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Monday, 2 October 2017

Health up date

Things are starting up again, I have been fine for months on end and in the last two weeks I have tripped up twice breaking my toe and hurting my arms on the market I had severe muscle spasms in the top of my back and under my breastbone, they paralysed me for a good few minutes, I have broken three items of China in the last few days too , 
After falling over again I used my open appointment to see the neurologist last Thursday and he is sending me for a brain and neck scan to make sure it's not MS as all my symptoms do not add up to fibromyalgia.

I am still plodding about though doing as much as I can and as long as i can sit on the market and it's not too cold I won't give up.

I have been to a couple of jumble sales this weekend and bought mainly clothing for my stall with the exception of this blanket, Does anyone know if it's a welsh blanket at all

Lovely breezy day today to wash and dry it even though it has an old label on it that says dry clean only. 

Do you think the supermarkets are struggling, We have had great discount coupons for both Sainsbury's and today we have had some from Morrisons but I only buy food when we need it now so so far I have only used one Sainsburys one for £7.50 off £50. 

Together with a voucher I had for a complaint which was for £10, so I had a £50 shop for £32.50 and also took advantage of the wine offer of buy 6 bottles to get 25% off only choosing the £4.60 or less wines they came out at around £3.10 per bottle so i was really happy with that shop it will still last me about three weeks cooking frugally.

This weekend I batch baked sponge puddings baking them instead of steaming them it's less messy and we think they taste just as good, It gave me the idea watching the bake off last week.

Pudding basins 10p each from a jumble years ago.

Using all the oven space while cooking the Sunday roast.

Two are now in the freezer

     Right, I'me off to pick all my apple's let's see how many land on the floor. 



  1. So sorry to hear of you health problems again x

    Your sponge puddings look delicious I can't afford not to make use of oven space, spare shelves whilst the oven is on hear is a no. xx

    1. Thanks hopefully this time the medication i have been given will help with the spasms xxx

  2. Hi shabby sorry to hear about your health issues I too have had coupons from morrisons and sainsburys but never use them all the puddings look delicious would you share the recipe please when you have five minutes we to have loads of apples that I struggle to use will hopefully pop to your stall on Friday Carole x

    1. Thanks carole , To make the three puddings.
      12oz self raising flour.
      9 oz sugar,
      5 medium eggs.
      9 oz butter ( soften in the microwave on defrost until as soft as soft tub margarine.
      2 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder.
      5 tablespoons of milk.
      vanilla essence.
      put jam of your choice in the bottom of the bows about a third of the way up or use mixed spice and dried fruit added to the mix to make the fruit one i did this to the last third of the mixture

      All you need to do is place all the ingredients in a bowl until light and fluffy and bake in the oven on gas no 4 until golden brown.

  3. I was really saddened to hear about your health issues, hopefully your next appointment will reveal some answers. I got some tesco coupons last week so I am presuming it is competition. The puddings look delicious and a great money saver popping them in with the Sunday roast.

    1. Thanks , I think you are right about the competition xxx

  4. Hi, sorry that you're having some more health problems. I've been getting lots of discount vouchers from Waitrose and Tesco. To be honest, I never used even one of the Waitrose vouchers, as I find them too expensive for most things. The Tesco vouchers have been coming in handy though, although I don't like their new idea of asking you to donate to charity at the till.

    I work and have volunteered for a charity for a while now and have three separate monthly subscriptions to different charities. I don't really want to be asked to contribute when I'm out grocery shopping too. I know it's a good cause and all, but it makes me feel pestered, although I do realise I can say no.

  5. Thanks , OMG them asking for donations to charity is a bad idea it should be down to choice not putting you in a position to feel obliged , I stopped going in morrisons on a saturday because they had people with buckets from local organisations asking to pack your bags for donations , I wont be going into tescos if i can help it now xxx

  6. Sorry to hear of your health problems.

    I never get any vouchers from T***o except the clubcard ones we get at Christmas. Used to get loads but they must be cutting back on them.

    1. Thanks Sheila, I still have the ones in the photo left though lol xxx

  7. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well. Hope things soon look up for you. Your lovely blanket looks a bit Spanish/Portuguese to me - not that I'm an expert, it just reminds me of those colourful Iberian tiles. Tracy X

  8. Thanks , That makes sense about the blanket though i will research spanish blankets xxx

  9. I've got four of those throws (we alternate them as floor covers in the awning when we're trading). They're definitely not Welsh tapestry but we can't resist buying them when they're less than a fiver!
    Sorry to hear about your symptoms, I'm glad they're being thoroughly investigated. Hope that toe heals quickly, very painful.
    Jon does the "big" shopping, I deal with the fruit and veg. He uses Lidl and Mozzas for booze. xxx

  10. Hello vix I guessed you would know about the blanket , Thanks , My toe is not to bad now thanks , I normally shop between lidl and morrisons unless sainsbury's has the offer on the wine and i get £17.50 of £50.00 lol xxx

  11. Thankyou for the recipe.carole xx

  12. Sorry to hear you are not well.

    What a fantastic throw, such quality. Great find.
    Your puddings look very comforting.

  13. I have just found your lovely blog and have enjoyed having a read through but sorry to hear you are suffering health problems, some of which seem very similar to mine! (I also had 'white intensities' on an MRI brain scan done in 2013, but was told this was nothing to worry about. They didn't mention them in my most recent MRI scans) I wish you all the best with your upcoming tests and hope they can find the answers.


thank you for your message , Shabby