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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Finding time to blog

Its been quite a while since my last blog post as i have been really busy , I've   been feeling quite well so have started my market stall up again to see how far i get  without feeling unwell , I feel like  like like a yo yo with my decisions but thats what happens when you try to make a living with health issues , Same goes for my weight loss campaign i am like a yo yo with that too , but am now back on track again to be much more slender.

With the house we need a new bed  as the old one is too heavy for me to move to clean underneath it , It's still a good bed so will be going back to my friend mel who gave it to me initially.
Her daughter will use  it in her spare bedroom.
 So we  have decided to move into the back bedroom and  at the moment  i am painting it if you remember it was only completed  quite recently but it was just done with old paint we had and dressed with stuff that we had now i want it totally different and i will be posting about it soon, Still to be done as frugally as possible. 

Jumble season is upon us i have two evening ones this week which are usually very good  and i don't know about saturday yet jumble sales are like buses none or they all turn up together , There have been a few through the summer but not many, Here are some of my best finds. 

A shelley Tea set .
Its really rare to find something so good as this now.

This fruits tea set was from the same jumble sale 

Two very rare finds. for £5.00 each.

Then there have been market finds , This Tam 1950s tea set was £2.50 on the charity stall.
This is for our own use.

I  have still been buying the jewellery at auction.

This huge citrine ring.

This is by goose 1962.

The Amethyst  stones are very large on this suffragette brooch too.

This is so sweet its edwardian gold on silver.

I also purchased lots of fur coats in the summer for less than a tenner each.

The jumble sale the tea sets were from   i found two boxes of vintage cards mainly christmas 

There were some vintage notelets 

This is my favorite one though , I have told vicki over at that it must have been made for her. 



  1. You find some gorgeous things and you have a very good eye, glad you are feeling better now. xx

  2. Thanks very much , I think it comes from years of working as a charity shop manager i can spot the best thing on a table but there is always the ones that got away and there have been some beauties but i am not greedy lol xxx

  3. Is your market stall on wednesbury if so which day .carole

    1. Hello Carol yes it is weather permitting it's Friday morning I am only there until 12 though though that is long enough for me lol xxx

    2. That's great I'll pay you a visit

    3. Lovely to meet you today Carole , I am shattered now just hpe it dosent have detrimental effect on me as i had so many muscle spasms today they immobilised me , I forgot to ask are you local to wednesbury xxx

  4. Glad to hear your are feeling better, long may that last. Great finds, such beautiful tea sets.

  5. Thankyou , I love the shelly one it is so delicate but i couldn't be trusted with it myself as i drop so may things xxx

  6. How wonderful to hear that you are feeling well. It must be such a relief for you.
    Ha, ha....that card is very Vix isn't it?

  7. That card is insanely fabulous!
    Glad to hear that you're giving the market another go and the healthy eating is back on track. Fingers crossed tomorrow stays dry and warms up a bit! xxx

    1. Thank vix , It was a nightmare with the rain on and off but i did it anyway xxx

  8. good topic thanks for post for sharing on website ..

    1. Thank You ly heng glad you enjoyed reading it xxx


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