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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

When you just have to have some help.

I kept trying to have ago a few feet at a time every time i had a couple of hours digging  and then was really ill for days at a time having had  the good news that i do not have MS has been dampened with the frustration of still having all the symptoms with no explanation , severe fatigue landing me on the sofa for a few days at a time was really frustrating , with pains in my , hips arms and calves , each side mirroring the other so off i went back to my doctor , I saw another doctor this time who ordered some bloods , one of them was raised the esr one , so this new doctor after examining me said , I think you have a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica All the symptoms have been going on and getting worse for almost 5 years now , he said he didn't know why anyone else had never diagnosed it before ,    The treatment was to go on steroids for a week to see if there was any relief and there definitely is , unless it's because i have been resting , still doing lighter stuff , sewing , cooking etc but no heavy work , I have to go on them for three years now and will really have to watch what i eat having  lost another one and a half pounds at weight watchers, but long term use of steroids causes weight gain and i really can do without that , Anyway back to my help in the form of my brothers step son craig.

He is 17 , has just completed a college course for bricklaying but like lots of this country's youth today  can't get a job but he won't sign on and is doing odd jobs when he can get them , he is helping me and i am paying him a measly £10.00 per day but i need his help and  he needs the money , today he worked really hard and made a big impression in the dig over of the garden , i can do the planting and the maintaining it once the heavy work has been done , so i am one happy lady today.

I haven't done much bargain hunting lately but i am hoping with the help of the steroids i will be able too, but here are a few bargains i picked up in the last few weeks.

A pair of unused vintage crochet edged pillowcases 20p.

A job lot of English lavender £1.40. 

A set of four 1960s cushion covers.

Hoping to get back to blogging on a more regular basis now.

Coming soon , my bedroom revamp , its even better than before.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frugal leftovers for tea and Unusual find.

When i am too busy to cook i can nearly always pull a meal from the freezer and adding a few treats too.

I always make more pastry than needed and have a few small balls in there to use when i am short of time, we had a pork stew a couple of weeks ago , there was a small amount left over so i diced a large potato and boiled them until cooked, mixing it in with the stew mixture to bulk it out before freezing it.

This is what i made from , the pastry , left over stew and basics rage jam and lemon curd.

I also made 12 red jam tarts but i forgot to photograph them before i put them in the freezer.

Can you help me. 

This is puzzling me.

I found this in an old handbag i bought from a jumble sale , its not big enough for a ring as when closed it is really flat , like a compact , its plastic and only measures 4 cm high , its really sweet but puzzling.  

Monday, 24 March 2014

I have finally started the dig , a square at a time.

Its amazing what you get to talk about in a jumble sale queue , a few weeks ago i went to a jumble sale round the corner from my house and you can meet some weird characters and some nice people , but in the time i was in this queue waiting for it to open i got talking to a man that i had never met before and he gave me so much information about gardening in such a short space of time , i mentioned that i was struggling with my conscience of having to raise the funds to pay someone to dig my garden over for me as the physical strain is not at all good for me , the problem is digging up the lumpy uneven grass to create a vegetable patch , a small lawn and a courtyard cottage garden area , he said why have you got to do it all in one go , why dont you split the garden in to 3 smaller gardens and do them one section at a time , for instance the vegetable garden , just dig over a small section at a time maybe 4ft x 4ft  but do it every day you can possible do it as long as its not wet , so in my head now i am working on a much smaller project that i  will possibly be able  to manage , so two days last week i did two sections then today i had another go , i've worked it out , if i carry on like i am now by the end of april i will have finished digging it over and will be able to plant my seedlings , this is what i have done so far.

I have covered it with cardboard to stop any weeds because last year i never covered it and there were weeds all over it 
It doesn't look to bad until you see the photograph of the size of the vegetable garden i want does it.

The fence at the back is covered with moss so i need to give that a wash before i stain it , i am still happy with what i have done considering i have to do it on my hands and knees and transferring the grass to a pile in another part of the garden bit by bit , i am just taking my time i might be able to use the money to buy my flooring for the living room yet . lets just see.

