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Friday, 24 July 2015

Sainsbury's cheaper than Aldi

Sometimes its worth shopping around if you can and as last week i popped  in to the sainsbury's  near us
 for a bottle of wine for our neighbour.

He cuts our grass  for us and i like to  buy him a thank you evey now and again.

The till produced a £2.25 of £15.00 so i just had to use it , I checked there website and found the cheapest of things that we use. 
They had to be the same price as Aldi or cheaper so this is what i bought .

The lemon curd and the savoury  rice was 30p ,
We prefer the rice with stir fry's and use it with salads , 
The tinned carrots were 20p , I always have these in my store cupboards as there is only me who likes carrots so they save on waste , 
Then the wine i bought three bottles its only £4.00 an its a really nice bottle of wine,
 We have one bottle a week so this will last us  a month with the wine my friend bought me for my birthday 

Its defiantly worth a try

I was going to have to buy a new blusher as i dropped mine and broke it but me being as frugal as ever i transferred it in to a little lidded trinket box and  crushed it up , It will now last me another month or two.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

coq au frugal & titivating the bedroom again

well i had some cooked chicken a little wine that  i had not drunk (yes i know me not drink wine) 
So i fried some garlic and onions in olive oil.

Then added two rashers of streaky bacon,  I only had smoked.

Fried it until the bacon was crispy.Then lifted it out with a slotted spoon 

To sauté the carrots 

Then i placed it all in the slow cooker stirred in some cornflour dry to the mix , this  binds with the fat so that it doesn't cause lumps ,  Then  i Made  some chicken stock with half  a chicken stock cube ( Aldi are good but they tend to be salty so i use less , hence the half)

I added some marjoram, 
 some tiny baby potatoes with some tomatoes purée  a glass of red wine and some frozen peas stirring in the chicken half an hour before the end 

It was delicious and would be just as nice without the chicken for a vegetarian alternative with some other veg added. 

A bedroom update and some pictures just in case you have not seen it before.

We have added some wallpaper.

Use your vintage /Antique table cloths to dress your bed in the summer.

Vintage suitcases for storage but i have to get steps to reach them lol  

Pea green painted frecycle dressing table 

It needs repainting now as i did not varnish it.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

It was a flop

The vintage fair was a real flop , Apparently there was a 1940s vintage themed day with interactions around 6 mile away in the black country living museum 

Then another one about 20 miles away, There was hardly any foot fall and most of them that came came for the nostalgia.
  Plus the start of the summer holidays  didn't help

 Mothers that did come were not allowed to bring there pushchairs into the buildings because of the uneven floors as its an old manor house,
 so all they were doing was running after the children and  they did not have chance to look.

 on the positive side the organiser was fantastic and there was some lovely traders there

  Apparently i took more than most people as i covered the cost of my stall for the weekend and a little more.

 I had lots of compliments from people how beautiful my stock was and how beautifully it was laid out even though i had nowhere to hang the bunting and the sign i had made.
The bunting is going on the shed though something i have wanted to do for a while.

 I was really annoyed as i lost my camera wich turned up after the event tucked into one of my suitcase pockets as i had planned to take  lots of photos so here are just a few that my daughter took on her phone.

 They really did not do the stall justice.

I dont know why i have my eyes shut lol 

In the garden our daughter gave us two chairs  that we made in to a bench and painted it white it was a horrible brown , It makes a great back drop for my vintage china sets

Today i was lucky enough to find some meat reduced not dramatically but some great savings so i stocked up and some cream to go with the flan i baked this afternoon and a few spare to freeze.

Yum , Yum , going to have to stop this as i need to loose weight. 


Sunday, 12 July 2015

I have been busy

Well doesn't time fly , I really have had a lot to do , health wise things are still about the same nothing gets better but i have to try and just get on with it and work around it.

 Anyway the reason i have had a lot to do is the vintage fair i will be doing next weekend.

