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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

More Tests and bargain update

Yesterday i went to see yet another neurologist , Now i have to have a CT scan and A nerve conduction test , One of these days i will get sorted out , Anyway lets show you some pretty things this always cheers me up.

Especially if they are filled with £3.00 flowers from lidl , That last two weeks.

This burleigh ware Milk churn , Its huge for 50p.

I love these vibrant hand painted plates.

A milking stool . Look at the patina on that.

A large brown Betty tea pot £3.00

A Rev Robe suitcase £5.00

And some sparkly bits of silver plated wear that are now popular again thanks to Downton Abbey. 


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Some of my favourite things

I love vintage as you've probably gathered , I have done for years even before it became fashionable , I have collected some pretty pieces over time but one of my favourite things are jugs , Especially sets of three , Which i have three of them , I  have picked them up over the years and a few single jugs that are dotted around the house  , I also love mirrors , Antique linen and roses in any shape or form. Sorry for the lack of blog posts on frugality, health issues are a pain at the moment without going in to detail.

This set of three came from a Hampshire charity shop 5 years ago. 

Another set from Cornwall  charity shop four years ago 

I love this mini chest of draws 

Roses  , Roses, Roses.

And more roses.

Mirrors Galore. 

And romantic pictures. 

One a last note we bought this bunch of hyacinth from Aldi , last week , they smell beautiful , You dont need any air freshener with these.

Yet another jug.


What are your favourite vintage home finds. 

And suitcases. 

And for Meg , Its the black and gold one , Its made out of a very rigid material that i think might be wood. 


Friday, 27 March 2015

Frugal fashion & more bargains

I will be honest i am not much of a follower of fashion , i prefer to create my own style from jumble sales and charity shops but on the odd occasion when i need some advice on where to get something for a special occasion  a present or bras that fit and footwear that is stylish and comfortable i turn to , she introduced me to simply be a few years ago where i can actually get bras in my size and shoes that are comfortable  and stylish , Plus if i need a present for our daughter i only have to ask and she comes up with ideas and sometimes voucher deals that i have missed , She is a working mom with a lovely little boy called Joe and a talented journalist  , she also loves charity shopping and did an article in July regarding the program this old thing and her charity shop buys, she is also on instragram,  something i am hoping to to do myself with the help of our daughter in  Easter break she has , She keeps saying, mom, Its easy but i dont think anything to do with computers is easy.

Just an update on the health issue another neurology appointment is looming as now the top of my left foot is completely numb and has been for three months now and i am getting more and more clumsy as the months go buy .

On the plus size, lol , side , you can tell i am plus size , its always on my mind  here are some nice finds this month.

A really nice weathered godless for the garden. 

A job lot of vintage knitting patterns , Don't worry Lorraine i will post yours its in my bag with a stamp on , I just need to get it in the post box lol. 

This bust looks so good in my hall its a wrench to part with it

A 1950s pvc Ottoman , This cost £3.00 

An Italian shabby chic tray.   

some more of the linen bought at Auction.

On the frugal food front does anyone still do Sunday tea , Or high tea as its now fashionably called , Trifle cake and salmon sandwiches for less than a fiver, Cant be bad.

Tomorrow i am off to a jumble that proved to be a good one last time i went , fingers crossed , Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Frugal gadgets are they worth buying

You know i am so happy with my mixer our daughter bought  us even if you have to buy one for bread based baking alone its worth buying one, You dont even have to buy an expensive one as long as its got a bread hook it will be perfect.
 Having problems with the way my arms work 50% of the time i would not  be able to produce buns or sponges as i cant beat or mix , Using Delia smiths one stage sponge recipe and any bun one that i can just bung in together with the mixer makes it possible.
 This plus my bread machine enable us to be as frugal as possible , I made these Chelsea buns this weekend .  There was 10 , this is all that's left.

Tonight's Meal is made from leftovers , There was some, shepherds pie left over so i scraped the potato of the top and as you know i save my pastry scraps , I made three pasty's , Two were for tonight meal with chips and some instant gravy.

Morrison's Savers Gravy Granules 20p .

Today i met a lovely person called Louisa, She advertised some cardboard boxes and bubble warp on a free site , I need lots and lots for my small business and she gave me about 40 boxes and around £20 worth of bubble warp as she has just moved house  , She has two beautiful children which she  has self taught  , I admire her so much , But apart from that i have met a fellow frugal person , She hunts for bargains at closing time in the supermarket and freezes her leftovers like me , You see there are lots of us out there 

This week i bought some stuff from auction , I am trying to source stock from alternative places to see if it pays off , I am a bit disappointed to say  the least i left bids on stuff from Biddle & Webb in Birmingham , I bid on a tea set asking that it would be chip and crack free to make the bid , It wasn't.
The linen i bought was a different matter , 
It was beautiful i wanted to keep the lot , Here are a few of the finds from the lot.

  Huge embroidered table cloth.

I have three of these. 

Stunning Embroidery.

Indian , vix ?

Two of these bouquet panels  

I am hoping its worth the extra expense and effort.