I can't believe how cold its gone tonight i went out to take this photograph half an hour ago and was froze , we have a south facing garden so i was i the garden this afternoon with just a t shirt on , now i've got  a t shirt, cardigan and the heating on for an hour to take the chill off the rooms.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Butter,Butter, Pizza,Pizza.

We have two co-ops quite near to us the only thing i buy from them is wine as they usually have some nice wine at less than a fiver a bottle , I only have one bottle a week ,even on weight watchers i point for it , but i always check out the reduced section  for anything else and this week i found the butter had been reduced to 59p thats at least 40p cheaper that the cheapest i can find , imagine how chuffed i was when i got to the till and they said ohh we were about to reduce that further , we will do it for you, so i had all of this for 30p per block, i froze it all just leaving one out to bake with ,  on the day i bake i will just defrost it on the morning , so i made some minec pies for dave and some scones for me which i will freeze and have one a day as they only work out to 7 weight watchers points as there is only a small amount of butter in them.

Then i was in morrisons this week when they reduced this lot of pizzas (if you can call them that with the amount of cheese on them ) 

 I  just use them for the bases adding  some more cheese tomatoes and pineapples for me 33p a large tin from morrisons basics range that i will use for this then the rest instead of fresh fruit  Dave  likes pepperoni so i buy it from aldi and it will do 3 individual pizzas i just freeze the rest.

We went for a drive today to wellington for some charity shop shopping , normally its a really good hall and worth the drive but all i came back with was two dress patterns for 99p , to make summer dresses , that was all , i was hoping we might have a jumble tonight but there is nothing .
Tomorrow  would you believe there are two local jumble sales , there are not that many around here we have to travel a few miles to them usually but we can't go as dave has his appointment at the stroke clinic on a saturday , we couldn't believe it  was on a saturday , fingers crossed for it  xxxx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Back in control after really good news

Today i received the letter from the hospital , i have been out of my mind in the last few weeks waiting for the results of my scan which is clear apart from the degenerative spine disease that i knew i had and some problems with my neck which i deal  with on a daily basis  , not pushing myself to far , the main thing is i do not have MS  . i asked the consultant why my scan says , showing signs of MS then saying , completely the opposite how does that happen and she says its down to who reports on the scan , some radiologists are more experienced than others , this is no comfort to me with the last three weeks that i have been stressed out wondering what the future holds for me and my family , I still have health issues but they are manageable if i am careful , Anyway i can now concentrate on things to be done instead of moping about the house which is not me at all so , Look at my growing plants , there are flowers and vegetables in this lot as my garden is a blank canvas it will be expensive to fill with plants to give it the look we desire , at the moment i am trying to get together lots of stuff to  do a couple of boot sales as i cant manage the digging in the garden and it needs the grass digging up and flattening so i can start and it needs doing very quick so i can plant my plants as soon as possible

This picture does not show the extent of the lumps in the grass its like teletubbie land and its holding me back. 

This was what my old garden looked like

I want to paint the shed in a similar colour to our old shed.

Some of this weeks bargains.

1960s round cushion covers.

A job lot of yardley english lavender.

moulinex mixer. £3.00

Embroidered cushions, 50p each


Friday, 7 March 2014

Bargains & updates

Just some 50p & £1.00  jumble sale finds to show you.

I love the colour of this 1950s basket 

The bedspread has never been used its very pretty and all for a pound.

I love crinoline ladies , a steal at 50p. 

I used to have one of these beverage sets in the 70s.

Two tea pots £1.00 each.

There are at least two jumble sales this weekend that i am going to go too, i get really excited.

I have now lost another two pounds , this has made a total of seven pounds , i have earned a silver seven from weight watchers this week , its amazing how losing half a stone has inspired me to keep it up.

On the dress front , i don't know if it was trying to get it done for my nieces birthday meal or me inexperience that has made me make mistakes , it was all going well until i started the zip area , so i need to be patient and undo the back and start it again , the problem is thats easier said than done as the fabric is terrible to work with as it keeps fraying i have bought some binding for the seems for when its completely finished to tidy it up but i have to finish it first , i am going to look for soe cotton fabric for my next project and have told myself i am not allowed to start carry on with my curtains until i have finished my dress.

