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Friday, 27 March 2015

Frugal fashion & more bargains

I will be honest i am not much of a follower of fashion , i prefer to create my own style from jumble sales and charity shops but on the odd occasion when i need some advice on where to get something for a special occasion  a present or bras that fit and footwear that is stylish and comfortable i turn to , she introduced me to simply be a few years ago where i can actually get bras in my size and shoes that are comfortable  and stylish , Plus if i need a present for our daughter i only have to ask and she comes up with ideas and sometimes voucher deals that i have missed , She is a working mom with a lovely little boy called Joe and a talented journalist  , she also loves charity shopping and did an article in July regarding the program this old thing and her charity shop buys, she is also on instragram,  something i am hoping to to do myself with the help of our daughter in  Easter break she has , She keeps saying, mom, Its easy but i dont think anything to do with computers is easy.

Just an update on the health issue another neurology appointment is looming as now the top of my left foot is completely numb and has been for three months now and i am getting more and more clumsy as the months go buy .

On the plus size, lol , side , you can tell i am plus size , its always on my mind  here are some nice finds this month.

A really nice weathered godless for the garden. 

A job lot of vintage knitting patterns , Don't worry Lorraine i will post yours its in my bag with a stamp on , I just need to get it in the post box lol. 

This bust looks so good in my hall its a wrench to part with it

A 1950s pvc Ottoman , This cost £3.00 

An Italian shabby chic tray.   

some more of the linen bought at Auction.

On the frugal food front does anyone still do Sunday tea , Or high tea as its now fashionably called , Trifle cake and salmon sandwiches for less than a fiver, Cant be bad.

Tomorrow i am off to a jumble that proved to be a good one last time i went , fingers crossed , Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Frugal gadgets are they worth buying

You know i am so happy with my mixer our daughter bought  us even if you have to buy one for bread based baking alone its worth buying one, You dont even have to buy an expensive one as long as its got a bread hook it will be perfect.
 Having problems with the way my arms work 50% of the time i would not  be able to produce buns or sponges as i cant beat or mix , Using Delia smiths one stage sponge recipe and any bun one that i can just bung in together with the mixer makes it possible.
 This plus my bread machine enable us to be as frugal as possible , I made these Chelsea buns this weekend .  There was 10 , this is all that's left.

Tonight's Meal is made from leftovers , There was some, shepherds pie left over so i scraped the potato of the top and as you know i save my pastry scraps , I made three pasty's , Two were for tonight meal with chips and some instant gravy.

Morrison's Savers Gravy Granules 20p .

Today i met a lovely person called Louisa, She advertised some cardboard boxes and bubble warp on a free site , I need lots and lots for my small business and she gave me about 40 boxes and around £20 worth of bubble warp as she has just moved house  , She has two beautiful children which she  has self taught  , I admire her so much , But apart from that i have met a fellow frugal person , She hunts for bargains at closing time in the supermarket and freezes her leftovers like me , You see there are lots of us out there 

This week i bought some stuff from auction , I am trying to source stock from alternative places to see if it pays off , I am a bit disappointed to say  the least i left bids on stuff from Biddle & Webb in Birmingham , I bid on a tea set asking that it would be chip and crack free to make the bid , It wasn't.
The linen i bought was a different matter , 
It was beautiful i wanted to keep the lot , Here are a few of the finds from the lot.

  Huge embroidered table cloth.

I have three of these. 

Stunning Embroidery.

Indian , vix ?

Two of these bouquet panels  

I am hoping its worth the extra expense and effort. 


Friday, 13 March 2015

B & Q Bargains and what do you stock up on

We are in the process at the moment of transforming my stock room to a bedroom that can be used for storing stock , What i am trying to do is just list all the stock i get, sell it in the week that i get it , I will still need stock to store for when i have  flare ups with my health but It is also working out more profitable at the moment and hopefully will stay that way too , I am having my own way in that room with painted vintage furniture & a pink and blue colour scheme , All furnished with jumble /car boot /charity shop finds , I cant wait , We made a visit to B & Q where i found two lots of paint reduced , One was £2.00, They had lots more but we dont have anything else to paint , The other one was £6.00, If they had any more of this one i would have bought more as eggshell paint is expensive. 

Isn't it good when you find something you need reduced drastically.

