatoes are in shopping bags behind the shed.

And my hanging baskets are coming along lovley on the shed .

Slowly but surely i will have the garden of my dreams.

Vintage Finds

I have been buying some more pretty linen and pictures  for my businesses.

The living room and bedroom are still being added to bit by bit so there are no updates as yet.