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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Exciting times ahead & It pays to complain and praise

Getting rather fed up with Ebay at the moment with their technical glitches , fees and lack of sales so i have decided to try out a vintage fair to sell my stock.

The reason being  is we have one in july that's only a few miles away so i can do the whole weekend with the help of our daughter , we can leave the stock there overnight too so that makes it all the more easier.

I have managed to get my hands on a collection of beautiful embroiderys , They are of very large unusual size , The same person embroidered them all.

I am thinking of keeping the cushions.

Some more not so frugal buys of stock for my business

The Sconces weigh 10kg each.

Cranberry glass lamp.

Some more pretty stock

Remember how i said i liked Lidl Mascara , Well i told Lidl , They sent me a £5.00 voucher for saying so.

I also complained to Sainsbury's about a piece of beef that we purchased ,  Always buying the very large pieces when they are on offer.
 cooking it slow for hours so it falls apart then freeze it in portions.
 Cutting it as thinly as possible.

 This usually results in  around 5 meals from on average £10 joint ,working out at just £2.00 for the meat.
 Adding seasonal vegetables or frozen and Homemade yorkshire puddings brings the price of a sunday lunch at less than £5.00 for two.

The problem with this joint was about two thirds was very thick gristle so rather than take it back to the shop i emailed sainsbury's they asked for the barcode and price wich was £10.51.
Telling them it spoilt a family meal as we had our daughter and son in law over , They reimbursed me with £20 worth of points and i still have the other third that was ok to make some pasties out of , So it does pay to complain or praise.

 I have plans for both of the unexpected amounts , I will let you know in the next blog.


Monday, 15 June 2015

It's unusual for me to buy new

I needed some clothes , Making do can only last so long and with my weight gain i got to the point that i kept telling myself i will not buy any more clothes until i have lost so and so , But at the moment so and so is not happening .
 Doctors appointment looming to find out why. 

In the meantime i have been after clothing that i can alter when i loose weight and i have had to buy two new and one jumble sale , I have no particular style , I love vintage and i love smart fitted style , I also love floaty romantic style, I love velvet and lace.

  I was after a box file when i went into this catalogue clearance shop nearby, Low and behold i found what i was looking for at a bargain price too ,Two dresses for £23.00 and the black one at the end was £1.00 from a jumble sale 

On a last note Lidl Mascara is great for £1.99 , It even finds my lost bottom lashes
 due to age  


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I broke the car booting rules & loving the future garden

The latest car boot sale was a bit disappointing ,
mainly all traders, But i did get some nice bits and pieces .
Anyway i saw some really nice welsh type blankets , It was a trader who was selling them  but he was nowhere to be seen, i looked and looked as i was walking forward to see if i can see him another women zoomed in on them she was shouting her head off to everybody, Do you know where this stall holder is,
He eventually turned up  , she jumped on him before i could get back to where the blankets were  She was trying to get him down on the price so i said i will give you what you want for them , Both the stall holder and the woman said you can't do that , 
That's just not done , It's an unspoken rule ,
 Needless  to say i had to have my say as i didn't   think it was rude because the woman had pushed in front of me in the first place , She was brazen , I'm not
Does anyone know about this unspoken rule or am i always the last one to find out

Some of my finds.

This Art Deco Sandwich set.

I fell in love with the boxes first of this Antique Linen.

You ought to have seen them before , I forgot to photograph them before , they had lots of storage marks .
 Two soaks in OXY 99p from home bargains and a starch and they are beautiful.

A funky bamboo shelf .

The Garden.

Can you see it coming along now.

Almost complete the first quarter of the garden

Broken pot becomes a trailing planter. 

One boot sale find last yaer , The old watering  can now planted up.

Some sweet peas to wrap around the washing line post.

All the plants in the garden were either bargains , reduced or presents.

This lot of plants were this weeks bargain from B & Q , £2.00 each.


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Its amazing what you can pick up at boot sales & Auction Finds

I  hope you like the new page setup, I have been following the blogs on the left for a couple of years now and only just found out how to display them.

My Three favorites are Vintage vixen,  Frugal queen & My vintage Life.

Having a chat with a Ex blogger the other day (Scarlet) made me realise how lucky we are in the surrounding areas of where we live for boot sales and jumble sales within a 20 mile radius are in abundance compared to some Areas , Even when we go on holiday  i try  to plan holidays in this country to combine boot sales ( strawberry fields in yorkshire is a good one) , It's important to get a variety of things for my business 

Like i said it's amazing what you can find, we needed one of these as we both have no strength in our hands to open jars .
They are very expensive to buy new but this one was only 50p.  

I love velvet and saw this dressing gown originally in M&S a couple of years ago , Its per Una and was almost £50 but everything comes to those who wait , It cost me £1.oo.

These 500ml bottles of hand wash  was were 50p each.

Then i just had to buy these vintage items for my business

Does anyone know what these are and what era they come from   I have guessed at 1950s.

Unused 1950s placemats

Auction finds.

Now i am really excited about this lot , I am hoping to at least double my money.

This is a 1960s mink fur coat

I have recently set up a Facebook business page still  not sure how to do the link yet but its shabby chic vintage cottage , just in  case you are interested.