I Will get there in the end.

I would love a greenhouse but unfortunately at the moment we have a lot more important things to get for the house so looking around at the other frugal blogs especially   , she gave me the idea of starting plants of inside useing plastic to make germinate them quicker , so i got my son in law to move my stock shelves in front of the very sunny spare bedroom window over the weekend , then monday i planted all the seeds i have left from the last couple of years together with a few new ones from lidl , there are a combination of vegetable and flower seeds as i plan to have a veg garden and a cottage court yard type of  area , I am so full of enthusiasam  when i feel well and i really do at the moment so lets hope it continues , the garden is a blank canvas and i cant wait to show some pics of the transforation.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Just a quickie , with this weeks bargains & My Mri.

Hello ,Well i managed the tunnel (mri) yesterday because i am claustrophobic with mri scans we had to go to the queen Elizabeth in birmingham on a sunday afternoon its about 14 miles away and our local hospital is just 2 miles away , with the help of some fu fu pills, as the nurse called them and a scanner designed to help people who can't manage a normal scanner its wider and not so long , also the cages  they put on your head and neck are not so close to your face as normal ones , they told me it would take an hour , this freaked me out from the start , then when the hour was up they said they would have to give me an injection of a dye , thinking that would upset me , but i have no problem whatsoever with needles , then i had to go back in for another half an hour , so toady i have mixed emotions , feeling proud of myself for managing the hour and a half , apprehensive about the results in three weeks and because i had to stay in one position for a length of time  i am in agony today , but now  hopefully i will know one way or another soon what is causing my pain and weird symptoms. 

I visited two jumble sales this weekend and picked up some beauties , well i had to do something to keep my mind occupied.

A Nut brown rolling pin.

A pair of dorma country diary curtains.

A reproduction Antique mirror. 

A 1950s tablecloth.

And and  art deco dressing table set.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

My first weigh in and current sewing projects.

well , yesterday i had my first weigh in and i have lost 4 1/2 pound , I am really chuffed and motivated now to carry on , we have a meal out with our daughter this week to celebrate our nieces 30 th birthday, my daughter is treating me, so i am saving my 49 weekly points until  saturday this week, If anyone is struggling with their weight at the moment The scheme, if you fit the criteria is available through lots of health authorities , You don't even have to have a doctor who is participating apparently you can self refer yourself and they will see if you meet the criteria,Its actually got me more motivated than usual as i will never have a chance to get 6 months free membership again , plus the fact i have posted my weight on my blog

Anyway , I know our niece Jodie reads my blog , so Happy 30th Birthday Jodie.

 This is the pattern i am having a go at the moment , its a charity shop pattern i bought for 50p and the gorgeous green vintage fabric is by harris , it had the original label on it and it was £1.50 from a jumble sale , even with the zip it will cost less than £5.00. I am making the one with sleeves and straight skirt.


I have blogged about  making some patchwork curtains before for the living room , the problem i had is i like the idea of mixing velvet with cotton fabric but the velvet i used to try and make the velvet curtains for the living room was stretchy and it did not work well with the fabric when sewn together it was distorted so i will pick up that project again later when i am ready to tackle the living room ,That is going to be the most expensive so i am slowly building up funds, this room will probably be last because of the cost,

I did put up some new Ikea curtains that my friend bought me though.

Anyway back to the patchwork curtains , I am using a cotton velvet this time , Having lots of smaller curtains that i have purchased from jumble sales less than £10.00 for the lot ,but i had nothing big enough to cover all the windows/doors in the hall and to buy curtains to fit that match would have lots £200 at least and then that would be budget curtains.

So this is how far i have got cutting out the squares 

there are about 50 so far , large squares , i got the idea from reading, she has made some gorgeous ones, I have a long way to go yet , i usually cut out a dozen when i am waiting for the tea to cook.

Yesterday i thought if its like this tomorrow i will go and make a start in the garden , I need to because i can only do about an hour a day and i have to split this up in to two sometimes unless i take tramadol i can do a little more , most of the time on my hands and knees , this helps tremendously.

 Never mind it wont be long.