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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Here we are again in the middle of the night

I am getting a bit fed up with not being able to sleep for one reason or another now at 12 .30 am i am up out of bed,
 It's a nuisance because the next day i am walking around like a zombie ,
 I tend to drop off ok but when my sleep apnea wakes me up i can't go back to sleep ,
 The  mask i wear to sleep in should stop that , The only way to combat it is by taking Amitriptyline , It works really well but makes me feel down , I dont want to do anything when i am on them , I didn't realize how they affected me until i came off them while i am trying to lose weight as they hinder weight loss and can make you gain weight , 
Stopping them i have  a lot more energy and get up and go , I have put a lot more effort into my business and fingers crossed at the moment it seems to be working so that's a positive but i really wish i could shake of this Insomnia any ideas would be greatly appreciated ,
 On a positive note here are some of my latest finds.   

A Jumble sale clock £1.00

Vintage perfume gift  sets from Auction 

Grouping all the vintage faulty costume  Jewellery together for spares or repair works well.  

Interesting Masonic watch.

Job lot of   costume Jewellery 

 Job lot of brooches.

Two chain belts amongst the Jewellery i purchased 



  1. I'm sad to read about your health challenges. It is hard when you can't get enough sleep!

    What beautiful jewelry you are finding! My goodness. Is the market there good for selling?

  2. Hello Rebecca , It gets me down sometimes but i jut have to get on with it , I make some money out of the jewellery just enough to live on basically xxx

  3. So sorry to read of your sleep problems. I know what that is like. Hope you get sorted in some way soon.
    Gorgeous jewelery finds-x-

    1. Thanks sheila , I think its something that needs to sort itself out , I tried a bottle of wine yesterday lol and that didnt work either lol xxx

  4. One method I've heard of is to get up and do something for 15-20 minutes, something not too active, reading for example. It is important to move out of the bedroom into another room to do this. Then go back to bed and if you haven't dropped off within 30 minutes, get up and do the same again. The idea is to keep repeating this until you finally get to sleep. I suppose it all depends what's causing the insomnia though.
    Eilidh x

    1. Hello Edith , Thanks for commenting , I am not sure is you have commented before but juts left your name out or if you are new to commenting on my blog , That sounds interesting , I know that they tell you to get up that's what i read but i didnt know that you had to do it over agin if it didnt work , I will keep that in mind , I am dead tired today so i am hoping to keep myself awake so as i might be able to sleep tonight xxx

  5. No, I haven't commented before, as I only found your blog a few days ago, and liked reading it. I sometimes have insomnia myself, on and off, and so I know how badly it affects you the next day. Let's hope you have a good night tonight to compensate :)
    Kind regards, Eilidh x

  6. Jon's always been a terrible sleeper. He gets up, eats a load of biscuits, smokes and watches awful sci-fi films - not to be recommended!!
    Great finds. At least you've got a pretty clock to watch when you can't sleep! xxx

  7. Hi, I haven't commented before, but your situation sounds similar to mine. I have apnea and fibromyalgia. My sleep specialist recommended eating a small amount of protein and carbohydrate such as a slice of apple with peanut butter on it before bed. I usually have a quarter cup of dry cereal and some milk. The more important suggestion was to take magnesium glycinate supplement before bed. This was somewhat difficult to find and expensive, $43.00 US. I find it very helpful and it can usually get me through the night. Perhaps your National Health Service could help you out with cost. My respirator mask is terrible and bothers me at night, but I seem to adjust it without fully waking! Can you adjust your temp on the respirator? I keep mine very low. Is pain at the bottom of your sleeplessness? I also take arthritis strength acetomenathen (1,000 mg) when the fibro pain is bad. I try not to use it during the day as my sleep is crucial. God bless and I hope that I helped somehow.

    1. Hello Bonnie , Yes our situations do sound similar , Thanks for the tips , At the moment its not pain that is causing my insomnia i am not in a flare up i am really tired when i go to bed and sometimes drop of to sleep and wake quite soon , I really dont think my apnea is under control; at the moment so i will look into it , Thanks for commenting the first time pleas comment in the future xxx


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