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Friday, 20 February 2015

Catch up Time

Well some blogs are writing about folding clothes in special ways to give more space in there cupboards , some blogs are writing about there book collections but , I physically and literally cant be bothered with streamlining my life to this extent , I cannot and physically dont have the energy to live to extremes like this,  Even though i love the blogs that are writing about issues like this  , Just coping with day to day activities at the moment is a physical pain (another neurological appointment looms) , The top of my left foot is numb , The whole of the left side of my face twitches for days then has a rest and starts again , that's without the pain in all my limbs , But i still try and make a living with my ebay sales , Not making much but enough to live on with the small amount  of tax credits to top it up so we can pay our bills , Then , a month ago i had a letter from tax credits to say they were going to do a check on me , I was a bit upset to say the least , I  work for my money , I do a bit , sit a bit , do a bit , that's how my day goes , Do they want me to be entirely dependant on handouts , I buy from boot sales and jumble sales on sell on , Can you imagine asking in the rush of a jumble for a receipt or the car booter that you get a good price for giving you a receipt when they know you want to sell it on , This is the issue i had nor receipts ,So what did i do , Well i thought Nobody is saying i am dishonest in any way , so i took photographs of all my stock , sent all my business  bank statements, I posted all my Hermes postal receipts  . In the end  i got a letter back saying that my claim was OK , but so much stress , I blame the Tv Programs about benefit claimants not wanting to work , Why should they Tar everyone with the same brush , Please forgive the rant ,I needed to get it off my chest.  

Here are some pretty finds to lighten the mood.

 All the  original clothes.

This is one i found hard to part with.

A 1950s Pedigree Doll .

I broke the frame on this , It needs glueing. 

A Duchess rosebud Tea set.

Practical but pretty.  


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Just a quickie , some great finds this week

Two vintage dolls less than £10.00 each. This one has its original clothes.

 One pedigree with a little damage.

 A stunning Antique frame.

This is in really good condition a horse  wall plaque from around the 1940s.

This mirror has the date of 1968 on its original label.

This handsome chap is from the 1940s , A marquetry panel.

These blanket lined curtains i bought from a cottage clearance , Two pairs the edges are frayed but they must have cost £100s initially , they just need the edge turning over and stitching in to place. 

A really pretty cross stitch table cloth.

This one i have really felt it hard to sell it , Its beautiful. 


Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Beautiful finds updates

I find it difficult at times to sell my vintage finds but  i have to to earn a living this lot of photographs are from my finds through november , december and january , (Wow has it been that long ) Jumble sales dont really start until february so its a good job i buy stock and stash it. 

This quilt has a small tear in it but it doesn't put me off.


This pretty little dish is an australian soapstone dish, It was 50p and it still has its original price tag and authenticity leaflet.  

This set of pearls are of such a beautiful colour and are real quality £2.19.

This set of mirrors were £5.00.

The candelabra was £1.00 

As i haven't bloged since before christmas i thought i would show you two of my christmas presents our daughter bought me, I feel so lucky.

A beautiful roberts radio and cath kidston table cloth , they go great in my kitchen.

Two things almost completing the living room.

The cushions for daves chair.

This little cupboard we bought for £5.00 , It is where my lap top lives , stressed with a couple of match pots and a new handle. It looks a lot brighter in real life for some reason is looks over exposed.

my old faithfull box has had another re cover , It was my first ever Jumble sale purchase about 2o + years ago it gets a new treatment whenever  we have new decour.  

A brilliant find for £5.00 this clock.

This is so sweet its a tiny Art deco part tea set in duck egg blue.

I have two of these books , they have over 70 historical plates between them, Ideal for framing.

A stunning framed oil painting .

Has anyone been watching Eat well for less , I can honestly say i was disgusted at the amount of money these people spent on food , I felt that strongly about it I emailed points of view and told them they should get frugal queen to do a show , Although i like greg wallis they need somebody to truly help people to save money on food,

Today i made yorkshire puddings  that work out at   less than 50p for 6 large ones , you could use less deep pans and make 12 out of the same mixture , The beef i bought from morrisons christmas , very large joints for around £10.00 they were on a special , I cooked them and sliced them ,This lot will make three meals this week , A beef dinner , stew and 2  meat and potato pasties working out less than £1.00 per meal.