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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Up cycling Freecycle Mirror

When we were on holiday there was a large mirror in the bathroom that Dave found a lot easier to shave with instead of small mirror in our bathroom cabinet ,
 So he announced we needed a mirror then we remembered the mirror we had of Carrie on freecycle  
 I have tried to find the  before Image of the mirror  in my Archive photos but for some reason its not there
It  is in an old post if you care to look back, So this is what i did to it.

Health wise i am a bit fed up at the moment , I am still doing as much as i can to earn a living but i have had a problem for the past six months keep clearing my throat.
 Firstly i had a  
an Xray on my throat this has shown severe Acid Reflux ,
 I knew i had it and have been taking medication for years but its not working so now i have to have a camera to see what is causing it , 
I have permanent Numb and stiff feet and pins and needles in my hands  , This is just a fraction of whats going on ,
 Hence the gap in blogging ,
 But as usual i push myself and will continue to do so as long as i can ,
 I do a market on a friday morning and  to look at me you would not guess what is going on with my health but when i get home i have to rest  , 
It takes me a couple of days to get over it.

 Anyway i have found some fantastic stock at Auction in the last few months , Here is a taster.

    Retro pottery.

Antique and vintage frames 

An Antique Maltese lace collar 

Art Deco Jewellery. 



  1. Some fantastic stock, I loved the 1914 Christmas box, is it a snuff box?

    1. Its bigger than that its a bit bigger than a tabbaco tin , They were presented to the soldiers in the war a christmas box xxx

  2. What gorgeous finds.
    I love the lace collar and the Art Deco butterfly.
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great. I have the same trouble with my feet. It's horrible isn't it?

    1. Thanks , I get so angry with my feet as they dont do what i want them to do lol xx

  3. Tnks , The box is not a snuff box , It was presented to the troops christmas 1914 as a Christmas present its about the size of a tabbaco tin may bee a little bit bigger xxx

  4. I do hope that your health issues are diagnosed and sorted out soon.
    Lovely finds, those orange coffee pots would look wonderful in a row and used as vases.
    I've inherited the family daguerreotypes, I love their ornate frames. xxx

    1. Thanks vix , I wanted to keep the frames but needs must xxx

  5. So sorry to hear you're still not well. Let's hope they can sort you out soon x
    Love all your buys especially the box and art deco brooches. They should all sell well x

    1. Thanks , I have sold some of the jewellery already xxx

  6. The pottery is very "cool"!
    And I love to wear pearls :)
    Sorry you're not feeling well. It's discouraging, isn't it?
    We've hung a few new old mirrors lately, too! I like yours.
    Now be strong & happy finding/selling.

  7. I really like the jewelry pieces. Someone will snatch them up quick I bet.

  8. I like the jewellery so very much.


thank you for your message , Shabby