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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thank god for kitchen gadgets & bargain update

I love my kitchen gadgets to be precise my mixer and bread machine , If i did not have these gadgets i would not be able to do half the baking i love to do because of not having  the strenght to knead or mix , Although it doesn't stop me from burning myself on the oven or slipping on the floor on the amount of things i drop , One of these days i will take a picture of my floor when i have finished a meal , Its diabolical.
Anyway i have the appointment dates now its this month so i might have some idea what's causing  everything soon  . 

This is what i made yesterday with my mixer.

I needed a Swiss roll for the trifle and forgot it when i went to Aldi , I haven't made one since i was at high school , It needed to be thicker i could have done with double the mixture but it will do to be cut up in a trifle ,Its delicious and very easy o do with a mixer.  

Chelsea buns , Just needing a  Drizzle of icing .

This weeks bargains.

1960 S /70 S vintage curtains new unused

Liberty style vintage curtains £2.49

And more of the job lot of vintage linen.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Garden update

One dream i have always had is to be as self sufficient as possible and when we moved here the garden was ( and still is ) a blank canvas. 
So my plans for a vegetable garden would have been ideal for this garden but health issues put paid to that because i physically cannot maintain it.
 So for the time being until i can afford to have some raised seat high beds made I've  decided to try planting shrubs and any low maintenance plants i can get my hands on with my very low budget.
 Here are some photos of what i have done so far.

My £4.00 garden statue will look even better when the bamboo behind it towers above it an drapes over it , The three small plants are a white daisy type plant that i grew from seed last year.

Remember the £2.00 clematis i got reduced from B & Q, This
 is one of them just starting to flower.

This is another one.

The Apple trees are settling in nicely.

The fence between us and next door is only a small one i am used to having six foot fencing and although or neighbours are the best we have ever had I do sometimes feel like i am in a gold fish bowl.
 I could never offend them by asking if we could put up taller fencing, So with my birthday money last year I bought these  dogwood plants of ebay they were four foot, I want them to grow to 6-8ft and i will plant some other tall shrubs for a sort of privacy screen.

This budlia will be one of them and its coming along nicely , The bed has now been weeded and Aldi have some bark that is only £1.99 so i will try and keep the weeds down with that.

This ground cover is spreading lovely too.

This climber i bought with us from our old house , It never liked it there but it's thrived here and is spreading nicely , The problem is i dont know what it is , I did buy a lot of climbers & clematis when i lived there but it has been here two years and has never flowered , Do any of you garden experts out there know what it is please.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Happy Days

Some good news to share at the moment , Our daughter  has for the last two years been going through a lot of stress teaching at the school she stared at when she completed her teacher training 7 years ago.
 In the last two years we have seen her go from the very beautiful and bubbly person she is, in to a constant worrier working until 10 pm most nights and half of her weekend and school holidays .
The school she was at was outstanding , she herself being an outstanding teacher has got high standards and does it for the right reasons because of the children  , They all love her and as she taught most of them for years She developed a  strong bond and did not initially want to leave because of the students , She got upset every time she thought about it  and unfortunately got to a point when she said, Is it teaching or is it the constant unnecessary pressure the head put on the teachers there by having more than the law states  checks on anything and everything that they have to do , 
Don't get me wrong there are some bad teachers out there who need regular monitoring  but she isn't one of them she had 97% pass rate in her last exam results.

 The good news after a lot of tears and hard work   she has now left that school and  is in another job at another outstanding school wich she now says  its not teaching , It was the school.
 I am now seeing our beautiful bubbly daughter back to normal enjoying her job  and having time for herself.
Yesterday she said to me I have had a well done today from the head teacher after two weeks of working there , The old head teacher said well done twice in 7 years , Its amazing what a little gratitude does .
 So we no longer have or daughter ringing us up every night   in tears or near to tears , having the confidence knocked out of her , She is so happy at the moment , So that makes me and her dad happy too.  

Felling , Very, Very ,Happy.

I have been having a clear out and have listed a few things on free cycle but i was rather alarmed when i posted a food processor on there today, it was posted at 2.42 by the moderator and at 2.42 i had a request for it , Now is this the reason that when i see anything of free cycle that i ask for its always gone, surely this is suspicious 

Just a few bargain updates at the moment.
 I bought a pair of white sheets at a jumble , Old fashioned white sheets , I always use white cotton sheets and mine were going a grey colour ,   They were £2.00 , I put them on a boil wash , They were clean but i like to do this with bedding , Then i went to the cats protection and bought a duvet cover and pillowcase set for £2.99 , Total bed makeover £4.99 , I love crisp white sheets. 

Linen bargains from my last jumble sale.

And from two car boot sales

Nothing cost more than £5.00


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

More Tests and bargain update

Yesterday i went to see yet another neurologist , Now i have to have a CT scan and A nerve conduction test , One of these days i will get sorted out , Anyway lets show you some pretty things this always cheers me up.

Especially if they are filled with £3.00 flowers from lidl , That last two weeks.

This burleigh ware Milk churn , Its huge for 50p.

I love these vibrant hand painted plates.

A milking stool . Look at the patina on that.

A large brown Betty tea pot £3.00

A Rev Robe suitcase £5.00

And some sparkly bits of silver plated wear that are now popular again thanks to Downton Abbey. 


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Some of my favourite things

I love vintage as you've probably gathered , I have done for years even before it became fashionable , I have collected some pretty pieces over time but one of my favourite things are jugs , Especially sets of three , Which i have three of them , I  have picked them up over the years and a few single jugs that are dotted around the house  , I also love mirrors , Antique linen and roses in any shape or form. Sorry for the lack of blog posts on frugality, health issues are a pain at the moment without going in to detail.

This set of three came from a Hampshire charity shop 5 years ago. 

Another set from Cornwall  charity shop four years ago 

I love this mini chest of draws 

Roses  , Roses, Roses.

And more roses.

Mirrors Galore. 

And romantic pictures. 

One a last note we bought this bunch of hyacinth from Aldi , last week , they smell beautiful , You dont need any air freshener with these.

Yet another jug.


What are your favourite vintage home finds. 

And suitcases. 

And for Meg , Its the black and gold one , Its made out of a very rigid material that i think might be wood.