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Friday, 24 February 2017


Thankyou , Scarlet & Patricia for your concern ,
 Health wise i have been through so many investigations but really am no wiser ,
 The neurologist found white matters on my old scans but for the moment has put it down to aging , but wants to monitor it and is seeing me in six months time , 
I still not have had an appointment for the polyps as the consultant is off sick   

  I  have been found to have thickening of the uterus and have had a biopsy and am still waiting for the results so i am just as usual getting  on with my life  and trying not to think of the ongoing health issues.
So today post dorris ( such tragic waste of life with the youg girl losing her life  in wolverhampton a few miles from where i live ).
 I did the market cold and not so busy as this February has proved with all my self employment income  , Thank god for the £80 tesco vouchers that was the second payment for taking out insurance with them .
 Hopefully sales will pick up in march after the credit /fuel bills have been paid off after christmas etc,

 Our daughter is on holiday in New York this half term  ,She is constantly posting photographs on facebook she is enjoying her time over there so much i am really happy for her and look forward to her return to hear all the events of her holiday.  

Some pictures of the stall today   , Set up really quickly as i was late due to the alarm not going off .

I have decided not to list on Ebay until the start on march but  &  have some fantastic new  stock , This is  just a fraction of it here.  

 Any information on the 1960s pieces below would be appreciated..

Huge Fenton Glass statement pieces. 

Poole Pottery 

Sweet glass bird

And Paperweights 

Baroque pearl necklace 

 Sweet Antique framed prints. 

Italian Glass.


Thanks for being patient and waiting for my blogs.