 I have enough stock and enough for back up if needed , Our daughter will be helping me and as we live only a few miles from the venue she can fetch more for me if needed .

This is just a fraction of it 

I have made bunting out of the stashed fabric i have bought from jumble sales that i was saving to do patchwork when i eventually decide to start that is.


My business is called  shabby chic vintage , I have a few more to do to make a banner.

Remember this cupboard my friend Mel gave me , well when we did the living room out it did not fit in the room any more so i put it on the  landing to be used as a linen cupboard for bedding and fabric but it kept depositing brown dust on my white linen so we have stained and varnished it and as i broke one of the glass doors all the lead has been taken off but i think it looks better without it.

 I just need to find an alternative to drawing pins to hold the lace on.

I have sold some of my personnel items on ebay and was trying to get a bargain for the £200 i raised but it was proving very difficult caravans were  coming in at £300 plus for September and the cheaper ones were so close to each other and then you get noise from other people. 
So i searched and searched the internet.
 And was about to give up when i found a cabin , An old one but its been refurbished  , The seller on Ebay had done it out and its the first year of letting so we got a bargain for one week of £199.oo.
 I goggled the location and its everything we want , no club  no camp site just a few cabins grouped together 40 meters apart 
A short walk to the sea and its within half an hour drive at the max of all the places we visit in Yorkshire, We love Yorkshire

 I will post about it in September.
That brings me to the reason i am saving the vouchers and points i have , this will be enough to buy all our food for the week , I have another one coming from  Morrison's for some sprouts i bought that were supposed to be button sprouts and they were huge.
 It defiantly pays to complain,So far i have £22.00 in sainsbury's points , £1.50 Tesco and £5.00 Lidl voucher.

As a family we dont buy birthday presents but our daughter and my friend do 

My friend mel gave me £40 so i will be using this towards liability insurance that i need for the vintage fair and further market events i hope to do.

Our daughter always goes to town for me and her dad even though i tell her not too ,but she did listen when i told her lidl flowers last so long so today for my birthday she bought a huge bunch of flowers.

From Lidl 

They filled three vases. 

As you can see i like my drink and my sweets 

She also made me some white chocolate covered honeycomb wich is delicious and some lace  curtains i had been after from Ikea for the spare bedroom to match the rest of the house.

I am 55 today , In my head i feel 25 ,outside i feel older than 65 lol xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Exciting times ahead & It pays to complain and praise

Getting rather fed up with Ebay at the moment with their technical glitches , fees and lack of sales so i have decided to try out a vintage fair to sell my stock.

The reason being  is we have one in july that's only a few miles away so i can do the whole weekend with the help of our daughter , we can leave the stock there overnight too so that makes it all the more easier.

I have managed to get my hands on a collection of beautiful embroiderys , They are of very large unusual size , The same person embroidered them all.

I am thinking of keeping the cushions.

Some more not so frugal buys of stock for my business

The Sconces weigh 10kg each.

Cranberry glass lamp.

Some more pretty stock

Remember how i said i liked Lidl Mascara , Well i told Lidl , They sent me a £5.00 voucher for saying so.

I also complained to Sainsbury's about a piece of beef that we purchased ,  Always buying the very large pieces when they are on offer.
 cooking it slow for hours so it falls apart then freeze it in portions.
 Cutting it as thinly as possible.

 This usually results in  around 5 meals from on average £10 joint ,working out at just £2.00 for the meat.
 Adding seasonal vegetables or frozen and Homemade yorkshire puddings brings the price of a sunday lunch at less than £5.00 for two.

The problem with this joint was about two thirds was very thick gristle so rather than take it back to the shop i emailed sainsbury's they asked for the barcode and price wich was £10.51.
Telling them it spoilt a family meal as we had our daughter and son in law over , They reimbursed me with £20 worth of points and i still have the other third that was ok to make some pasties out of , So it does pay to complain or praise.

 I have plans for both of the unexpected amounts , I will let you know in the next blog.