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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bargain updates

Well at the moment I am feeling some relief from the steroid injection so i've been out and about buying some great vintage finds from boot sales, Jumble sales and charity shops.

I got really exited when i saw these mats perfect for my bedroom very unusual in green & cream with great big roses , would you believe 20p each.

Patchwork quilt £5.00

A crochet linen tablecloth 50p. 

And some funky bo ho cushion covers 20p each.

We are at the moment trying to give our hall some character as we have chose red as the wall colour the plan for the patchwork curtains has been shelved , I seen a market stall on Monday that sold some great fabric for £1.00 per meter so i am going back there next week with my measurements to chose some fabric to make some curtains , we are planning to add the character with pictures and mirrors that we have collected over the last 6 months from boot sales and car boots , not one was over £5.00 , I cant wait to blog about it.

One of my favourite pictures i bought years ago.

Some of the mirrors i have bought ,  I was going to use them in the bathroom but when we finally get round to that i might have some more.

I dont know about you but as the weather changes i find it easier to be more frugal with food so today the batch baking has started again with lots of pasties.

I cant believe this time last year we had had such a beautiful day at our daughters wedding , I wish we could go through it all again as it went so fast.

Such beautiful memories.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A diagnosis at last, I think & still buying bargains.

I have been to yet another hospital appointment today and think finally that i  might have a diagnosis for my aches and pains I just need to have a few more blood tests to find out why my Esr is raised The diagnosis is fibromiyalga  , if that's how you spell it , A steroid injection promises me a new lease of life from tomorrow, I am not going to hold my breath, but it would be nice. Just to be able to bend down and not be in pain would be great, Anyway no more moaning, I might be doing a u turn on the vegetables next year as we have just eat some potatoes from the garden and Dave actually likes them.  he is such a fussy eater, so its a relief  , I was really late planting stuff because of having to have the garden dug over  and hopefully we might have some apples from our trees we bought with us next year , this year i have one lonely apple. Its because we had to cut them right back to get them in the car when we transported them.

We have lots of potatoes.

  And my beautiful white rose.

We have decided to sell some of the pictures that we dont both like to buy something we do like.
 I love this ,Dave does not.

Dave likes this , I dont.

I am selling my collection of vintage linen.

This wont fit anywhere in the plan for the hall now.

Last weeks bargains.

A gorgeous vintage radio. £5.00, car boot sale.

A beautiful pair of candelabras. 

This pair of French roses prints £3.00 , they are like the ones i have on my bedroom wall , very large ones.

This old watering can £3.00 , I want to plant this up next year.

This weekend there will be a jumble or two , they are few and far between this time of year and i still get really excited in anticipation of what i might find even after all this time.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Difficult times , leads to cake

money is coming harder to come buy at the moment Ebay is really quiet , I feel a bit frustrated and i am sure ebay make up some of the sold prices of things , And come to think of it the amount of watchers too, as surely all the people who do watch are not doing it for research , I will look up a sold price  of a buy it now , list an item for cheaper than it sold for and only about 20% of my buy it now sell , so then i think its an amazing thing , previous items of lesser quality and style have sold for large amounts so if I list it for a 99p start, it will fly up in price, there are  loads of watchers , oh no it goes for a pittance , I am thinking of using Etsy  for the better quality stuff in the future to see how that goes , Does anybody use it for vintage sales , Is it better than Ebay.

So today with my new mixer , I made cake, topped it with the few strawberry's that the birds Haven't  eaten, from my garden.

Just for pam , those muffins were not 
 very nice  you could not taste the coconut and the texture was chewy when i find an alternative one i will let you know.

Today i had to see the consultant about my apnoea
as its still not completely under control felling constantly tired and only having a few hours sleep is taking its toll , new plan is sleeping tablets  to help me with the first stages of sleep because I stop breathing so many times , I have a re visit to him in 6 weeks , I really hope it works ,zzzz.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Frugal birthday, or not.

Hello , I've been spoiled today by my daughter and my friend mel , As today i am 54 , cough, cough, there i said it , lol , Birthdays, me and Dave dont bother any more , if we need anything throughout the year , Notice i said need , not want , we buy it , but after years of buying cards and presents just because its a birthday we decided between us that this was what we would do,  not buy cards that eventually go in the bin and presents that we take back and exchange for what we really need, but as for family and friends you cant say the same without upsetting them as they want , especially my daughter and my freind, to spoil me, But i must admit I've always wanted one of these.

cottage garden flowers , from my daughter too, just beautiful.

Cath kidston and plants from my garden from Mel

A frugal note, Iceland has this butter on offer for 89p , Its a bargain.  And as for having a good time on my birthday , Two jumble sales , a bottle of wine  and a visit to our daughters for lunch in the garden have made my day a day that that i have loved without spending a fortune. 

Dave gives me presents all the time , this box was in a right state when I found it for a fiver ( I forgot to take a photograph) it had no handles and was painted in white gloss , with time and patience this is what i have now 

I am going to use it for my jewellery , this means more to me than any present money can buy.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

When you have to buy new

The ongoing bedroom project has now been finished but the finishing off it meant we had to buy new , Frugal but new , I have been after a pair of lights for some time now and loved this pair of lights from VERY , They are the fern cotton range ,when I saw them on the sale and with the timing of my birthday money from family and friends , I said what the heck and bought them and, I LOVE them.

We have wanted some wood flooring since we moved in but something that looked like wood rather than laminate so as everything else was finished we set about finding the best deal that we could find , Homebase had some flooring half price it was originally £50.00 per pack , it was discontinued so it was reduced to £25.00 , then there was a 15% of weekend so with the underlay all together it only cost us £125.00 to do the whole room with  family fitting it for us , It will last a lot longer than carpet and I think its cleaner too.

And you know those jobs you keep putting off , its amazing when something comes together how it inspires you to get on with it.

My dressing table draws , I lined them with the liners i got yesterday for £1.00.

They were really pretty when opened , I used two designs , the other one will come in to wrap a present.

I wanted to organise my make-up draw and had a collection of boxes that my friend had given me to use for my business for packaging and the draw liner box.

Well organised wouldn't you say.

And I had enough time left to use up some bananas and made some Banana and coconut muffins.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Can you still get a bargain for £1.00

Today we went out charity shopping having given up going to them lately opting for jumble sales and car boots , I choose towns that have seating so we can have regular stops especially for Dave , And i must say today i am really happy with my finds all for £1.00 or less. 

I love this , I cant crochet so its even more of a find.

I know there was a margarine that was called Blue Band , my nan used to save for gifts off the packaging, but i am not sure if there was one called Blue Riband , I will have to do some research.

I've been after some draw liners for ages to line my dressing table draws.

A 1950s table cloth for 50P. 

Then  I knew that poundland has some bargains but did not realize how much of a bargain my eye shadows were , Today I saw two of them that are in the current range in savers for £6.99 , All three of these were from poundland.

So if  I had bought all three from savers they would have cost £20.97 instead of £3.00.

And there nail polish is OK too , there are lots of shades.

So , yes you can still get a bargain for £1.00.