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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas is coming

Inspired by other bloggers this week about what they do or not do for christmas i thought i would share my thoughts and plans for christmas this year , Like every other year it will be done on a budget with home bakes , Makes and using things we already have. 

Christmas presents , The only people i buy for now are my parents , Our daughter and son in law and my best friend.

With my parents and friend , Its usually home made christmas cakes and sometimes a hamper of home made bakes including mince pies and shortbread.

I am not a great cake decorator , It has to be a simple design , at the moment i am  trying to find an Idea that's not been used before
 These are some of the past years.

This years food will be purchased from Tesco with some vouchers we have obtained from taking out some  Insurance  , we have £80 , This will stock up our cupboards and it will last us weeks.

We already have the Turkey wich was bought for half price yellow stickered last month.

Decorations will be all from our stash we have used year after year If i ever buy any new to me decorations they come from Jumble sales or car boots.

As usual Jumble sales are replaced but Christmas fares this year so i always look forward to the New Year that's  when i find me best bargains , I need to buy more stuff now at the Beginning  of the year as i have had to rely heavily on Auctions running out of stock since october.

These are some of my latest vintage finds.

This set is in mint condition.

Sweet little sets. 

This is silver.

This brooch reminds me of flying ducks.

Well worn but really pretty.

And of course there has to be some linen. 

A Georgian silk work Embroidery. 

A religious Embroidery.

Italian mosaic brooches.



  1. That silver tree brooch is lovely.
    This house is a turkey, tinsel and tree free zone. If it's something you enjoy then that's fine, we'll be having a curry and saving our pennies for India. xxx

    1. I enjoy the family time with nic & ste and i enjoy the house looking festive and my home bakes most of all xxxx

  2. I am eyeing up the tree broach. What a completely charming piece.

    1. Hello sam, yes it is very pretty , Its on Ebay at the moment £19.95 xxx

  3. What beautiful cakes and sweets. I think they are wonderful. I would love to have the cake with the snowflakes.
    The necklace sets look like they might have some Garnets. I am always on the lookout for them. They are lovely.
    What a lovely post today.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thank you parsnip ,The snowflake christmas cake is very easy to do so i might just do that one again this year , I love the necklace with the purple stone too but cannot afford to keep it but if i kept everything i liked i would never sell anything lol xxx

  4. I love the brooches and I have such a thing about clocks I keep buying them and end up keeping them as I fall in love with them. Your finds are great. Jane xx

    1. Thanks Jane , I have to control myself with my purchases or else i would not make a living lol xxx

  5. You find the best stuff! I love to see photos of your excellent finds.

    1. Thank you , I am really glad you like my stuff , Sometimes i wonder if i can become boring just posting about my finds xxx

  6. You have found some lovely things!

    I have a mosaic brooch but I didn't realise it was Italian. I love that silver brooch.

    Your cakes looked magnificent!


  7. I don't think your posts are ever boring I love reading your blog, wherever do you find all your beautiful stuff? I actually bought the lovely antique lace mats you were selling on eBay they're for me to keep they're just gorgeous. My house is decorated to the hilt massive tree and lots of old decs from years back I love it as we have lots of family over Christmas.

  8. Thnk you Wendy , I am glad you like what i post , Some of my stock comes from auction and some jumble sales but to get the best stuff i have to queue for an hour and thats hard especially in the cold weather, This week i have naked the christmas cakes and dresed the tree and the living room , I am really happy you love your mats , I loved those too , Its nice to know that somebody who reads my blog has purchase something , Just a tip off after christmas i will be listing some job lots of linen as i need to have a clear out , Its all very good too , Have a happy Christmas xxx


thank you for your message , Shabby