We also visited Tesco ,  This is the only thing i buy from there and as i had run out a week ago and have been pinching Dave's since, Tesco always seem to run out of it, So  I bought 6 of these , This is an old photo to save me taking another one, its 41p , I have yet to find a cheaper one that works , Admitted its not a pretty can but as its stored i a draw that doesn't matter.  

What do  you stock up on . Either to save money or save on fuel.

I found a job lot of sewing /knitting stuff this week , there were some great finds. Sorry i deleted the photos accidentally but included in the lot were over 100 knitting patterns ,  40 or so of crochet patterns, sewing patterns, Half a tin of buttons and buckles. Darning thread , Lots of it is vintage, The patterns i would have kept but they are mainly eighties , That's one fashion era i am not very found off .

This is what i am keeping

All the sewing threads.


I have also got 5 of these all the same , A vintage toy lamb pattern , Its to crochet , If anyone would like one please send me a message through the comments with your name and address ,I wont publish it , I will send them out to the first 5 who ask, Sorry because off  cost it has to be Uk only.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

What a great Saturday and planning ahead

In the past i have always bought things i see for gifts and store them in suitcases so that any time i am stuck for a gift i can find something in my stash , The last two years i have let this slip as i have been concentrating starting my business and getting it in to some sort of manageable routine with my health issues  , I feel i now have this balance  , So now i have started my present stash , Here are a few things i have found for very little money.

This 1950's unused Chinese Address book in original box was a mere 50p. Jumble Sale. 

A  brand new nightie still with tags 20p . Jumble sale.

But this weekend has been a good one stock wise , two pair of vintage curtains one  Sanderson William morris design , Am i the only one who has a problem reading the design name on Sanderson curtains. ( will post a picture soon ) . 

Saturday was really good weather wise so i managed to wash some of my jumble sale buys and peg them outside , we have an extremely windy garden being on a corner it makes it  very open , not very good for flowers as it blows the heads of my roses but its great for the washing , I dried two lines in one afternoon , But i will have to get some big shrubs/ small trees in around the edge to filter the wind a bit in the future to protect the plants.

My 50p outfit.

Fed up with wearing black all the time to disguise my body ,I have been on the lookout for some dresses at jumbles that i like and fit well , plus are not black , I love velvet and lace , they are two of my favourite fabrics , The dress  was 20p , The orange lace effect cardigan was 30p and the tights 10p , The necklace was a freebie from my daughter , The first pictures are of me trying to take photographs of myself wearing it , I cant get my arms up that high lol .

So i gave up and to a photo of it on the bed.

This 70s dinner set was £1.00

A couple of freebies of my daughter.


Friday, 6 March 2015

This weeks finds and using what we have again

Some things i found in the back of a draw first of all that i forgot i had .

Look at the size of these earnings , either from the 60s or eighties , the flower ones measure 6cm  across , Drag queen comes to mind.

This cobalt blue necklace could be murano , Does anyone know how to tell.

This set of three really sweet seaside pictures of children , The frames are fabulous. 

Sanderson style garden chair pads and recliners , Its amazing what you can find.

A set of two Art Dceo framed prints with original paper backing. 

A 1907s Dorothy Perkin's nightie still with its tag. 

Using what we had 

The beef i bought two large pieces off christmas we came to the end off , I made Sunday dinner out of it and  there was some left , not enough for a dinner but by cutting it small and bulking it out with vegetables it made a stew/casserole, I had some salad potatoes to use up and no fresh carrots but i had half a tin of canned in the fridge ( stored in a plastic lidded tub ) I always store tinned opened cans like this as we only ever use half a can at a time , so i put them in and some frozen peas towards the end , It was crying out for some suet free dumplings but i am trying once again trying to change my eating habits , cooking it all in the slow cooker for half a day with gravy and herbs.

It was delicious.

These are the cakes make out of the eggs that the date was up the other day , Using the chocolate chips from Aldi and Delia smiths one stage cake recipe , I find this a lot more moist than any other sponge  and use this for everything including sponge puddings , Its the matter of putting everything in to the bowl and mixing it ( i use a mixer)  literally, I substitute soft margarine for butter soften in the microwave for a better taste.  

I have two jumble sales to got to tomorow , I never get over the excitement of what i might find.